Lindsey Williams Steps to Avoid the Crash ( Protecting Your Family From Hardship is Top Priority and Now More Than Ever. )


Writing to you today on a matter of the utmost urgency regarding the very real threat that the US economy will suffer a monumental crash in early 2019. Everything listed goes against what the elite have planned for you and everyone who takes action is one less person that will be begging for the new world order when the crash comes. It’s this kind of information that the governments of the world want to censor when they say they want to censor “esoteric” information from the Internet. Pastor Williams has stated that some time after the Affordable Health Care Choices Act of 2009 (HR 3200) and Affordable Health Care for America Act (HR 3962) are fully enacted under the name Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (HR 3590) that the bond market and all the currencies of the world will be collapsed and all the banks will close in order to usher in the new world government. This is not a new plan this plan has been around for hundreds of years. They cause the problems then they offer the solutions. This will happen and sooner rather than later.

We are at war, it’s not a war with guns it is a war on Wall Street. Financial terrorism is happening right now and it is affecting you this very minute. What I hope this article will do is to show you what the elite don’t want. If you carry out these preparations you will really be the stone in the shoe of the elite. If it messes up their plan even just a little I say “good on us all for taking action”.

For two years talk show hosts have been commentating that collapse will happen on all kinds of dates. The collapse has not taken place yet. Pastor Williams was told before by his elite friends that the collapse wouldn’t happen until certain things were in place and has been a lone voice in saying that the elite are not ready yet for collapse. His elite friends have told him many things over 37 years and every one of them has been true. The elite will make slaves out of us all and they are doing it so slowly that you are missing it and not taking any action. Over 4 years ago Pastor Williams’ elite friend said that the health care bill would be presented to Congress and they specifically stated “this is not a health care bill”. The health care bill is KEY to what the elite are going to do. It is connected to the Uniting and Strengthening America by Providing Appropriate Tools Required to Intercept and Obstruct Terrorism (USA PATRIOT ACT) Act of 2001 (HR 3162) in order to initiate a total takeover of the USA and ultimately the world in one swift move. The word is control and their ultimate goal is to enslave the entire population of the planet. The plan is so ingenious and simple it’s incredible. This is not a theory, this is the truth and verified by the very highest echelons of the elite.

Former options trader Max Keiser stated that “(the bond market crash) will precipitate a global conference to re-architect the global financial system through a new central world government that will see the American dollar re-priced at about 40% cheaper than Asian currencies than they are now”. Obviously this is an opinion, but a very real opinion by someone who has been researching the financial markets for many years. With the Federal Reserve leveraged at nearly 60:1, the same as Deutsche bank in Germany and has to buy treasury bonds with its own money that it prints. The crash initially had been slated for 2019 .Therefore, 2019could see a crash of unfathomable proportions that will make 2008 look like a minor financial correction.

After Pastor Lindsey Williams started talking about these things back in 2008, I have carried out a large amount of research and listened to many commentators, researchers and analysts on what is happening and what we can do to protect our dinner tables as well as the health of our families. In this article I wish to share with you some of the evidence that has come to light that shows that Pastor Williams was right from the very beginning. We need to do.


If you have any kind of debt, consumer or otherwise, it is time to prioritise and either pay it off or give whatever you have financed back to whoever gave it to you.

If you have credit card debt, payday loans, other consumer finance, student loans, automobile finance, high end electronics, furniture, white goods and any other kinds of finance, if you can pay it off, do so. If you can give it back, do so.

You have to get out of debt. I doesn’t matter what it takes, how much sacrifice you must make you will lose anything that is debt when the crash takes place. There is no sense in making the payments anymore on that fancy car because you are going to lose it. If you don’t lose it now because you have trouble with the economy you will lose it later because of the crash.

The elite want you in debt, because being in debt makes you more susceptible to manipulation. For example, if you have credit cards, loans, rent or mortgage, monthly payments for vehicles and equipment you need a certain amount of money every month to pay it. When the company you work for goes bankrupt, and it will, you are going to find it extremely difficult to pay your bills. If you have a high debt load you will have to pay that before you can feed and clothe your family.

