Economist Nouriel Roubini Warns : De-Dollarization,Cashless Society,Digital Dollar : What’s The Future of The King Dollar ?

Dr. Nouriel Roubini, in an interview with Bloomberg Surveillance, warned that the stock market is completely disconnected from the dire economic outlook of a waning recovery amid continued depressionary pressures. Roubini says that we are going to go through a ten year of misery. The stock market is driven by only five tech companies, the rest of them are not doing well, and there is no recovery in the general economy insight. And what’s good for wall street is actually bad for Maine street.

Wall Street represents big firms, big tech, and big banks. At the same time, the main street represents workers, households, and small and medium-sized businesses. The stock market does not reflect the real economy; the Main street is struggling severely. The party on Wall Street driven by liquidity via central banks, has reinflated financial assets to nosebleed valuations as the labor market implodes. The demise of millions of small businesses underlines the bleak picture we face. This means unpaid rents and more empty storefronts as Main Street withers on the vine. Most small businesses are based on shaky ground.No savings, no financial planning for emergency situations, or the future. Most of these businesses are going bankrupt. Until now, much of the damage has been masked by the massive government stimulus.

Unfortunately, the damage all this has produced will become apparent over the coming months from the strong headwinds facing our economy. Wall Street is not ignoring the Main Street crash. It is causing it. If Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Microsoft, and Google were removed from the S&P 500 index, the overall main equity index would be flat on the year, as opposed to +35%. And if you’re going to talk about crazy stock movement, we can’t forget to add Tesla to that list. I can’t imagine why everyone wouldn’t need a new Tesla during major economic depression.

The Fed does not care about common people. Of course, the main street crash is ignored. Wall Street does not care about Main Street. It never has. Main Street has been doomed since 1971. 1971 was the beginning of the End: Massive Monetary Disorder. The Gold standard was removed. And The US fiat was born. Wall Street gets the gold. Main Street gets the shaft, same as it ever was. All that matters is bankers. They give you 0.0001% on your savings rate return, negative with money dilution, and stealing on your hard work. And they charge you 23.63$% on Their credit card rate return on their free money. The Fed is Making billionaires, trillionaires. A vast majority of common people have no clue what the Fed is and what it does. The Fed and government allowed the banksters and corporations to loot the U.S. Treasury for trillions to stimulate the fraud market while the people suffer from the lockdown.

The real economy can be measured by the money velocity M2. The charts show a decline since 2009, and the sudden plunge beginning in 2020. All the freshly printed money ends up in the hands of the .05%. Meantime the Fed’s Blackstone will buy all the failed real estate, corporate assets cheap with free Federal Reserve money, and make billions. No one saw this coming! We need a few Trillions more for the CEO’s. The bankers, too, need their bonuses and be rewarded for their talent. Apple now has a 2 trillion dollar market cap. I think we need another large corporate tax cut for them to get to 3 trillion. And how about Jeff Bezos. He could be the world’s first trillionaire.

The feds QE into infinity will precipitate the collapse of the dollar and subsequent depression. The fed will debase the dollar and cause hyperinflation, and the ensuing calamity will be apocalyptic. It will be worse this time because we are headed to an inflationary depression rather than a deflationary one. At least until the last deflationary one, the average person may not have had much money, but what money he did have actually bought more stuff. In the coming inflationary one, the dollars you do have will buy less, so the average man’s standard of living will go down even more.

Critical events are happening so fast, All around the world, as markets cool, political unrest heats up. It’s all part of the “Greatest Depression”: when people lose everything and have nothing left to lose, they lose it… and the markets are losing it, too. The global slowdown will accelerate, and equity markets will decline. Mergers and acquisitions have fallen 11 percent so far this year, as companies brace for periods of growing economic uncertainty. To keep the cheap money flowing, this year, more than 30 central banks around the globe have lowered their interest rates, and dozens are expected to cut their rates again next quarter.The Australian central bank dropped interest rates, already at their lowest in history, to a new low of 0.75 percent. India also cut its rates again, bringing them down to 5.15 from 5.40 percent in hopes of propping up their slowing economy. With auto and motorcycle sales dramatically down, consumer spending markedly slowing, and fears of a cash crunch, India’s central bank tweeted out assurances that there will be plenty of dough for depositors.

They claimed the reports of bank instability were rumors. China, the world’s second-largest economy, posted its slowest economic growth since 1990. To date, government measures have failed to reverse the trend. Refusing to aggressively lower rates, Chinese attempts to boost the economy with fiscal policy, such as infrastructure spending, have failed. Infrastructure investment was up only 4 percent from January to August compared with 20 percent only two years ago. Moreover, Chinese private bond defaults are up 60 percent in the first eight months of the year. Countries accumulated more debt than they can ever repay. Corporations accumulated more debt than they can ever repay. Consumer accumulated more debt than they can ever repay. This time around, you will not be able to bail out the corporations without bailing out all consumers. What happens to the money when you must print to keep humans from rising up and destroying the elites? What happens to the elites when the consumer figures out they were played for fools and the entire surveillance state was built in anticipation of the big collapse that’s coming.

