Gerald Celente – The FED Secret Plan to Bring America to its Knees

The moment they tell you a depression is here is the moment you can’t go to the bank because they are all closed

The monetary system is a major component of the whole economic system. Despite that, today we take it for granted and don’t even ask ourselves how it works and if it is the best solution available or the correct way to manage things. Even though it appears to be stable, history shows that monetary systems changed periodically in the last century (20–30 years on average).

The main difference between our current monetary system and previous monetary system is that today it is entirely based on FIAT Currency, in contrast to older monetary systems that were backed by gold. The costs of the Vietnam war led to the US abandoning Bretton Woods. Dollar was no longer backed by gold but by oil, the petrodollar. 75% of oil transactions and 60% of international trade is conducted in Dollar. The world has been pumping up the US economy this way. The US Dollar is today backed with oil , the oil beneath the ground in Saudi Arabia and all the other countries who only accept US Dollar in exchange for their oil. If that wasn’t the case the 1971 debacle would have blown up and ended before 1980.

Think of the countries that sell (or sold) oil in currencies other than US Dollar – Russia, Syria, Iran, Libya, Iraq (before we invaded), Venezuela, etc. All countries on our hit list”. When Euro-accepting Saddam invaded US Dollar-only Kuwait we saw one of the fastest US military buildups in history quickly put an end to that. All of our pointless wars haven’t been about the OIL, it has been over the petro-dollar. The whole petro-dollar scenario that occurred in tandem with removing the gold standard is what has kept the dollar as the world reserve currency since 1971. From 71 on all governments been spending like drunkards. Not just the USA but all fiats around the world. Its been a race to the bottom ever since.

There just aint anything real to measure the values by. From then on its all been measured with rubber bands. Full faith and credit. It is beyond horrific. Most people don’t find out until they are old and poor. I use this example: if you had $100 in Federal Reserve Notes in 1913 and $100 in five one-ounce gold coins, today those dollars are worth .06. Those five one-ounce gold coins are now worth, roughly, $6K Federal Reserve Notes. Even if you had those old Federal Reserve Notes, the numbers are shocking: $100 vs $6k. It isn’t complicated math. The Value of one dollar is less than 5 cents today. in 1913 a double eagle was $20, and a double eagle was 1.075 oz. 90% gold.

If we take 1 ounce of gold is $1500, so 20 bucks was worth $1258 in today’s dollars. $1 was equal to $63 today, or 1.6 cents equivalent. I thought there was no ‘official’ inflation since 2013. But if you polled the average idiot on the street and asked them if the dollar can ever go to zero, they will say “Never!”. Because they don’t understand that it’s already lost 96% of it’s value. We are already 4% away from zero, folks! we are less than 2 cents from zero . another consequence of the fiat money system: is big government, an organism that looks after itself: The FED counterfeits credit/fiat. Hands it out to VIPs. VIPs , Wall Street, Big Companies with access to lowest interest rates, .gov organizations, spend it “market value.” As it percolates through “the economy” it dilutes itself.

The First Spenders win…everyone else loses. Which is exactly why counterfeiting is ILLEGAL if anyone else does it. But this is a secret, and we are suppose to pretend that something which cost 5 cents a few generations ago and now cost $20 is just a byproduct of economic growth of some BS like that. No…it is a byproduct of systemic credit counterfeiting. All roads lead back to the fiat money system: Broken countries. Broken trade. Broken bond markets. Broken manufacturing. Broken businesses. Broken housing markets. Broken people. Mal-investments. Big Government. Mass immigration. Wars. Even climate change. End the FED. End the ECB.  The good new is, there are still people willing to give you gold and silver in return for Federal Reserve Notes. Act accordingly.

Global Economic Collapse Continues! Global Currency Reset in The Next 2 Week!

Gerald Celente in a recent podcast is direly warning his followers , it is slowing everywhere , the housing has been leading the world crash just like what’s happening in Australia, and their demographics are a lot better than ours and ours are much better than the rest of the developed west like Europe and Japan .

Australia did not even have a recession and in 2008 their real estate barely went down .So even Australia is facing the crash and China is hurting more than just 6 percent growth with the tariffs and stuff , they just control the figures . Everywhere I look , Germany is falling into a recession , Italy already did , in the US the fed is running out of ammunition , Harry Dent said . It is very clear that sometimes next year we are going to fall into a recession . the indicators I am looking at , are all pointing to early to mid 2020 , but we still gonna watch what Donald does .

