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How to Make Maple Syrup

Homemade pancakes made from my food storage are excellent by themselves, but when you add some homemade maple syrup to them they are so good I wouldn’t mind surviving the apocalypse just on those alone. In all seriousness though, the…
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DIY Solar panels for RV or off grid

   This instructable is about a couple solar panels I made while traveling in our RV. I ordered 72 solar cells from ebay. It was a kit that came with cells, flux pen, and flat buss wire. The glass came from…
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Cardboard and Duct tape Solar Oven

This instructable is about a solar oven I made out of an old picture frame, two cardboard boxes, some duct tape, aluminum foil, white glue and crumpled newspaper. You will need to find a picture frame. I used regular glass but…
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I’ll tell you what’s wrong with Conservatives


It’s been a fairly long day and just got to my hotel room near the Cincinnati-Northern Kentucky airport. I spoke this evening at Miami (Ohio) University as invited by the Campus Republicans, part of the Young America’s Foundation speaker series….
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Top 10 “Useless” Organs

Can there really be a useless organ? Well, no one wants to part with their appendix, until it acts up. Same with wisdom teeth. See what other ha-ha's Mother Nature endowed us with.   No. 1 – Male Nipples Because,…
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Top 10 Famous Memory Masters

10: Nikola Tesla (1856 – 1943) A prolific physicist and engineer best known for developing the alternating current (AC) electrical system still used today. Tesla had a "photographic memory" and rarely found it necessary to write anything down. It's said…
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