De-Dollarization,Cashless Society,Digital Dollar : Is this The End of The King Dollar ? The US Dollar became the reserve currency of the World after a golden century for America, the 1800/1900. The US was the biggest manufacturer, had some of the lowest cost to manufacture, but still had one of the highest living standards, had annual surpluses, very low debt, had amassed most of the gold in the world with the help of joining two world wars at the end with minimal casualties, but just in time to capitalize on the victories and take in a lot of resources, factories, scientists and influence.

The Dollar was backed by all of this manufacturing might and capital. Eighty years later, and the US has become the largest debtor nation in the history of the world.Hardly any manufacturing, bankrupt states, pension systems, mathematically unsustainable deficits.$20 trillions were printed in just the last six months. On top of that, the US is now using this currency to put sanctions all over the world and put pressure on other countries. And the US political class is the biggest liability, instead of urgently redirecting their efforts to train the young generations to work and save, they’re busy exploring the number of genders, looking for non-existent racism and sexism and rioting against the order. The USA is now in the habit of slapping all kinds of financial sanctions on whoever it disagrees with. The latest US threats of financial sanctions are against Germany over its Nord Stream 2 pipeline from Russia. The USA is now sanctioning various Chinese companies and individuals too.

The US dollar isn’t just about economics and business anymore. It’s about politics too. And in politics, people deliberately try to damage each other and cause all kinds of problems, which is something more to be concerned about, than unintended harm, caused as a side-effect of something else. When people deliberately try to hurt you by design, then this is something to be more afraid of than unintended harm. Because an especially designed harm for your situation and deliberately done is likely to hurt more and cause more damage. And ordinary Chinese probably now feel more comfortable traveling to Europe for tourism and education than to the USA. This could be another reason why they might converting their US dollar holdings into Euros.

There is also talk in the USA of delisting Chinese companies from the US stock markets. So overseas Chinese investors might be selling their shares in these companies and converting their money into other currencies. Mixing politics with business is bad for business. And the USA is now mixing politics with business in international trade more than any other country. This is bound to have widespread economic effects. Because this isn’t just relations between the two countries, this is between the USA and the rest of the world. Now you will understand why de-dollarization will destroy America and why they will sooner destroy US Dollar opponents if they could. With money already really devalued as well as keeping the corporate-financial scam on its feet and covering lost fantasy bets and profits made out of thin air, they bought real assets to get their asses covered. The real market, not the fantasy one, perceives the devaluation of a currency late and accepts waste paper in exchange for real goods.

The scammed are always the same. If the money had given it to the real production system and to work instead of giving it to each other in the corporate-financial parasitic system, the productive system would have had the capital to restructure, and there would have been no serious social problems. It is normal that it went like this: thieves are thieves and do not change. The Dollar in on a direct course with an iceberg. They will all sink together. All fiat currencies live on borrowed time. The dollar is now at its all-time low compared to gold. In simple terms, the dollar is losing value, and dollar debasement is driving up the price of gold. Gold has been around since before the dollar and will likely exist someday when there is no dollar.

The debt market bubble is unquestionably the mother of all bubbles. The larger the US debt bubble grows, and I expect it will grow for years to come, the lower the dollar goes. And the deeper the dollar sinks, the higher gold prices rise. RUSSIA AND CHINA ALLYING AGAINST THE DOLLAR. In 2020’s first quarter, 46 percent of trade transactions between Russia and China were settled in dollars, the first time the proportion has fallen below 50 percent, according to data from Russia’s Central Bank and Federal Customs Service.

The euro was used to settle a record 30 percent of the transactions and the two countries used their own currencies in 24 percent of the deals. In 2015, about 90 percent of the two countries’ transactions were settled in dollars. After the U.S.’s condemnation of Russia’s invasion of Crimea and the outbreak of the U.S.-China trade war, however, the proportion began to slip, and Russia and China both looked for alternatives to the dollar to conduct cross-border trade. In 2014, China and Russia formally agreed to give each other direct access to their currencies without having to buy rubles or renminbi on the world’s open market.

That in part, prompted a 2019 deal between the two countries to dump the dollar and use their own currencies in trade. The agreement also called for the nations to create alternative payment mechanisms to the international banking communications system, which is seen as being dominated by the U.S. The de-dollarization of China-Russia trade is reaching a breakthrough moment that could open the door to a broad range of agreements and alliances between the two powers.

What’s coming is digital money and cashless society. With a cashless society, The government will finally have the ability to tax you with extreme precision. The government can now control what you buy, how much it costs, where you can buy, who can buy it. Your freedom will be gone. It will be a privilege, not a right. A cashless society will be the end of freedom for all. Digital dollars will suck the last drop of freedom out of the American people. Full government control will become so easy. You can be restricted from leaving your state. If you violate your order to stay in your state and you get in your car and drive out of it, and you pull over needing gas, your digital money may not work, and you will not be able to fill your car up.

