Alert Bank Collapse And Bank Runs is Coming to America: Tens Of Millions Of Unemployed Workers! Prepare For The Worst Economic Collapse !! — Get Prepared!

The US economy is going through an unprecedented economic collapse, bank collapse and market crash and the impact of the global health problem is astonishing. This is the biggest economic crisis since the great depression and experts are warning that things might get worse in the near future. Banks and other overleveraged financial institutions are finding themselves in big problems and it might be a matter of time before we see a cascade of bank failures. We are already in a severe financial meltdown that might end up being the greater than the 1930s great depression.

The markets are crashing at a rate never seen before and thousands of businesses are already closed or at least they have suspended their operations. Even if the Federal Reserve has made efforts by pumping trillions of dollars into the economy, everything is still a mess and it is clear that the economy will not recover very soon. Many sectors will be affected and the banking sector will end up being the hardest hit.

Actually only a small percentage of Americans own stocks and this means that only the big banks and other financial institutions are benefiting from this. Banks do not create a lot of value and all they do is steel from the economy.

As the economic activity has come to a near standstill in March. The recession choir is growing louder. Three of the top banks, Morgan Stanley, Goldman Sachs, and JP Morgan all predicting a depression-era crash including expectations that second quarter GDP would drop as much as 30 percent.

The four big banks see the economy dropping double digits. While Bank of America sees a 12% drop in GDP. Morgan Stanley sees a dramatic 30 percent plunge in the second quarter. San Luis Fed President James Bullard has the most pessimistic call . He predicts a whopping 50% drop in US GDP. And this is just the beginning of the crisis. Not only are we going through unprecedented times in every other aspect of our lives, but economically, we are going through completely uncharted territory in the history of humanity. Never have the markets been blown so big and been completely shut down in such a short amount of time.

The economic ramifications of this are going to be catastrophic. This is going to be the biggest economic collapse event in human history. This is the Economic Collapse of 2022. In this chaotic economic environment, where we are only beginning to see the beginning thin edge of the wedge of the economic effects of what is playing out throughout the global economy. We clearly can see an economic inferno coming to us . The financial markets have tumbled. They are all down significantly for the year. Economic disruptions are being felt across the globe. Markets around the world are sinking fast. We are not even in the midst of this crisis, yet.

We could start to see empty shelves in some US stores by mid-April. The time to start worrying about the supply chain risk is here. Inflation is already here. Food prices are skyrocketing. And this is just getting started. All of those people that had less than $400 saved for an emergency are quickly going to become the problem of everyone who did save more than $400. There’s coming a time that people will do anything even to their friends and neighbors to get food and water. A hungry man is a dangerous man. Negative interest rates are already being proposed. The saver is the problem now, according to the banks. They want to transfer money out of the saver’s bank accounts to the borrowers through negative interest rates. Borrowers will get a loan at minus 2%, but the bank will deduct 5% from the saver’s accounts to pay for it. It’s not collapse; it’s a Controlled Demolition.

Welcome to the new dark ages, they keep us in cages, send us into rages, they are taking our wages, in the final stages of the very last pages. Babylon is falling down. Everybodys lost control. People use and abuse this world. Now they’re out taking a stroll. These times have changed. Nothing will save you from what is coming…no one will be able to buy anything after the dust settles. Company after company is going to collapse like a domino ripple effect. Get ready for soup lines and crime. It’s the greatest tribulation that the world has ever seen. Bankers are trying to take over the world in real-time.

They can only do it with our consent. From the Great Depression to The Great Deception. The whole aim of practical politics is to keep the populace alarmed (and hence, clamorous to be led to safety) by menacing it with an endless series of hobgoblins, all of them imaginary. The globalists are getting ready for the end game. Absolute control of everything on everybody, that’s all they want.

This economy has been a house of cards. They knew that when they started it back in Reagan’s time. They figured their bunkers would keep them safe, though. I think they underestimated the determination of millions of angry people they fucked trying to get to them to give them their due. If the bank-owned political whores in DC had shown some spine back in 2008 and regulated the financial parasites with agencies that actually did their job, we wouldn’t be in this complete shitstorm. But no, they kicked the can down the road like the despicable prostitutes they are. But they don’t care. They don’t give a damn about you. And now, just like 2008, millions will again lose their jobs, businesses, and houses. And when they first learned about the coming shitstorm, they were busy dumping their own stocks to feather their own filthy nests. Did I mention, They don’t give a damn about you.

The Virus is a hoax creating Medical Martial Law, which they need for the “Global Currency Reset.” This has been in the planning for years and is now being implemented by the controllers of the matrix. It will be the Death of all world currencies and the Death of the Dollar! It will stop the anger and riots in the street and attacks on the banks. This is all about the Global Currency Reset and the Death of the Dollar. Nothing can be fixed. Every new attempt at fixing things exponentially worsens the situation.

