{DIY} How To Make A Bird’s Nest Lamp Shade Out of Newspaper

Here's a craft project Wanessa from WCC Designs created that is so pretty. She made this bird's nest lamp shade using only… paper and glue. Amazing! Here's how she did it..

I'm so excited about this project. This lamp shade came out soooo much better than I thought! I mean it's pretty awesome! šŸ™‚IMG_2841

My inspiration for this project was a bird's nest. This it's a simple project but you have to be patient! šŸ™‚ If you're a crafty person you probably are…{smile}

All you need to make this lamp shade is newspaper and glue, but if you want a better look, you can also use white or colored paper to cover the newspaper tubes or you can paint it when you're done (just to let you know, spray paint doesn't work well, but regular wall paint does).

I covered my tubes using regular white paper (8.5"x11"). I cut each sheet in 3 pieces, and with one piece I covered a tube.


Roll the tubes using a sheet of newspaper (fold the big sheet in half and roll), I used a skinny dowel to roll, it makes the rolling process easier and all of them will end up with the same thickness — I rolled over 200 tubes for this project.IMG_2665

  • Using a glue stick, glue the ends closed.
  • Using the paper color you desire, cover the tubes.
  • Cut the ends of each tube using gardening shears.

Start gluing the tubes together (think of a bird's nest) stacking them on top of each other to make the shape (a cake turning table can be very handy while you're making your lampshade).lampshade3

  • When you're done, sit the lamp shade over a small lamp and you are done!

Since my daughter broke one of my bedroom lamps, I bought a new one, and now I found an interesting way to use the broken one.



By Wanessa


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