Proof the US is Nuked 9/23/17

It’s a long video, but important. I Pet Goat ii literally refers to The Next Attack on the US, because the story read on 9/11 in the classroom where Bush sat was “The Pet Goat.” This video incontrovertibly deals with…
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UPDATE — Declares Intention for Atmospheric Nuclear “Test” over Int’l Waters (i.e. Near Guam?) Breaking News – North Korean They Warn The Residents of Guam : DO NOT LOOK AT THE SKY AFTER WE FIRE OUR MISSILES OR “BE BLINDED” BY THE FLASH

UPDATE 10:42 AM EDT– Stock markets around the world are falling on this news from North Korea with ALL major indices down significantly and falling further: U.S. equities fell on Thursday as tensions between the United States and North Korea persisted….
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