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Chocolate may protect the brain and heart

Eating high levels of chocolate could reduce the risk of coronary heart disease and stroke, according to a review of previous research. Data from 114,009 patients suggested risk was cut by about a third, according to a study published on the…
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Chocolate Bear Paws

One of King Fergus' — and Merida's — favorite stories is how the peg-legged monarch lost his limb in a skirmish with the fearsome Mor'du. Inspired by the legendary bear, these rich, chocolaty cookies are tipped with slivered almond claws….
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The 8 Best Foods to Eat Before a Date

You want to look as fabulous as possible for every date, even if it’s with your husband and especially on a first date. And all that time you focus on putting together the right outfit, doing your hair and makeup,…
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