15 Tools That Helped Pioneers Survive on the American Frontier

American culture unapologetically romanticizes the lives of the first pioneers. Through rose-colored glasses, we see Manifest Destiny as fate, leading our heroic ancestors across a perfectly manicured landscape. In reality, the frontier was a terrifying, dangerous wilderness. And you were…
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How to Make Rope from Recycled Plastic

Recycle every plastic bottle (1-2 liter and 20 oz. bottles work best) and every plastic grocery bag that comes into your household. Did you know that you can make extremely durable rope with these two items? This strong rope will make…
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7 Intimidating Home Defense Alternatives

At the time of this writing, our Second Amendment rights to keep and bear arms are under serious attack. Obama and others have vowed to take our guns away, supposedly making the world a safer place. In reality, it’s not…
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