Gerald Celente -The Economic Collapse Of China! $30 Trillion Dollar Dark Cloud Of Debt – The US Dollar Is Now Worth Less (Soon To Be Worthless)

Gerald Celente expresses concerns over the potential for a showdown of epic proportions in the Middle East. Extreme tensions in the region could ignite the crude oil market, sending price per barrel soaring while sparking a stampede into the precious metals sector.

The theme could benefit gold shares as well, according to the work of Seabridge Gold CEO, Rudi Fronk, who notes peak gold is in place. Barrick Gold CEO noted that the ailing quality of gold quality ore and lessened production levels combined with few major new gold discoveries and lengthy time to production, bodes well for the gold price.

The expert close-combat practitioner examines the nascent global trade war, sparked by the 2018 US trade tariffs. While policymakers applaud record unemployment rate, when adjusted for inflation the real employment wage lags price increases. Low wages hampers the disposable income of the masses, widening the gap between the wealthy and the hoi polloi beyond any industrial nation, worldwide. US share prices may be overextended, as the initial tax cuts behind much of the recent rally unwind and only a handful of key stocks in the tech sector.

The FANG stocks continue to lead the indexes higher. The discussion concludes with strategies for personal protection and close combat – Gerald Celente suggests a free online resource for individuals interested in self-protection, A Prepper’s Guide in Safeguarding a Home notes precious metals investors will ultimately be rewarded for their patience. An endgame scenario is unfolding in the financial markets that could result in an explosive move higher for safe haven assets. As long as US equities remain the risk-off trade, du jour, the PMs may remain in a cyclical trading range.

The nascent trade skirmish has already impacted the housing sector. Import taxes on Canadian lumber have increased the cost of new home construction domestically by $9,000 per unit. The additional expense is passed along to the home purchaser. Already desperate domestic farmers are finding it even more challenging to make financial ends meet, amid soybean tariffs on Asian imports. The key impact of tariffs could be stagflation, as higher prices stifle global economic output while encouraging price hikes.

A final warning from a US ally echoes the sentiments of history – when trade halts between national borders, more often than not, military boots cross. I.e. a trade war could ignite a global military skirmish. While the looming threat continues to boost US defensive and security share prices, ultimately PMs will benefit from the dual risk of insidious inflation / economic stagnation and global conflict.


WIll The China’s Economic Collapse Happen In 2018? The first sign of an impending economic crisis in China is the yuan currency in which as much as China tries to display a well-performing economy courtesy of an increase in GDP; the crisis is evident with passing clouds on trade, employment rates, and products consumption. The other evident sign of the imminent economic collapse is the decline in The Shanghai Composite Index of stocks by 7 percent in a month, plummeting for the first time since September 2016 below the set redline of 3,000 shares. Additionally, corporate bonds are being largely defaulted in addition to junk bond yields confounding.

The economic crisis has even been made public with the media reporting on the failure of the government to pay its employees or even meet pension responsibilities further increasing the anxiety of the threatening economic collapse and china’s yuan crash. Property prices have not been spared either as they are mainly dipping in major cities and frozen in others as the government attempts to resolve the economic crisis by stopping property transactions. With this coupled with a tremendous burden of debts, China will experience an economic collapse and recession.

U.S. is already neck depth in debt and China owns us.

Deutsche Bank Continues To FAIL! – A Domino Effect To A MASSIVE Bank CRASH!

Josh Sigurdson reports on the latest news out of Deutsche Bank as the bank suffers its worst Q2 since the financial crisis.
We have previously reported on Deutsche Bank looking to lay off 10,000 employees as well as being downgraded by the S&P from A- to BBB+. We’ve also talked about their failure to pass the Fed’s stress test, the shocking derivative exposure they hold and their constant need to rig markets including gold and silver. We’ve also talked about their attempt for a merger between them and Commerzbank.
The truth is, all the banks are insolvent right now and Deutsche Bank’s actually doing better than a lot of them when it comes to cash to deposit ratio, which says a lot. However, Deutsche Bank due its size and quickly falling share price will very likely be the first domino to fall in a domino effect of great magnitude as the banking system crumbles at the seams.
We still see the silly bankers claiming that we are seeing a recovery. An obvious desperate attempt to make the public feel at ease. The problem is, the vast public depends on the banking system and government for all their needs, all their debt, all their pension schemes. Well, this is going to lead to a lot of impoverished people. If they shove you down a bottomless pit of debt, you are forced to ask for a ladder up from the government and banking system, and you know what that makes you. A willing puppet. That’s right where they want you.

There are ways to get around this however. One must be independent, financially educated and responsible and decentralized. Individuals must stand outside of the collectivist paradigm and rule themselves. This banking crashing will not be pretty, but there is no shortage of solutions.

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