I’M NOT SURE HOW MUCH TIME WE HAVE!! PREPARED NOW..Economic Collapse Of China! $26 Trillion Dollar Darkness Of Corporate Debt 2019 Chinese Bank CRASH!

The probability of a major dollar crisis is very high. Things are mirroring the conditions that existed in 2008 except much worse. Russia and China have stopped buying treasuries and are now bypassing the Petrodollar and buying oil directly from the Middle East. China has started their own International Bank to compete with the IMF and World Bank. So far they have signed on 150 + countries as founding members of this new Bank. They plan on backing their currency with gold. They have even convinced most of the US allies to join this new bank, including UK, Germany, France, and many others. The dollar is losing its status as the Worlds reserve currency which is a death blow.

Many of the top financial people in the US that predicted the 2008 crisis are getting their money out of the dollar and recommending that others do the same. Even Jamie Diamond the head of JPMorgan Chase (the largest bank in the US) has said he expects a major event to take place with the dollar very soon.

Chances are increasing that power outages, bank holidays or bank runs could occur in the U.S. and abroad, considering the more severe weather patterns and aging infrastructure that have been more visible recently. Just like wearing a seat-belt and buying car insurance, preparing for a disaster or power outage should not be looked at as some fringe or conspiratorial idea. In this video report we discuss the recent power outages in New York, the fire risk power outages coming to California, and also the risk for bank runs and bank holidays, considering systemically risky banks such as Deutsche Bank appear to be on the verge if disaster.

Even though all of the economic numbers screaming that the next economic collapse is coming, the stock market just continues to soar to new record highs. In fact, the Dow Jones Industrial Average closed above 27,000 for the first time ever on Thursday. Investors continue to relentlessly believe that bright days are ahead even though we are on the brink of a war with Iran, we are in the middle of a trade war with China, California has been hit by more than 10,000 earthquakes over the past week, and many experts sounding the alarm that economic collapse is dead ahead.

There has certainly been a lot of craziness on Wall Street in recent years, but the truth is that stock prices have never been as absurd as they are right now. It is inevitable that a very painful stock market crash is coming, but for the moment investors are celebrating another historic landmark. But if things are so good, then why is the Federal Reserve talking about cutting interest rates? Sadly, the truth is that the Federal Reserve is considering rate cuts because the economic numbers have been disastrous lately. Global trade has fallen to the lowest levels that we have seen since the last recession, and manufacturing activity just continues to plummet. Here in the United States, manufacturing activity just hit the “lowest level in nearly three years”. Meanwhile, JPMorgan’s Global Manufacturing PMI just plunged to the lowest level in nearly seven years.

But in the bizarro environment that we find ourselves in, investors see those absolutely horrible numbers as evidence that the Fed will soon cut interest rates, and that means it must be a good time to buy stocks.
Every bad economic number just seems to fuel the feeding frenzy, and there certainly have been a lot of bad numbers in recent days. We got many terrible news, but for many investors that is a prime buying signal.
Everywhere we look we see signs of economic collapse. The auto industry is mired in the worst slump in a decade, home sales have slowed dramatically all over the nation, and we are pace to absolutely shatter the record for most retail stores closed in a single year. In fact, on Thursday we learned that another major retailer is completely liquidating. In fact, even the bond market is flashing warning sign after warning sign.

But in an environment where “bad news is good news”, that is just another indication that this is a perfect time for investors to gobble up stocks like there is no tomorrow. For months, I have been documenting the numbers that indicate that a new economic collapse has already begun.

But until the next stock market crash actually happens, the irrational optimists on Wall Street are just going to continue to mock those of us that are warning that the party cannot continue indefinitely. Sadly, when the party on Wall Street finally ends it is likely to happen very suddenly, and the pain will be off the charts.

Let me say this one more time. You only make money in the stock market if you get out in time. If you are still holding on to your stocks after the big crash happens, it is not going to matter that the Dow once hit 27,000, because you will never see any of the money that you could have made if you had gotten out at the top of the market.

The evidence that the U.S. economy has already entered the next economic collapse is continues to grow. All of the economic numbers that we have been getting lately have been bad, and yet so many of the “experts” continue to claim that the U.S. economy is in great shape. Approximately 40 percent of average hard working Americans felt that an economic crisis had either already begun or would begin very soon, but none of the “experts” felt that way.

And we had better hope that the economy can hold up, because a different survey has found that 71 percent of all Americans say that they “ are unprepared for another financial collapse and stock market crash ”

Today, 59 percent of all Americans are living paycheck to paycheck, and U.S. consumer debt just soared to $14 trillion dollar record high. People are partying when they should be preparing, and this new economic downturn is going to catch most of us completely off guard. Right now, America is on a highly self-destructive path that only leads to economic oblivion. We are 22 trillion dollars in debt, we have been adding more than a trillion dollars a year to the national debt for more than a decade, state and local governments are drowning in record levels of debt, corporate debt has more than doubled since the last financial crisis, U.S. consumers are almost 14 trillion dollars in debt, and the world as a whole is now 244 trillion dollars in debt.