The situation is bleak my own family had this issue because of the economy right now. After working for many years in management for a construction company my father was laid off just before retirement with an outstanding debt burden of loans and credit cards. He thought he could work a few more years and pay it down. However, because of his age and the construction industry being so weak he was forced to take out a retirement mortgage on his house to spread his payments out over a longer period. His home is now mortgaged until he is 85 and the bank takes 1/3 of his pension that he could have used to enjoy his retirement. Do you want to be in the same situation as my father, ultimately paying the elite for the rest of his life?

Imagine when the crash takes place you no longer have a high paying middle-class job, how are you going to pay your debts? How much stress and resulting illness will be caused because you have lived beyond your means and have become accustomed to living this way? How many marriages split because of the lack of money and high debts?

Let me assure you from first-hand experience this is happening and you now only have a short window in order to prepare. This is not fear-mongering it is practical advice that could save you and your family from the soup line or worse still FEMA camp. Talking about soup lines, the elite cut the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) by $39 Billion and introduced asset tests. This is happening throughout the west, not just in the US.

Let me ask you a question, do you have a fancy car that you bought brand new and make monthly payments? Why did you buy this car? Was it for you to get from A to B? Was it for you to impress your friends and family? Do you really need this particular vehicle or would any vehicle do? When the currencies collapse and the banks close and you can no longer afford to pay what are you going to do when the finance company repossesses it? Give that fancy automobile back to the finance company. Buy yourself a cheap, economical and easy to repair vehicle that will get you from A to B without the debt. Think like this for everything you have bought on finance.

You must consider what is more important status and the soup line with your friends who ignored the warnings or living frugally but relatively comfortable without the burden of debt. I know the route I have chosen and I don’t care who laughs…

I would add to this by saying stop spending unnecessarily, do you eat out a lot? Maybe eating food cooked at home may save you money? Do you buy expensive designer clothing? Maybe a cheaper alternative, even a second-hand outfit would do? You need to sit down and take stock of how much money you waste and see how much you could save. Do you go to Starbucks for coffee? Go to the bar for drinks? Smoke a lot of cigarettes? We all know it’s hard to cut back, but you now have to think of what’s more important. Use the money you save from cutting back for more important things that you need to see you through the crash. You could buy gold and silver with the money you save and buy the things you need as well as storable food and water. Protecting your family from hardship is top priority and now more than ever.

By following all of the ten steps that Pastor Williams has outlined you will most certainly survive the crash. I know it looks like doom and gloom, but ultimately when the dust settles those who are prepared will reap the rewards.

Get Out Of Paper
Should get out of paper and into physical assets that you control. Paper assets are stocks, shares and paper currency. Paper assets also include retirement funds such as a 401k or an IRA. Physical assets include gold, silver and other precious metals as well as un-mortgaged land and seeds. He said that gold and silver are the currency of the elite and not the US dollar. Do you remember his quote “If people had ever bought precious metals in their entire lifetime they should buy every piece, every ounce, every half ounce, every quarter ounce, every tenth ounce, I don’t care what you buy, you should get your hands on every piece of gold and silver that you can possibly get … and get it as quick as you can … don’t even wait until tomorrow, buy everything you can possibly buy. It is the only thing that is going to have any purchasing power or value when all of this is said and done”.

Fiat paper currency is not worth the paper it’s printed on. In fact it’s not even paper its digital dollars dumped into the system and according to Gerald Celente of The Trends Journal “Gold is being manipulated by the United States central bank, by the European central bank and by the Japanese central bank, which continues to dump digital dollars into the system in form of their rigging the game by buying bonds, treasuries and mortgage backed securities”. Celente said that he “buys silver for his golden years” and that he is not a speculator. He goes on to say “China, Russia and Iran are getting together to try and kill the petro-dollar” and that “you are going to see the dollar crash like you have never seen it crash before”. He also said that “they are never going to solve this problem … they can’t save it, it’s impossible” and ended on a bombshell that “they are going to debase the currency”. If this happens inflation will become rampant and if anyone is still in paper assets, whether it is stocks and shares, derivatives or precious metals in exchange traded funds they will be worthless.

