Nuclear Armageddon: How the U.S. Underestimates the Threat from North Korea Potential U.S. Destruction and an ‘American Holocaust’ Resulting in Tens of Millions of Americans Dead and a Power-Grid Completely Destroyed.

Kim Jong Un is a sociopath with barbaric executions and an arsenal of at least 60 nuclear warheads. North Korea's goal? Potential U.S. destruction and an 'American Holocaust' resulting in tens of millions of Americans dead and a power-grid completely destroyed. What's…
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EARTHQUAKE WARNING :US West Coast Earthquake Warning as Cascadia Subduction Zone Surges (A powerful earthquake thought to be as large as 9.2 magnitude ripped through the earth in 1700, along the 620 mile stretch of the Cascadia Subduction Zone)

Terrifying simulation shows how the Pacific Northwest could be decimated by a megaquake caused by the Cascadia fault Researchers have plotted movement of the tsunami from 1700 megaquake  An event like is said to occur every 400-600 years, and is…
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