2020 Orwellian World On Steroids– Greatest Depression but Everything was Planned !! — Welcome to the New World Disorder

It is quite a mess out there as they managed to shut down the global economy.

We lost our freedom and liberty.
This mass hysteria is totally overblown. It is all media hype.
Welcome to the New World Disorder. The global economy was already slowing down dramatically, now they killed it, the psychopathic sick politicians. I think that the media is overstating and that the government is overreacting to the coronavirus. The numbers just don’t justify the draconian reaction. Besides, the lockdowns might not even have an effect on slowing the spread of the virus. What they HAVE done is to put millions of people out of work, destroyed small businesses, wrecked our economy, and violated our constitutional rights! This will do far more harm to people than the virus ever could have! There were already protests going on worldwide.

Now your government is asking you to stay home and watch TV.No more protesting in the streets. Social Distancing so the police can break up people if they decide to protest against the government. 2020 and hello martial law all in the guise of safety for a so-called virus. Welcome to George Orwell’s 1984 World on steroids. The only thing wrong with Orwell’s masterpiece is he got the title wrong, should have been called 2020. A totalitarian world government would lockdown it’s citizens because of an exaggerated threat and crash the economy in 2020.
Welcome to Orwell’s “The New World Order” anno 2020! This book is happening, Now. The goal is forced vaccinations. We laugh at the idea of the “thought police.” The way things are going, it will be real soon. The world today seems like the integration between Brave New World and 1984 Orwellian world. We are inching ever closer to the wretched dystopian existence portrayed in 1984, and most people have not the slightest idea. this is 2020; Big brothers are everywhere now.Like Bill Gates with his forced vaccine ID2020, and Elon Musk with his Starlink, GPS in every phone. And they made a show called big brother where a group of people live their life altogether in a house, but all cameras are hidden around the room and we the viewers can see them. And now look that show is being done globally with everyone’s smartphones and smart TV. Orwell was either a prophet or a member of the secret society trying to warn us. 1984 wasn’t just a novel. It was a Warning! But instead, it was taken as an instructional manual and an indoctrination. Orwell had knowledge of the plan and was trying to warn us.
IT’S NOW A COOKBOOK for The Totalitarian regimes like North Korea and China. We are already in an Orwellian world. They are telling us not to talk to each other, with no shaking hands, no smiling faces. Never let a good crisis go to waste. The battle is almost over, and America thinks it’s about to start. There is something unreal about this pandemic. Nothing like this has ever been experienced save for the Spanish flu in the early 1900s. But even in that instance, we have not come to a worldwide shutdown. Not a shot fired. All it took was seasonal flu, manipulated statistics & complete control of all Main Stream Media. Americans will realize the Crazy Tin-Foil Hat Conspiracy theory Nuts were right;when they realize there are no jobs, checks, food, water, without going to Satans New world Order and begging.

Once you renounce freedom and swear Allegiance to The New World Order, you will be fed, but only daily. Then, it will hit them like a ton of bricks, as they stand in line for some government handouts. Most Americans don’t see it, and we’re already there with bread lines. Welcome to COVID-1984. Cellphone towers are watching you! Your phones are watching you! You are not allowed to socialize! You are not allowed to enjoy nature! You must stay at home and be lonely! Allowed out only to shop or exercise! You are not allowed to meet in private and have a mad love affair in the country! Nobody invites people to their homes – it is now against the law!
War is Peace.
Freedom is Slavery.
Ignorance is Strength.
Diversity is our strength.
Perversion is love.
Censorship is protection.
Free speech is assault.
Fiat currency is money.
Prepping is hoarding.
Personal protection devices are assault weapons.
Democracy is fair and just.
Socialism is virtuous.
Laws are good. Taxes are contributions. Math is racist and sexist. Babies are unviable tissue masses. Individualism is pre-crime. A fearful mind is not a rational thinking one and is easily controlled. While 90% of the world are watching their TV’s staying inside, living in fear waiting for Bill Gates to save there lives with a digital certificate vaccine. They have already taken away your freedom and free will. Next, they will come for everything else.

They don’t have to go to such great lengths to control people’s minds. All they had to do was miseducate the youth while propping up delusional role models. People believe all sorts of lies and have lost the ability to objectively reason. No torture needed, you just have to watch the TV. “The people will believe whatever the media tell them they believe.” George Orwell, Freemason. “One believes what one is conditioned to believe.” Aldous Huxley, Freemason. “The American people won’t believe a thing until they see it on TV.” President Nixon, Also a Freemason. The Masses can’t WAIT for a vaccine to be developed to end the Covid19 pandemic. They will willingly line up in the hundreds of millions for it. Orwell and his contemporaries knew what was coming because they had inside information.