As stated earlier in this article the US Dollar will be debased after the crash. This will occur when the new world government is formed. Everything is now in place for the elite to crash all the economies of the world in order for their new world order to turn every human being on the planet into their personal slave. Don’t kid yourselves this is happening and time is not on your side any longer. Those who have researched this now know that what they once said was coming down the track is actually now here. Only a relative handful of people who have done their research will have the opportunity to protect their family, dinner table, health and wellbeing from what will be an ugly period of time for humanity, where people will have to beg the elite for hand-outs. If you do not take action right now to protect your family there is a real certainty that you will lose everything.

The dollar will continue to fall as the Federal Reserve Board continues to purchase $40 Billion ($40,000,000,000) of mortgaged backed debt and $45 Billion ($45,000,000,000) of US Treasury securities per month, indefinitely. This is called quantitative easing. It’s a desperate move that is reminiscent of what the Weimar Republic did during the early years of their hyperinflationary spiral. The US national debt currently stands at just under $16.75 Trillion ($16,745,602,000,000). In 2017 the US paid just under $454.5 Billion in interest on the national debt. In 2018, the US economy (GDP) stood at $16.62 Trillion. Currently US Import/Export statistics show that the annual value of US exports was $1.84 Trillion. The annual value of US imports was $2.52 Trillion. This means the average annual trade deficit was just under $480 Billion. The US has to borrow more money every year to balance its budget. It is estimated that the US will borrow approximately $3 Trillion this year alone. With every dollar borrowed a purchasing power of the existing dollar in circulation is diminished. There is a real risk that when the economy is deliberately crashed, in order to buy a loaf of bread you will be wheeling wheel-barrow loads of cash to your local supermarket just like they did in Venezuela.

The Federal Reserve note is backed by nothing but the perceived value of the American economy. Unfortunately the American economy is no longer as stable as it once was. It is also no longer the reserve currency of the world. Countries all over the planet have stopped trading in the American Dollar. It is merely a promissory note, to pay nothing more than a Federal Reserve note. Paper-for-paper. It’s worthless. It’s not even paper anymore, it is merely digital dollars dumped into the system.
The American Dollar is no longer the reserve currency since China now trading their-own domestic currency, the Yuan for oil. Iraq was invaded because Saddam Hussein had started to sell his oil in Euros. Both Russia and Iran are now using Yuan for oil sales to China against the wishes of the elite. It has been rumoured that Angola, Sudan and Venezuela will join Russia and Iran in selling their oil to China in Chinese Yuan the world will see over 5 million barrels per day traded no longer traded in the US Dollar. This means good night Petro-Dollar and hello Petro-Yuan. The implications of this are momentous, especially for US debt and its indomitability is only predicated upon the continued acceptance of the currency it backs as a global reserve. Therefore China is openly admitting to the world that it does not need US monetary intermediation, and by implication, the ‘debt’ backing said intermediation – i.e. China will stop buying US debt. Countries within the BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa – founders) are now rivalling the US and EU for global leadership. For example, these countries have the largest amount of gold, silver, platinum and palladium extraction and refinement production as well as other natural resources in the world.

