★Michelle Obama IS “Michael LaVaughn Robinson” SHOCKINGLY Barry Calls His Wife Michael NOT Michelle



In a speech on September 30, 2011, at the transition or change-of-office ceremony of the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff at Fort Myer, Virginia, Obama referred to his wife not as Michelle but as Michael.  


It’s hard to keep a lie hiding this one is an amazing feat indeed,  as President Obama must have wanted the world to know, what a burden to keep this huge situation so private.  It must be a relief somewhat now that the conversation has begun.  People need to be who they need to be – we are spirts.


Well ladies and gentlemen  our “First Lady” is actually the First Man.  Even more startling, Barack Obama knows that his wife was once a man, making him the first homogay President of our Christian nation.




According to the Examiner, after high school Michael Obama had a sex change operation done, after having supposedly claimed for years to have been a woman in a man’s body.“Michelle Obama, First Lady of the United States, was born Michael LaVaughn Robinson in Chicago, Illinois on January 17th, 1964. 


He was the second son born to Fraser Robinson III  and Marian Shields Robinson.   How about this for news, it’s hard to imagine this is real, how can anyone report this story is fake. I’m not sure either way – so confusing.


And so if this is real, then let the truth be known. Love for each other, no matter what will save this planet from destruction.  So bring it on….


Remember when Ellen came out of the closet, she had a tv show sitcom, and she thought she would be banned from society for telling the truth, but then everyone loved and accepted her – and now she is a very popular tv host on daytime reaching millions of homes every day.


So, if this story is indeed true  we have to grasp this, put our loving arms around it, then let’s move forward – coming from San Francisco for decades I’ve meet and seen some “weird people” but – let our hearts be open and look at the good in a person.  Lifestyle is a private choice.


If Michael is a nice person, a kind person a loving person to herself and others that surround her and our world’s population both as human beings, animals, our forests, our rivers, our oceans, our skies, all of mother nature intended for us- then let our hearts be warmed and inspired by her leadership in a world full of hate.


Begin anew – put love in your hearts – this is strange if true which it does seem to be true, we just have to take a moment and say a prayer for the world’s highest good and our world leaders always do the right thing by the people that they SERVE…..


One Creator for All   – Make this World a Better World – No Matter what your title is, your paycheck is, or if you don’t have a job – be kind people.



The story continues because why would anyone just want to say this …….

but there has always been for many years now, a distrust and suspicion  the Obamas have engendered, due entirely to Barack’s secretiveness concerning his Selective Service registration,   school records (including even his kindergarten record!),  and medical records;    his refusal to explain why his Social Security number has a Connecticut prefix;    and his outright deception about his birth certificate, an image of which he made public on April 27, 2011, but which forensic experts have determined to be a fake. 





Source : beforeitsnews.com


  1. Larry Johnstone

    You're sick, no one has to hate anyone for anything they do or become, but only a degenerate accepts everything men and women can do as ok.

    1. Bea Torres

      Amen, we all bleed the same color: Red

      1. steff

        Amen.. everyone bleeds red.. and everyone is equal and should be treated the saem… even muslim suicide bombers…. muslims have the right to suicide bomb and Americans who hate these suicide bombers are discrimnators!!!!!!

        1. Wilma

          That is some wild accusations.

    2. Serendipidity Johnson

      Downlow simian scum. Deport these savages

  2. Ann

    You can be married to a Transexual and NOT be gay aka homosexual,but I don't know what the deal is with this.There is a a video on Youtube says that she is not a Transexual,but it's a man dressed as a woman. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gvuulZPbfBg

  3. The Debunker

    Obama is talking about former chair man, Chiefs of Staff Mike – Michael Mullen.



    1. Barry

      You`d like that wouldn`t you ? but it isn`t really the case …why not take a look at the testimony (affidavits) given under oath of the reality and knowledge of former family members ?

  4. Killer Robot

    Obama and his husband are both a couple of sick khweers. It makes me sick to my stomach to have to explain to my kids that we have a circus freak family in the White House.

    1. Laugha Withyou

      you said it correctly. Fudge packers


  5. Charlie B

    I wish Trump would offer Michelle Obama 50 million dollars for her favorite charity is she would have an OB/GYN EXAM

    at any Doctor he (Trump) would choose and release the record of that visit with America on live television.

  6. Steve Latterell

    As a person who worked directly for five years with Marian Robinson and met her daughters on a number of occaisions, this is most ridiculous lie I have ever heard.  I hope the prorponent of this bull crap is sued for slander to the ultimate extent of the law!!!!

    For the record, I am also a republican, but truth is truth and slander is not.

    Steve Latterell



    1. Cindy Dillard

      thank you Steve!

    2. Jetty Hall


      you confirm this that you saw 'boobs, ass, and a camel toe on all the naked girls in the household (and with pictures)

    3. Reggie Love

      Did ou see Michael naked? Didn't think so. 

      1. Fred Fukumom

        That would be horrible as he is one ugly ass man! I do not believe he had an operation as Obama would not stay with him being that Obama is gay! 

  7. a view from street lrvel

    thats ok Obama is gay too



  8. Fred fukuhrder

    Micheal is a racist piece of trash! Loving people are not racist! 

  9. SJ Wood

    The Examiner publishes lies all the time …..they know shocking headlines sell. Don't believe everything you read…..Have a brain.

  10. nona

    well its the 1 of jan 2017, quess he read the Bible wrong….


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