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Prepare For The Collaps

By Josh 18 Critical Items You Need To Prepare, Tomorrow May Be Too Late   Addictions aren’t something people tend to like to confront, but unfortunately emergency situations are rarely forgiving. Even if you live a fairly normal life without…
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How To De-Feather A Chicken In Less Than 20 Seconds

By Sobert I’ve never seen anything like this.  Pretty darn cool!  The Featherman Pro can de-feather a chicken in less than 20 seconds.  But at roughly $1,000 — I don’t see one in my future anytime soon.   Source:

5 Dollar Preps: DIY Fire Starter

By Dave H, a reader of Being able to start a fire in an emergency situation is critical to your survival.  Fire provides warmth, comfort, protection, and the ability to purify water.  A low cost do it yourself fire…
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The 6 Most Valuable Survival Skills after the SHTF

By In a long-term disaster situation, the majority of marketable skills people now believe are valuable in our on-the-grid world will become obsolete. When the power is down indefinitely, being a computer programmer isn’t exactly going to keep food…
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Beginners Mini-Guide to Bow Hunting

Venison is much lower in cholesterol and fat than grain-fed beef, but unless you do your own hunting, it is difficult to find fresh venison. During the 2012-13 archery season in Illinois, hunters harvested about 180,669 deer. If you have…
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