The USA is sleepwalking into hell.

Trillions for the banksters, and $1,200 for every American, unless you earned too much. The Fed has a singular mission; to milk the host country and much of the world for every penny they can get. Everything they do is meant to further that one single mission. The FED is the tool of the elite. This supposedly independent body shafts the working man every day with taxes, then prints money and gives it to billionaires. Printing Hundreds of Trillions of dollars & building a Totalitarian Monopolistic System & Government around it. They steal trillions & nobody goes to jail, but if you so much as steal $5 from a bank, you’ll go to prison for years!

Knowledge will be your best weapon against this invisible threat. The information inside “Pandemic Protocol” will melt away your fears and anxiety about the virus. Everything you will discover inside is focused on how to keep the infection out of your home and your family safe.

The government goes out of its way to enable the financiers and bankster parasites. They have rules and regulations for everybody except the highest criminals in the food chain. Beyond hope, in my opinion. The population is hopelessly dumbed down, and by design. Nothing can be done now. It is too late. Collapse is inevitable, kind of like the borg. It is systematic at this point (900 trillion in liabilities). The host, USA, is lost. The Fed Sows Social Division And Mistrust. Nobody can even imagine the social destruction that will be happening soon. And that is exactly what the Fed is doing and has been doing since 2006. What it is doing is designed to hide the problems, NOT to fix the problems. It’s long past the point of no return. The argument is no longer about the good of the economy. Everyone with a brain knows that ten times the Fed balance sheet over 2007, as we’ll soon see (and more promised), is going to create huge imbalances of money versus goods. It’s being done because back in September; government deficits crossed into territory where continuing operations require endless money printing to finance it all.

The next phase is also well known. Total destruction of the currency system. This tells me they already know what they want to foist on us once it reaches that point, and the public faces express shock that it came to this, and something urgent is needed to combat the problem. Central banks have set the entire world’s economy on a one way trip down the circular hole of debt. The only objective one can have at this point is to attempt to push oneself up through the swirling to delay one’s inevitable entry into the hole.

The Fed is a private corporation made up of member banks and would NEVER sit out an opportunity to bail out its members for taking the wrong side of a bet while gambling with your money. The Federal Reserve Bank is not part of the US Government. It is privately owned. The owners include- Rothschild Bank of London, Warburg Bank of Hamburg, Rothschild Bank of Berlin, Lehman Brothers of New York, Lazard Brothers of Paris, Kuhn Loeb Bank of New York, Israel Moses Seif Banks of Italy, Goldman Sachs of New York, Warburg Bank of Amsterdam, Chase Bank of New York. The US Treasury prints money and gives it to the FED interest-fee.

The FED loans this money back to us through banks, charging interest. The FED also buys Government and corporate debt. Thus, the FED’s policies are used to maximize profits for large Banks, and as we have seen, bail out these same banks when they make bad investment decisions. The unelected, empowered by the biggest beneficiaries of their policies, deciding by committee behind closed doors, policies that drastically affect us, but they themselves are insulated from any negative effects which may arise due to the fact they have inflation-protected pensions awaiting them.

This is back door Socialism (economic decision making by the unelected) and Globalism ( if a butterfly flaps its wings in Europe, the Fed must act). The Fed is ever more powerful, and getting more powerful every day,because there is no one watching as they self author and expand our powers, as they ignore the mandates under which they previously agreed to, and from which their special powers are derived. The Fed is a big, wide band of Duct Tape on top of thousands of band-aids.

That’s what the entire system is – a mess of poorly conceived measures that has a purpose very different from what was sold to you. The purpose is to take everything you have (and will have) and to enslave you forever. Period. The result of the Fed’s mass-printing debasement of the currency will be an extremely small wedge of society living well indeed, with private jets, disgustingly luxurious homes, and all the fuel and resources life demands, while the rest of us learn the meaning of the word foraging.

FED can create thousands of quadrillions of electronic fiat/phony dollars with a push of a button. And that $100 bill you rat-holed in your wallet won’t buy you a bus ride home. Debt is Slavery. Saving is Sovereignty. They want Slaves NOT Sovereigns. This is the whole problem. Monetizing the debt and destroying the savings/pensions of the prudent. And it can be done by stealth. Every dollar The Fed prints is going to cost you at least ten. The bottom line is that the American people are getting pretty tired of the Fed picking winners and losers by twisting the rules, especially when the winners are always the cabal. The World will be a much better place without the Fed. It is like a ravenous parasite in the body of the American people. End the Fed, before the Fed ends us all!

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