Banks are now bigger than they were in 2008 and they continue to trade in derivatives in many of the same ways they did before the crash, but on a larger scale and with precisely the same unknown risks. The major banks use your hard earned income to play the stock market. Due to fractional reserve banking, it is possible that banks can lend upwards of 10:1 on every dollar you deposit. It works like this, you deposit $1 and then the bank can lend out $10 (it works by the bank having a reserve requirement of 10%, which means that the bank must keep 10 cents for every $1 deposited as a reserve, the 90 cents remainder can be lent at interest and if that 90 cents is deposited then 9 cents is kept on deposit and 81 cents is lent at interest, and so on). A debt based economy as we have is untenable. With $100 you cannot pay back $110. It is totally impossible. The only way to pay back $110 is to borrow more. This therefore is a Ponzi scheme that will forever spiral out of control or until the elite have every asset and the entire world is enslaved. This is why Jesus drove out the money changers from the temple because any kind of interest was unsustainable.

The economy has been floundering since the 2008 crash because the banks have been borrowing money from the Federal Reserve and other central banks at 0.25% (a quarter of one percent). The banks in turn can buy 20 year government backed treasuries that return 3.5% interest. Why would banks lend to small or medium businesses with 50% of them failing within the first five years, when the return on investment is guaranteed from treasuries. The banks themselves can use the treasuries as collateral to borrow for more risky investments into the derivatives markets.

Your money is no longer safe in a bank. Governments all over the world are creating new legislation that will see your savings stolen if the bank in which you keep your cash money defaults. This is what recently happened in Cyprus. People had their savings taken by the government in order to bail out the banks. They have said that over a certain limit your savings will be confiscated. The Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation does the same thing, but what would happen if this organisation became bankrupt? The hard earned money you made and put into a bank for safe keeping is taken by the elite in order to cover bad bets made by the banks. I personally recommend that you do not keep much cash in a bank, certainly lower than the maximum limit that governments will guarantee your investment. Just keep enough money in your bank account to cover your monthly expenses. The safest way is to keep your savings in gold that you can sell when you need currency to pay taxes, etc. It’s better to keep gold then silver since if you need to leave in a hurry $1 million in gold fits in a standard briefcase, you’d need 50 or more briefcases for the same amount of value in silver.

Hugo Salinas Price, a Mexican billionaire has said that the big banks are going to play a starring role in the next financial crash just like they did in the last one. Hugo Salinas Price said “I think we are going to see a series of bankruptcies. I think the rise in interest rates is the fatal sign which is going to ignite a derivatives crisis. This is going to bring down the derivatives system” and of course the financial system worldwide. He continued “There are (over) one quadrillion dollars of derivatives and most of them are related to interest rates. The spiking of interest rates in the United States may set that off. What is going to happen in the world is eventually we are going to come to a moment where there is going to be massive bankruptcies around the globe. What is going to be left after the dust settles is gold, and some people are going to have it and some people are not. Then the problem is going to be to hold on to what you’ve got because it’s not going to be a very pleasant world.” Right now there are about $441 Trillion dollars of interest rate derivatives. If the interest rates stay the same and don’t go much higher it will be fine. But if they start going up, all bets are off and we could see financial carnage on a scale we have never seen before.

This is going to happen. It has been predicted.

Definitely look at things that people will need and store some that you can resell later. Can openers, feminine hygiene products and diapers, etc. Not only will this bring in an income in currency that can pay your taxes, but you will have extra currency in order to buy items you need during the hyperinflationary period.

Adding to the list of items I suggested for you to obtain under ‘Store Food, Water and Fire Arms’ there are some other pieces of equipment I would highly recommend you obtain. The fact of the matter is that you cannot trust a corporation, news outlet or government to tell you the truth so its always best in order to plan ahead for the welfare of your family.

Fukushima was a disaster that may have dumped thousands of tons of nuclear waste into the Pacific Ocean. Incompetence on behalf of the Japanese government according to the mainstream media shows that very little has been done to contain its environmental impact. I have seen many images of radiation spreading across the Pacific and into the worldwide ocean currents that will see all the oceans and seas affected. If this is correct then we need to protect ourselves. Government agencies and corporations making a profit from selling foodstuffs cannot be trusted to keep you healthy so I would thoroughly recommend that you obtain a hand held electronic Geiger counter to check if items, foodstuffs, even people are affected by radiation.

