Updated! Martial Law Checkpoints! Why Are Police And FBI Putting Strange Marks On People’s Hands In Michigan?


This is a very strange video just released by Jason A and IS SURELY a sign of things to come around the country. Check it out; it shows police and the FBI  doing warrantless check points and putting strange marks on people’s hands in Michigan in this very obvious violation of civil rights of Americans as this ‘police state USA’ continues to unfold. 


With the police and the FBI clearly terrorizing more Americans than the ‘terrorists’ ever did, this video is clearly a sign of things to come as the economy completes its collapse with world powers completing preparation for WW3 and nuclear annihilation. The 2nd video below shares much more of what we see watching unfold today.


Though some people have correctly noted that police were looking for a murderer in the video above, this is another perfect example of our rights tossed away while the ‘police state’ unfolds, unabatedly, CRUSHING anything and everything in its’ path.





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Source : beforeitsnews.com

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