Jim Rickards: “There Will Be A War On Gold” – Creating Gold Standard to Prepare for Economic Collapse

Jim Rickards: “There Will Be A War On Gold” – Creating Gold Standard to Prepare for Economic Collapse

You need to be telling your readers to invest in gold because the dollar is about to become worthless.

Financial Expert James Rickards says, “The Fed wants inflation . . . . They are not getting it, but they have to have it. What does that mean for policy? That means they are not going to give up . . They are going to keep trying until they get inflation, and when that happens, you are going to wish you had your gold.” How much will gold be in the future? Rickards calculates, “$10,000 per ounce with 40% backing . . . if you had 100% backing (of the dollar), that number would be $50,000 per ounce. The implied non-deflationary price of gold, depending on your assumptions, is between $10,000 and $50,000 per ounce. If you are going to have a gold standard and you want to avoid the blunder of the 1920’s, you are going to have gold at least at $10,000 per ounce and possibly much higher. I explain all this in my book.” 

“Author James Rickards maintains that gold remains the real underpinning of the international monetary system. Governments may disparage it, he says, yet many of them have held on to gold — and China and Russia have been acquiring more…

“’The crisis in 2008 was centered around “too big to fail” banks. Since 2008, those same banks have grown larger, control a larger percentage of all banking assets in the U.S., and have much larger derivatives books. This makes the risk of collapse and the potential size of the collapse much greater than anything seen since the Great Depression, perhaps longer. Meanwhile, little of the policy support used in 2008-2009 has been withdrawn. This means that the risk of collapse is greater and the means to truncate collapse are used up and not available…

“’The U.S. will default on this debt by inflation (it’s the American way)… Countries around the world are acquiring gold at an accelerated rate in order to diversify their reserve positions. This trend, combined with the huge reserves held by the U.S., Eurozone and the IMF amount to a shadow gold standard…

“’China, like Russia, is acquiring gold so that they have a comparable ratio to the U.S. and Europe. This ratio will be critical when the monetary system collapses since it will form the basis for any monetary reset and the new ‘rules of the game.’ In any monetary reset, countries will come together and sit around the table. One can think of that meeting as a poker game. When you sit down at the poker table, you want a big pile of chips. Gold functions like a pile of poker chips in this context. This doesn’t mean that the world automatically goes to a gold standard. It does mean that one’s voice at the table is going to be a function of the size of its gold hoard… These major gold powers are already preparing for this outcome.’”  (“Gold is the pile of poker chips in the next global crisis,” MarketWatch, 4/5/16.)



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First of all, I don’t buy into fearing the future. As I said over and over again during the 2008 and 2009 financial crisis, the only thing we have to fear is fear itself. The sky is not falling. As I said then, “Even in the darkest heart of the Great Depression, 75% of Americans had a steady job with a steady paycheck, which they steadily used to buy the things they needed. Those years also produced the Greatest Generation and an economic steamroller that ran through the last half of the Twentieth Century like a tidal wave.” The Depression was far worse than anything we’ve seen over the last decade.

When civilization collapses, he predicts, the world will go back to barter. Urges everyone to have a disaster-preparedness kit containing enough food, water and other supplies to last 72 hours. This is sensible advice, and prepares have a point when they mock those who ignore it.

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Your Stockpile

The economy went back to the bartering system in 1923 and 1924. People traded services with each other and traded services for goods. Instead of working for money, people worked for food and other goods.
It seems that pretty much everything is in short supply during a financial crash, especially the things you need to have in order to survive. More than anything, food becomes hard to get.

Stockpiling food can actually be seen as an investment, as inflation will hit food the hardest. You’ll be able to smile when you’re eating your $3.00 per box breakfast cereal, while everyone else is paying $12.00 for it.

In addition to stockpiling food, it would be a good idea to start developing means of producing your own. It takes at least a year to get a vegetable garden producing well, so you don’t want to wait until the crisis hits to start your garden.

Start now, so that you can learn how to do it efficiently and build up good soil for growing your plants in. While you’re at it, take a look at growing chickens and fish as well, both of which are excellent sources of protein.

Besides food, you want to be sure that you have a descent stockpile of other necessities. Personal hygiene products may be a problem finding, as well as over-the-counter medicines. Don’t get carried away preparing for the zombie apocalypse, but make sure you’re ready with the basics.

Being prepared always is a perfect move towards living an enjoyable life. You need to prepare for both success and failure simultaneously. Being alert could save the lifestyle of your friends, relatively and more importantly your valuable life. Bad things that are anticipated to occur needs to be prepared for perfectly because they are inescapable, such as, global warming. So if you are looking for a perfect guide that will explain to you how to outlive catastrophes of all kinds, then never overlook “The Lost Ways”. It is the best program for you. Is this book a scam? No. the truth is that this program is 100% genuine and results are guaranteed. It has been tested in many countries and many customers have given positive reviews about it. What are you waiting for then? Get your copy today and see your dreams turning into realities. Moreover, there is a 100% money back guarantee. You have no chance to lose. Your investment is save and productive.

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