Then you go try and get some lunch. Your credit card won’t work either in that state. So you are now stuck. If you are blacklisted by the Government, you can lose access to your account and money in a second and not be able to buy even your next sandwich. The cashless society is also implemented for the central banks to charge negative interest on your savings. A cashless society is not going to be as cool as Millenials think it will be. A cashless society would be the ultimate totalitarian tool. We have not even begun to scratch the surface of what evil can be brought to bear with the abolishment of cash. It’s not just tracking the bank accounts. It will be able to track what exactly you purchase, then the targeted advertising starts. You buy a crib and get diaper advertising on your phone for the next forever. The powers that be would be able to freeze our accounts at their whim. Obedience or death at a moment’s decision. Everyone would know that this would be a possibility and to survive.

Everyone would kow-tow subserviently. Financial ostracization will be automated. Rest in peace Anonymity, Cashiers, Bank Tellers, and MANY Jobs. The money printers turned algorithm makers win. The Fed is going to do this sooner than later. To sell it, To make the people demand the Government give them a Cashless Society, they will say it will end Crime, end the drug trade. Well, who doesn’t want that !!, and on the surface, it will do that. But in reality, it will increase crime, and won’t stop the drug trade. People can’t see the harm in doing it, so why not comply.

They don’t realize that by complying, the bankers will OWN you and can make you do whatever they want. And they respond with the typical Tinfoil hat rhetoric. And cashless is exactly the same, except different Corporations, will own different parts of your life. The cashless society is a direct road to slavery. In the click of a keystroke, you could be eliminated from doing business. Talk about the mark of the beast. Consider the following actual case. When Puerto Rico was devastated by a hurricane, essentially, almost all communications ceased because of the towers being down. Only cash or barter was accepted until communications were restored. Credit cards were useless. A real possibility of a Carrington event could occur again and take down the internet, or an enemy could create an EMP to wipe out communications.

The idea of a cashless society is unbelievably stupid, but people will buy into anything. If all money is only a binary electronic entry on a ledger in some bank, what happens in a REAL power blackout? What prevents our overlords from freezing the bank accounts of anyone who doesn’t display sufficient loyalty? It’s not only about privacy (which is important enough!) but about our very ability to live! The death of Paper & Coins will be the day everyone loses their freedom! The Banks have a hard-on for this – they get a fee from EVERY transaction made. Don’t let it happen.Use some cash for small items! The U.S. government has made every value transaction a taxable event. I wonder when government cameras are in the bedroom if you are going to be taxed for every stroke.

Also, will your partner will be penalized for not submitting to your strokes, thus depriving the government of needed revenue? We are almost cashless already Now. Any purchase over $1000.00 raises a Flag. Go ask your bank to give you $10,000.00 if you have that much in there, and watch what they tell you. Oh, don’t forget the supposed coin shortage we’re experiencing now. The coin shortage is being done on purpose. We will be slaves when they control who eats or buys or sells. When electricity is out, there are no digital transactions whatsoever. Rolling power outages. Brownouts and blackouts. Carrington Event. Social Credit Score is not good for those of us who like to do what the hell we want, not what we are told. Hard to find a plastic card after a boating accident. You can lead a human to knowledge, but you cannot make him think.

The question is: how far down the road can they kick the can? The carnage we see all over the world has been instigated. It sounds like their aiming for society to come to an agreement for Totalitarian rules that fix all these problems. Can the reserve banks, including the Fed, go Bankrupt? They issue Fiat dollars (loan) to governments. The citizens pay interest (taxes) on the imaginary debt. The current interest on the 30+ trillion debt of the US alone is about 464 Billion per year. That’s 1.3 Billion per every man, women, child, and illegal alien who currently reside here. At some point, the payers cannot meet the debt, and the entire system has no money and no credit. If no one has money to use as barter, they have no food, no heat, no shelter, no nothing what then? The banks have no money either.

They can’t hire proxy armies because they can’t pay them, so whose going to work for nothing? A carrot would be worth more than a bar of gold. It wouldn’t be a brave new world, especially and not even the Dark Ages. It seems more likely the Stone Age. I expect that after the US falls even further into debt after the passing of this next stimulus package, and after the free money from the federal reserve drives the dow above 30,000, then the gradual collapse of all of the markets should begin. I can’t see this engineered crisis pass until the whole world markets and economies are plunged into darkness and are at the mercy of the international banking system. And we will then gladly accept their one world currency in place of the US dollar in exchange for a bailout.

They will have the control they long desired, and we will be at their mercy. This following statement is said to be by Henry Kissenger: ” Who controls the food supply controls the people; who control the energy can control whole continents; who controls money can control the world.” Main Street is not just struggling. It is under attack by wall street financial vampires. This is going to be so big that I can’t even wrap my head around the consequences yet. We are moving towards an economic Armageddon that will shake the world to its core.



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