You are here because you want to hear the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. Politicians are all puppets. There are far darker, more powerful people behind these governments, and they don’t care about us. Any that have been for the people as it was being knocked off. It’s all a game, and we are the pawns. It’s not rocket science how they could resolve the issues in the world, but the fact is they are not interested in us.

They do all they can to keep us divided as people, as countries, religions, etc., so we are easier to control. And in it, they gain tons of power and money. They are sick and twisted and a lot darker than you realize. Dig deeper, and you will find it. Trump is literally the trump card in their game. He is one of many many puppets. It’s very dark what’s out there running this planet, and to keep the 99% passive, they create fear and hatred of each other. Trump is just all part of the agenda. It’s a war against us.
The people. All people. The virus is no worse than what already has existed. Loads of people have come forward saying it doesn’t add up. Statistics are still no worse than what usually occurs each year. The vulnerable always get sicker with yearly flu and virus. It’s not right what is being pushed at us in terms of the so-called death rates of this COVID. All deaths are being passed off as viruses.

This is a manufactured crisis. A one-world currency is already being mentioned in the mainstream. It’s all so predictable. Those that can’t see it now will realize when it’s all too late. Welcome to the machine, and the 2020 COVID-19 virus. Just a precursor, a mere taste of 1984. After they see how all the people take their coronavirus advise, they can move on from there. Down the road another decade or two, they’ll report that other new viruses are on library/store books and be burning them. Museums will begin selecting whatever historical items they wish to present as to us as fact. Next will come to the medicated water supply to provide general societal tranquility. They got us when that happens.

The COVID-19 virus is but a test to see if society will obey what they are told to do. I don’t believe that they conspired to cause it, but I do believe they’re watching to see everyone’s reaction and behavior. Okay, the parks used to be filled with people enjoying themselves together. They had to stop all that when the economy wouldn’t allow one parent’s income to be able to raise a whole family. That took a big chip out of our freedom and happiness. Miserable people are easier to be led and controlled. Throw them a bone that past people had at will to chew on, and they’ll think they got something special. Compartmentalize society at all times. Create an ‘us and them’ world.

Turn people against each other. Make anything different an enemy. People are already isolated and happy with their Cellphones, Netflix tv shows, and the internet. Technology has made people self-centered; they live in their virtual world, with no real concern, love, or guilt anymore. George Orwell and Aldous Huxley were both in the Fabian Society. And analysts are saying they were both trying to warn us about what they were planning for us all. But I think in reality we have a mixture of both novels in real life today. It’s part of the witchcraft. They have to show you for the magic to work.
That’s why all Hollywood movies are, in fact, predictive programming. They are priming the public to accept things to come. It takes decades of brainwashing and changing people’s perception. This is what the globalists want, utter totalitarianism, with zero freedom. A paradigm shift is coming. The petrodollar is dead. The US Dollar also died on Mar 13th when FED went back to Zero Interest Rates. The gig is up. They lost control. They just proved they couldn’t unwind all the 4 trillion from 2008. They were at about 3.5 trillion going into this now 6 trillion for starters will be added to the balance sheet. FED is buying bonds directly again to prop up the bond market. The FED is pledging 1 trillion a day for the REPO market because banks are insolvent.

We don’t have visible runs yet, but it is coming. Unemployment will be way too much of a headwind to overcome with even all this massive printing. Unemployment will be 50%+ by November. Foreign Sovereigns are dumping securities, and now the FED is buying those back too with a foreign repo market buying line. This cannot possibly all be done without affecting CPI this time. Expect much higher prices. Expect cheap Chinese goods in box stores to drastically change in price and availability. American life, as we knew it is gone. It will slowly change, then suddenly change. Expect war. The US Government will need to desperately do something to turn the tide or lose power.

The whole global chessboard just got rearranged in so many ways there are too even guess as to what is coming. Keep focusing on real things, real skills. Now is the time for people with real skills to have a real impact on the world once again. We will rebound once our debt is straightened out, but this will take years. We have plenty of resources in this country, but we need a new standard of account. Until these new terms are met, expect a vastly different America.




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