Bank Of America Admits Dollar’s In Trouble

This breaking story from Secrets of the Fed shows that even top banking executives are now coming to admit that the US dollar is in deep trouble. The recent video below from the X22Report shares that Americans are rapidly losing hope as the economic collapse accelerates. Is this part of the reason that bankers are now being suicided, to keep their mouths shut about this pillage and destruction of the US dollar? Adding more fuel to the fire, a Bank of America analyst has warned that the global economy is sending us ‘clear warning signs’, warning signs that the end of the dollar is near.

On Feb. 16, a Bank of America analyst announced that the global economy is giving out clear warning signs that the dollar is entering into serious trouble, which adds more credence to John Williams recent assertion that 2014 will be the year of a dollar panic.


Global financial and commodity markets are warning that the US Dollar is in for a bout of trouble, warns BofAML’s Macneil Curry. Across asset classes, Curry points out that Gold was the first to make its low against the US Dollar, doing so back on Dec-15. The second market to turn against the US Dollar was US Treasuries, with Ten year note futures turning bullish back on Dec-26. Currently, the FX market – most specifically GBP – is breaking out and pressuring the US Dollar. Finally, the Japanese stock market continues to suffer, putting downward pressure on USDJPY and thus US Dollar weakness. – Zerohedge

Over the past month, the dollar has fallen over 120 basis points (bps), from 81.30 to hovering just above 80 as economic weakness continues to place the currency at the forefront of financial backlash.  In that same time, gold has climbed more than $100 from $1220 on Jan. 9, to now over $1324 on Feb. 16, validating the increasing cracks showing up in the dollars ability to hold global value.


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