Who are the Anunnaki?

Are the Anunnaki real? Are they aliens? Or are they part of a bigger picture?

The “Anunnaki” are the major players in a paradigm making its way into popular folklore, via the work of the late Zecharia Sitchin, an economist by education and profession, and the author of several best-selling books, including Genesis Revisited, that explore ancient mythology and the mysterious megalithic ruins found around the globe. These various books also seek to demonstrate that there was in ancient times an extraterrestrial race that genetically manipulated mankind for various reasons. The Sitchin thesis (“Sitchinism”), now embraced by numerous other writers, who have incorporated it into what is apparently a new worldview, essentially asserts that these ancient Sumero-Babylonian gods, the Anunnaki, are aliens from the planet Nibiru (Sitchin’s “12th Planet”), which passes by the earth every 3,500 years or so, at which time they planet-hop to the earth and create mischief.

Herodotus of Halikarnassós/HalicarnassusAlthough the idea of the ancient gods being aliens may seem novel, the tendency to make the gods of old into “real people” or “flesh and blood” is not at all new, dating to before the time of the Greek historian Herodotus (5th c. BCE) and developed by the Greek philosopher Euhemeros or Evemeras (c. 300 BCE). This tendency is called, in fact, “euhemerism” or “evemerism,” which claims that the numerous gods of various cultures were not “mythical” but were in reality kings, queens, warriors and assorted heroes whose lives were turned into fairytales with the addition of miraculous details to their biographies. The current Anunnaki thesis is a modern version of evemerism, although it seeks to explain the miracles as not fabulous “additions” to the tales but genuine attributes of advanced extraterrestrials.

Unfortunately for those who would wish to see concrete evidence of such exciting notions as extraterrestrial visitation in Earth’s remote past, the Anunnaki will not be the place to look, as the true nature of these various gods and goddesses was already known long before the era of modern revisionism.

Ancient Astronaut Theory

The tireless researcher Charles Fort was widely known as the chronicler of what are now called “Forteana,” bizarre anomalies and mysteries that throw the current perception of reality on its ear, whether it be religious or scientific. In an attempt to explain these anomalies, which include weird stories or “myths” and enormous, astonishing ruins worldwide, a Ancient astronaut? 'Chariots of the Gods,' p. 78number of people, including Swiss writer Erich von Daniken and Zecharia Sitchin, have created the “ancient astronaut theory,” which dictates that alien visitors have been influencing human life for thousands if not millions of years, even to the point of genetic manipulation. von Daniken, it should be recalled, was one of the first moderns to put forth the ancient astronaut theory and was widely ridiculed and vilified for his observations. Because of Sitchin’s apparent scholastic training, he becomes more credible for many, even though he is one of those renegades not scholastically trained in his field. Furthermore, it should be noted that neither man came up with the ancient astronaut theory, which was largely developed by a German occultic society, for one, during the 19th century.

Supporters (“Sitchinites”) claim that Sitchin is one of the few people who read the Sumerian language and that because he can read Sumerian, he must be interpreting the data properly. The assertion that he is one of the few scholars of Sumerian is not true. Moreover, the idea that someone may be able to read a language and therefore can interpret its data properly is a specious argument, because the one certainly does not guarantee the other. Years before Sitchin, biblical and Dead Sea scrolls scholar John Allegro studied Sumerian intimately and came to very different conclusions: To wit, that many of the words revolved around sex and drugs. Hence, it is not the “mere” ability to read the Sumerian that will produce an accurate rendering of it.

Astrotheology of the Ancients

The ancients were not the dark and dumb rabble commonly portrayed. They were, in fact, highly advanced. As such, they developed over a period of many thousands of years a complex astronomical/ astrological system that incorporated the movements and qualities of numerous celestial bodies, which could be called the “celestial mythos.” The celestial mythosis found around the globe in astonishing uniformity. In fact, it served as the manner by which life on Earth was ordered, as it contained information crucial to life, such as the movements and interrelationship of the sun and moon. Without the mythos, no people would have been able to become sea-faring, and planting and harvesting would have been difficult. And the mythos needed no alien intervention to be developed by humans, nor did it need moderns to come along and reinterpret it contrary to what its creators intended.

For example, the Anunnaki play a part in the mythos, but they are not “people,” human or otherwise. The Anunnaki, in general, represent the seven “nether spheres” and guardians of the seven “gates” through which the “sun of God” passes into the netherworld or darkness. They are also the “tutelary spirits of the earth.” So, immediately we encounter a problem which reveals that what Sitchin is putting forth is not what the ancients themselves said of the traditions they themselves Apollo, sun god, in his chariot drawn by four horsesdeveloped. Like so many before him, Sitchin also wants to make the main character of the celestial mythos, the sun, into a person. Actually, he wants to make it into several extraterrestrials. These various gods found around the globe, such as Apollo, Osiris, Horus, Krishna, Hercules, Jesus and Quetzalcoatl, are not people or aliens but personifications of the solar hero, as was stated by the peoples who created them. The ancients were not so dumb that they mistook planets for people, even though they personified those planets and, where the knowledge or gnosis of the mythos was lost, they hoped for “the incarnation,” or the carnalization or appearance of a “god.” There is no need to recreate the wheel here by speculating upon what the ancients “really” meant.

