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Meteor Explodes Over Arizona

As the annual Geminid meteor shower dazzles with its display, a meteor exploded over Arizona, rattling windows. It was unlikely to be a Geminid as it was moving at about 45,000 miles an hour, much to slow to be one…
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UFO video over Arizona City 11th December 2013

Driving up my street spotted two lights near Venus, they disappeared then saw two more in the south eastern part of the sky, they disappeared as well. Saw another one alone in the south western part of the sky.  Throughout…
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Countdown to the galactic census

On 19 December 2013, Europe's billion-star surveyor is due to be launched into space where it will embark on its mission to create a highly accurate 3D map of our galaxy. By repeatedly observing a billion stars, with its billion-pixel…
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