Bank Failures Coming – Global Electronic Currency; The Perfect Control Mechanism

The U.S. banking system has been in defacto default since 2008. But since everyone needs U.S. dollars to continue commerce around the world it has been put on delay. Everyone has been playing lets pretend. That will not last much longer. The events tell about what is coming to other nations around the world.

As the banks tumble in domino fashion around the world everyone will head for the U.S. as the last safe place to store money. That may be by design. Once in the U.S those assets may have no safe place else to go so they will be essentially trapped. It will be a tempting target for the bankers and politicians to loot. A collapse then could force everyone into a one world currency. But not everyone wants to play with that marked deck.

The BRICS nations just held a meeting in South Africa and one of the things they discussed was the formation of a BRICS equivalent of the IMF and World Bank. They want to establish their own bank to aid emerging economies and they have agreed in principle to collectively finance it with a 100 billion contingency reserve arrangement for starters. These nations have a lot of gold and are increasing supplies as fast as possible. It is likely this new bank will be financed with gold backed currencies at some point. That will give the IMF crooks a lot of heartburn. It may also be the spark that ignites another world war.

The western bankers cannot afford to have a competing currency to anything they create so some type of action will be forthcoming. If people were able to shield their money from the corrupt bankers by moving it to another currency or bank out of the western bankers control it would prevent their plans to force through a one world currency which they would control. It always comes back to they money doesn’t it.

What would stop someone from moving large amounts of money from the U.S. to a BRICS bank? How about the imposing of capitol controls after all of that money is here. That seems likely. And if you are thinking of pulling that money out of the bank and hiding it under your mattress consider this. If a bank holiday is declared in the U.S. they can close the banks on say Friday night and reopen on Monday morning after having locked you out of your accounts all weekend while taking a “fair” percentage for the national good. But it might not stop there.

Suppose after you regain access to your accounts you find they have also devalued the dollar by 20 or 30 percent. They may just forgo the actual theft of money and devalue alone. In any case, they will have succeeded in stealing a large percentage of your money even if it were not in the bank.

I can’t tell you what to do but I don’t keep any more than a weeks worth of operating funds in my account and only about 30 to 60 days worth of cash on hand. Everything else I have is in highly liquid forms like silver. If they pull this I would take my cash on hand and go shopping that weekend before they have a chance to devalue. That would limit my losses and put me ahead of the general population. But that’s just me.

What would you buy in a crunch like this? Anything you can use to take care of yourself. It might be impossible to buy anything on line or through wire transfers but with cash you might visit coin shops, pawn shops, local merchants or look on craigslist for things worth something to you or for later trade. If you need to “store” money why not do so in gold and silver coins, a good used wood stove, a generator or possibly in extra fuel storage. All of these things will become much more expensive after a devaluation.

In the pursuit of a control grid, for our own good, the global elite will need a global currency. This new currency will likely be completely electronic in nature. It will make it easier for the controllers to create, cheaper allowing them to keep more of the profits and easier to get their hands on what you have anytime they want. With a totally electronic currency there will be nowhere to hide any of your earnings. It will also be much easier for those in control to enforce payments for government mandated services. It will also be much easier for them to implement and enforce new taxes, for your own good.


So you say you don’t need any stinking health insurance. That’s too bad. It’s now mandatory so your account will be debited every week for your health insurance premiums. No way to get around that.

Green energy tax

Since everything is now electronic they will know how much gas you are buying for your car. If you drive too much you’ll be assessed an extra green energy tax for polluting too much. They know how much your electric bill is so if you are using too much electricity you’ll be taxed on that too. But don’t worry, they’ll just automatically deduct it from your account. No messy paperwork to keep track of. Isn’t that thoughtful of them.

Income tax

Since everything you earn has to go through your electronic account, they will know exactly how much money you are earning. They can just deduct your taxes straight out of your account every week. And with a graduated income tax, they will just deduct more as you hit certain income levels. No more messy tax forms every year. Isn’t that nice of them.

Sin purchases

So you want to buy a gun or ammo. Sorry, you don’t have the required permit so the transaction is prohibited. So you want to buy a bottle of wine or that fifth of bourbon?
Sorry, you are drinking too much as indicated by your purchases so this sale is denied. And if you have a DUI, don’t even think about it. Cigarettes are only for the global elite who can afford them so that’s a prohibited item as well. So you want to buy that new luxury car or SUV? Sorry but you don’t have the necessary carbon permits like the well connected people so you’ll have to settle on one of these smaller, more efficient models.

Food purchases

Since every purchase is monitored, everything you buy at the grocery store is monitored. You scan your card before your goods are rung up and anything you shouldn’t have is flagged. Obesity a problem? Not any more. You will be barred from purchasing certain products. Not eating what the government says you should? You will have limits on the quantity of certain items you buy forcing you to buy what they want you to eat. Buying more canned goods than they estimate you are eating? That could get you a visit from the food police to insure you are not hoarding. And don’t get caught growing your own food without the proper permits, you don’t even want to know the penalty for that.

Retirement savings

Since you are too stupid to save money for your retirement they will just deduct a little every week from your account and “keep it safe” until you need it for retirement. And when the time comes for retirement if you have too much money saved up they will just redistribute some of it to the less fortunate, bless their hearts.

Wealth tax

If you live in one of those wealthy countries you’ll have to pay an extra tax for that as well to be redistributed to the poorer countries. That’s only fair, right? Since everything you buy is recorded the tax assessment for property taxes will be much easier as well. How convenient!

Yes, a new electronic currency would solve a lot of problems and free us of all of that messy paperwork we have to do. And since we are too dumb to make our own decisions, the government can help steer us in the right direction in everything we do. Doesn’t that sound like Utopia?

And always remember, if it isn’t in your direct possession you don’t own it. This will become brutally obvious to those with safety deposit boxes in the future. When they finally pull the plug on U.S. banks you should consider anything you have inside the bank as lost. If you get anything at all back consider yourself lucky. If you keep these things in mind it might not be as painful when it happens. Good fortune favors the prepared mind.

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