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Planet Nibiru in 2019: Latest News

In early 2019, the media continued to a favorite topic that the huge planet Nibiru is approaching the Earth. The latest news says that apocalypse and the death of all living things are about to come. Various pictures in the social networks just add fuel to the fire, pretending to show the evidence of the appearance of a potential threat of the end of the world. There are many opinions on this issue, most of which are simply anti-scientific and fictional.

What does actually this space object represent, and is it dangerous to humanity? What are the first mentions of the fiery Planet X? The ancient manuscripts of the Sumerians, the inhabitants of Mesopotamia, say there is a mysterious planet in the sky capable of destroying our Earth in an instant. It was associated with the patron saint of Babylon, the supreme deity Marduk. Sumerian myths often mentioned Nibiru alongside with the other planets and stars. They assumed that this is a kind of immovable point or axis of the world.

Nibiru PROOF? Scientists ‘uncovered Planet X’ after finding heat 50 billion miles away
NIBIRU may have been uncovered more than 50 billion miles away, before being covered up by NASA, according to outrageous claims made in a conspiracy documentary.

The Nibiru cataclysm is said to be a future disastrous encounter between the Earth and a large unknown planet – which many say will take place in the early 21st century. Believers in the doomsday event usually refer to the object involved as Planet X or Nibiru, with countless predictions over a collision with Earth surfacing over the years. However, it was an event in 1984 that sparked this outrageous conspiracy, according to a new documentary.

Recent headlines have touted Monday, April 23 as the latest date that Nibiru believers think will be our last, but there’s scant evidence to back up the idea and not even the man being credited with those predictions says it’s so.

The world has been about at its end for a while now, if you believe the prognosticating involving Nibiru, a made-up rogue planet destined to slam into the Earth or at least disrupt the solar system enough to bring on extinction-level catastrophes.

The latest round of predictions that Nibiru will appear in the inner solar system to usher in the Rapture described in the Book of Revelations come primarily from author David Meade, who has previously predicted the arrival of the planet (sometimes called Planet X) on at least three earlier dates in the past year.

Meade told The Guardian that the headlines blaring that the “End of the World” will come on April 23 are “Fake news.” Rather, Meade believes that Nibiru suddenly showing up on the scene this year will signal the beginning of a very long series of events eventually leading to the End Times, but not until over 1,000 years from now.

It doesn’t bode well for the media as a whole when even repeatedly debunked peddlers of pseudoscientific apocalyptic visions are calling you out on your fact-checking.

NASA and many others have made it clear repeatedly that there is no rogue planet on a course with the inner solar system. There is, evidence, however, of an unseen planet far beyond the orbit of Pluto that is sometimes referred to as Planet X or Planet 9. This evidence points to a large object in the far reaches of the outer solar system that may be gravitationally influencing other objects in the region, far, far away from Earth.

What danger does a mysterious planet carry?
Many ufologists publish the latest news that the planet Nibiru will pass so close to Earth in 2019 that it will shift its axis and lead to catastrophic changes in nature. When this is called different dates. The activity of alien entities, the appearance of inexplicable phenomena in the sky are also associated with the approach of a dangerous celestial body.

The most pessimistic predictions say that people will massively die from volcanic eruptions; huge ocean waves; faults in the earth’s crust; extensive fires; hurricanes and storms of unprecedented power; floods caused by the massive melting of the ice of Antarctica. Fans of cosmic fiction predict that our Earth will deviate significantly from its orbit, or it will completely collapse as a result of a sharp collision with a mysterious celestial object from which powerful and dangerous ultraviolet rays emanate.

The latter will also negatively affect the state of the biosphere and nature. As a result, all types of plants and animals will disappear irretrievably. The American ufologists claim that the country of Mexico will be the first target of the ultraviolet rays of Nibiru, as UFOs are often noticed over it, carrying out a kind of exploration of local topography and strange maneuvers.

“The US government and the NASA space agency do not consider it necessary to convey the fact of the appearance of Planet X to the public. Solar observatories around the world have not announced anything about it, and in fact, 99% of them receive money from NASA,” the expert emphasized.

He is also confident that a dangerous planet can provoke global cataclysms on our planet, which could end in disaster for humanity.

Meanwhile, the conspiracy theorists on the Web discuss a series of anomalies, captured in different parts of the world. At the same time, attention is drawn to the giant rainbow and the strange white ray, and it is also emphasized that all this can be the impact of a terrible killer planet.

In addition, according to the Center of the Study of Natural Anomalies and Ufology, a tectonic plate shifted in Siberia at the depth of 35 km, and it is assumed that these events are associated with the mysterious planet Nibiru.

The gravity field of Nibiru has begun to draw the Earth: humanity will not escape.
Nibiru switched to a decisive attack, a planet-killer will strike a powerful blow, the Earth will split into pieces.

As stressed by the ufologist Scott Waring, the Planet X was captured in NASA images while attacking the Sun, masquerading as an alien ship Nibiry came very closely to it.

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