Donald is going to come up with some reaction to a slowing economy , that’s the wild card , but I would say even with that by late 2020 , early 2021 we are in recession for sure , and The Greatest Crash of our Lifetime is going to begin .I still lean towards the early scenario , that we are going to see during early to mid 2020 , he added. The one thing I do know is that the market will make a major change in direction. It’s going to try to hide it as much as possible because it wants to screw everybody.

The big traders — the sharks — make money, but all the minnows get eaten. That’s what the market wants. It wants people to be trapped in the bubble. Bubbles are very tricky to play. Now is a good time to get out. The upside is limited , Dent explained . Instead of dealing with the global financial crisis of 2008, the government just printed a bunch of money and tried to blow their way out of it. Central banks should be able to create money in line with the growth of the economy, period. Central banks only make bubbles worse, which means crises and depressions and the deleveraging that follows. With the last crisis , we didn’t have a Great Depression, which is what our models are calling for. So we’re just going to get hit harder this time.

Stocks won’t go down 50% , they’ll be down 70% to 80%. Unemployment won’t be at 9% or 10% , it will be 15%. Dent also tweeted : There’s only so much you can do to keep an economy going when it’s destined to bottom out. I review the most likely scenarios based on the historical facts in economy markets . This has been the biggest fake rally in history! Companies are buying back their own stupid-ass stock even if earnings aren’t growing. That’s ridiculous.

Governments are buying their own bonds so they can keep stimulating. Trump says that everything is great, and we’re going to get a tax cut. Bull Shit! The giant 1929 crash didn’t come out of nowhere. We’re saying there’s going to be a crash. When economists will say, “Well, nobody could have seen that coming,” I’m going to punch them all in the nose because they’re idiots. This is something you can totally see coming. People are in denial because they’re getting a free lunch: the government, companies, individuals with lower-cost loans. They don’t want all that to end. They also know that when a bubble bursts, it’s going to be very bad — so they don’t want to hear somebody like me say that this is a bubble. But it’s so obvious that it’s unbelievable,harry Dent told Think adivisor recently .

Gerald Celente recently gave bullish comments on the gold sector, noting if bulls push the yellow metal above $1,525, a new peak price of $1,800 could soon come to pass. Gold should hold $1,000 on continued geopolitical uncertainty and profligate policymaker decisions, but according to his models, to eclipse the former record zenith of $1,918 from 2011, a new wave of buying will be required, such as a breakdown in the reserve currency sending gold above $2,000. Moreover, given the policies enacted to resolve The Great Recession of 2008-2009, where rescuing the global economy from the largest credit crisis in economic history required over $16 trillion in monetary expansion, the next crisis could require 2 times to 3 times the figure, markedly increasing investing exposure and the appeal of precious metals and cryptocurrrencies that remain free from fiat-currency inflation.

Turning to US equities, the Dow Jones recently touched a new 120+ year record, with the S&P 500 and NASDAQ also recording zeniths, however, when discounted for inflation, some analysts note the new nominal figures are far less impressive. Case in point, since the year 2000 peak, US shares remain near their real valuations, while gold from the same point is 5 times higher, a stunning success story! The duo concurs that US equities could reach surprising heights, such as 30,000 on the Dow, and 10,000 NASDAQ resulting with a blow-off phase echoing the Year 2,000 Dot com peak as soon as 2020 , Harry Dent explained .

The Harvard MBA and founder of Dent Research publishes newsletters and investing strategy systems and has written a number of books that have either hyped a big boom ahead or warned of disaster on the brink. These works have included “The Sale of a Lifetime” and “The Demographic Cliff” . So Brace yourself for the most devastating market crash ever in “the greatest political and economic revolution since the advent of democracy.” That’s the dire alert that Gerald Celente is giving right now .

Depressions and recessions are inherent in a debt driven economy and need to be allowed to playout. Economic downturns cleanse the economy of unproductive debt that is distorting the markets. The reason Capitalism succeeds when socialism does not is because Capital allows unproductive entities to fail. Let the markets determine what succeeds not a central authority. Link the rate of change of private sector debt to the interest rates, end the central banks and let the chips fall where they may.

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