If we keep doing the same things over and over again, we are going to keep getting the same results.
Under our current system, there is no way that this game is going to end well for any of us. The only thing left to do is to extend the party for as long as possible, and that is precisely what our politicians have been doing for a long time. But at some point “extend and pretend” simply won’t work anymore, and a day of reckoning for America will finally arrive. Are you prepared for the next stock market crash and economic meltdown?

The U.S. and Chinese Economies

China became the world’s largest economy in 2014. China’s economic growth is slowing from double digits to 7 percent annually. But the nation is now so large that it will continue to affect the U.S. economy much more than in the past.

For example, Trump started a trade war to lower the U.S. trade deficit to China. But that’s making China’s economy slow. It’s affecting many emerging market economies that depend on China for trade. The stock market is suffering, making investors nervous.

As China’s exports decline, it will buy fewer U.S. Treasurys. China is the biggest purchaser of U.S. debt. As its demand for Treasurys declines, interest rates will rise.

Any changes China makes as part of its economic reform will affect the U.S. dollar’s value. China has maintained a fixed peg to the dollar for its currency, the yuan. It is loosening this peg in its bid to allow the yuan to become a global currency. The nation is also modernizing China’s stock markets.

How It Affects You

The economies of the United States and China are intertwined. As a result, slowdowns in China’s growth will impact the U.S. economy in unprecedented ways. Higher interest rates will increase the cost of loans for U.S. businesses and consumers. They will also increase the interest on the debt. The U.S. government will have to divert more funds to pay off that interest.

A slowdown in Chinese exports will also increase prices for U.S. consumers. “Made in America” means higher costs since U.S. workers get paid more than those in China.

The Dollar Will Continue to Decline

The dollar’s value will continue to decline. Prior to 2020, forex traders were betting on a strong dollar when the Federal Reserve announced it would raise interest rates. Now that it’s happened, traders realize rates are only rising slowly. They will find another currency to bet on.

Foreign investors will become more concerned about the U.S. debt. They fear that the United States wants the dollar to decline so that the relative value of its national debt is less. They will diversify their portfolios with more non-dollar-denominated assets, such as the euro.

How It Affects You

A weak dollar increases import prices, which contributes to inflation and increases oil and gas prices. It also lowers export prices, spurring economic growth. The dollar’s value will continue to experience dips and swells, affecting everything you buy.

Inflation Will Remain Subdued

When oil prices return to a normal range, it could raise fears about hyperinflation. But the Federal Reserve is vigilant about reversing quantitative easing and raising the fed funds rate when needed.

The most important role of the Fed is managing public expectations of inflation. Once the public expects inflation, it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. The Fed can maintain confidence in the economy by demonstrating moderation, resulting in less extreme changes in public economic behavior. The Fed knows this is how former Fed Chair Paul Volcker ended the stagflation of the 1970s. By keeping interest rates high, he reassured the public it was committed to preventing inflation.

How It Affects You

Core inflation will remain at or under 2 percent. Food prices may rise temporarily since they follow volatile oil and gas prices. But the cost of living will remain about where it is today.

You don’t have to worry as much as you did in the past about inflation eating away at your retirement savings. Without the threat of inflation, it’s also unlikely gold prices will rise above $1,500 an ounce. Gold serves as a good barometer of the health of the economy. Gold prices skyrocket when investors are worried about either inflation or future economic growth.

China’s economic collapse is on the way as many of the country’s biggest private companies are struggling to manage excessive debt.

Corporate debt in China stood at 155 per cent of gross domestic product at the end of first quarter of 2019, much higher than other major economies. Risks of large-scale corporate defaults are mounting in China. By comparison, Japan’s corporate debt level is 100 per cent of GDP and the US’ is 74 per cent, respectively. In the past decade, China’s overall debt quadrupled, to around three times the value of previous year’s national output. Corporate debt contributes two-thirds of the total, or more than $26 trillion dollar last year, based on the report by Bank for International Settlements. This is not a good sign to the China’s economy considering the fact that companies run by the government are the main contributors of this debt. Signs of economic collapse are being portrayed by some of the private companies which have been experiencing serious difficulties lately. This first bank takeover by regulators in China in decades caused near panic that spread into the entire money markets and bonds and it has resulted to lot of panic in the financial sector.

The corporate bond market is just a very small part of the whole credit puzzle in China but it is a little more transparent compared to the bank lending and this sheds light on the increased borrowing and debt defaulting by private companies in China. Last year, about 18,000 companies filed bankruptcy petitions with Chinese courts and this is almost twice the number that was recorded in the previous year. The number of defaults on bonds also hit a record high last year, Neoglory’s default included and the current data shows that the default rate is five times the number recorded in 2015 and this has raised concern to many people on whether China is headed for an economic collapse.

All this was happening when china was experiencing an economic downturn and Neoglory’s default of debt is a reflection of the struggle most companies in China are experienced and this combined with the continuous trade disputes between China and U.S. might cause a unexpected economic collapse.

When civilization collapses, he predicts, the world will go back to barter.

Urges everyone to have a disaster-preparedness kit containing enough food, water and other supplies to last 72 hours. This is sensible advice, and prepares have a point when they mock those who ignore it.

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