Fracking has become a major blight in the wide open spaces of the USA and if you are looking to purchase a small home on land out in the countryside it is important that you are not in an area that has been hydraulically fractured since it’s likely that the ground has been damaged and gas is leaking and water aquifers have been contaminated. A gas leaks detector will allow you to detect any natural gas leaks as well as methane, ethane, propane, butane, acetone, alcohol, ammonia, steam, carbon monoxide, gasoline, hydrogen sulphide, smoke, industrial solvents, lacquer, thinner and other gases. It makes good sense to protect your family from the dangers of gas and that is why I recommend obtaining a gas leaks detector.

A total dissolved solids meter is a good investment for checking the total dissolved solids in liquids such as water sources. A TDS meter will double check the performance of your water filter, check for water hardness. The more total dissolved solids the less high quality the water is. Although it doesn’t detect bacteria, a higher TDS measurement could show the presence of heavy metals. Personally I use the TDS meter to check the quality of spring water. Using a website such as you can find publically accessible springs. I trust spring water more than I trust domestic piped water since I know the health problems related to Fluoride in the water. Buy a TDS meter and protect your family from contaminated water.

An Electro-magnetic Field meter is a good investment if you are concerned with the effect that cellular mobile phones, power lines, microwave ovens, Wi-Fi and other electrical radiation has on the human body. It has been claimed by scientists that children living and being schooled close to overhead power lines have a higher rate of cancer than those children living away from overhead power lines. When buying your small home with land in the countryside you would definitely want to check the EMF levels on the property to see if there is excessive radiation from a cell tower or overhead power lines close to the property. I use an EMF meter to position where I sleep, because I know that EMF can affect sleep patterns and cause harm to the body. It’s an important investment for the health of your family.

Other equipment I would recommend obtaining would be solar panels and wind turbines that will give you a supply of electricity if the national electric grid fails. As I have said before any decentralisation of power is good for you. It will also save you from having to pay exorbitant payments to the electric suppliers. When you have less income due to the collapse of the economy you do want to have a source of electricity and solar panels are a good investment. Even if you do not have the panels in order to cater for your existing consumption, average family home consumes around 3Kw, you will have electricity for when you need it, either recharging batteries or using computers or communication equipment.

Another item that you might want to check out is a satellite phone. This has a direct link to satellites instead of using cellular towers or the wired telephone network. The elite use satellite phones in order to keep in contact with people around the world using cellular towers since they can contact people who are in the countryside where there is no cellular coverage. They are very expensive, but if you can get one, I recommend having it in case of emergencies.

If you cannot afford a satellite phone, during the collapse of the American economy it may be beneficial to return to CB radios. Using the citizens band radios will allow you to communicate with other people around the local area and further afield that may have news regarding potential problems due to military, looters, FEMA and more. In any emergency it is good to keep in contact with others to share information that will help you and your family with any potential problem that may pop up. Advance warning is essential in preparation.

Something else I have thought of that may also be of benefit are manually operated equipment. A bicycle or tricycle and trailer may be beneficial if you want to move things around in bulk. Manual juicers, blenders, clockwork radios, torches, and other things that may be needed that don’t need an available source of electricity could help you also.

Do not fear the collapse. If you plan ahead you will survive or even prosper during this dark time in humanities history. Prepare yourselves by: Buying as much gold as you possibly can; Get out of debt; Get out of paper; Pay off your house mortgage; Store food, water and firearms; Get ready for the greatest buying opportunity of your lifetime; Get out of the city; Purchase everything you need; Sort out your medicine cabinet; and most importantly Get your spiritual house in order.

I hope my words have not fallen on deaf ears and you will take the seriousness of this article to heart. Start doing something to prepare today. Create an action plan and little by little complete the steps that will keep you safe during the collapse. I know I am and I know Pastor Williams and others who have been told of the elite’s evil plan for global domination are preparing themselves.

May Humanity Survive and Thrive No Matter What Obstacle Comes Our Way!

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