Nostradamus & Baba Vanga Predicted 2018’s Historical Events

5 Nostradamus Predictions for 2018! Description: Michel de Nostredame was born in France in 1503. After getting himself expelled from medical school at a very early age he later began doing horoscopes and even wrote an almanac of astrological predictions for 1550. Once most of his predictions were regarded as successes, many high ranking officials began to compete with each other in order to gain access to more of his work. With all that said, he shortened his name to Nostradamus, and even wrote further almanacs that would go on to contain 6,338 total prophecies.

With all that said today Top 5 Supreme brings you 5 Nostradamus Predictions for 2018!

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#5 In one passage Nostradamus says the following: ‘The great Royal one of gold, augmented by brass The agreement broken, war opened by a young man: People afflicted because of a lamented chief, The land will be covered with barbarian blood’ Doesn’t take a genius to figure out what’s going on here. Trump could be considered the ‘great Royal one of gold’. Brass could be the US Army. The ‘agreement broken by a young man’ line could refer to North Korea’s leader Kim Jong-un who could be close to violating the terms of the Korean Armistice Agreement. Add it all up and it could spell doom for a lot of people. . . and it could be another testimony to the brilliance, and foresight, of Nostradamus.

#4 Nostradamus predicts strong earthquakes that will shake many areas in 2018. Namely China, claiming 2018 will be the home of a fury of earthquakes that will cause thousands of deaths. Even during the winter of 2018, ‘the belt of fire of the Pacific’ will record unusual acticity, and will cause eruptions in 3 volcanoes. He also claims there will be typhoons in China, Japan and Australia. Russia will be affected as well.

#3 Claiming that ‘rich people will die many times’, Nostradamus has forseen the collapse of the world’s economy. He suggests that it would be caused by the rising of resentment against the status quo. But, what exactly does that mean? Will the world’s poorest people begin to rise up and revolt against the wealthy? Only time will truly tell, but according to Nostradamus, we should all be on alert.

#2 Now this one is pretty scarry. ‘The Kings will steal the forests, the sky will open and the fields will be burnt by the heat’, Nostradamus once wrote.We see it every day. Acres and acres of trees and wildlife being uproot and cleared for parking lots and shopping malls. I wonder how much we actually stop to think about what we’re doing to the planet in the long term? Some experts believe it’s a warning about the next destruction of the tropical forests and the increase of the ozone’s hole, which will inevitably provoke an exposure of the earth to some solar radiation. That doesn’t sound too good!

#1 Mt Vesuvius is a super volcano located on the gulf of Naples, in Itlay. It’s best known for it’s eruption in 79 AD, that led to the burying and destruction several Roman cities. There was also another very large eruption in 1631 AD. Nostradamus – along with Italian gelogosits and volcanologists – state the volcano as still active, and a huge eruption is expected at the end of 2018. Could it be as bad as the one that took out Pompeii and Herculaneum all those centuries ago? Unfortunately for all of us, only time will tell now. As you can see, the predictions and affirmations of Nostradamus have captured the minds and imaginiations of people for thousands of years. Is it possible that things he spoke of all that time ago are still a possibility to come true in today’s world? How do we explain his other so-called predictions that have come true? Is there true credence to what he describes? Or is he just saying a bunch of random things and hoping that sometimes, something actually comes true? We all will wait and see, I guess.

It looks like 2018 could be a year featuring two huge historical events.

Don’t be surprised if there’s a new superpower and an incredible discovery – that’s according to a blind mystic who fans claim correctly predicted Brexit, 9/11, the rise of ISIS and the Boxing Day tsunami.

Baba Vanga envisioned two world-changing events happening this year.

The Bulgarian – who died in 1996 aged 85 – left predictions going all the way to the 51st Century – when she said the world would end.

The year has two major events in store, according to the woman known as the ‘Nostradamus from the Balkans’.

She said that in 2018 China will become the world’s next “super power”, taking over from the US and “a new form of energy” will be discovered on Venus.

Could these predictions actually come true?

The Parker Solar Probe, named after the solar astrophysicist Eugene Parker, is scheduled to launch in July 2018.

The NASA robotic spacecraft is designed to probe the outer corona of the Sun.

While the craft will not actual land on Venus, it will use the planet’s gravitational force to achieve multiple passes of the Sun.

The mission aims to determine the structure and dynamics of the magnetic fields at the sources of solar wind, trace the flow of energy that heats the plasma surrounding the Sun and explore dusty plasma near the star and its influence on solar wind and energetic particle formation.

It’s scheduled launch date was originally in 2015, but this was pushed back.

Baba Vanga predicted the mission will discover a new form of energy, according to conspiracy theorists.

She is revered in Russia for her 85% success rate when it comes to telling the future – with millions convinced that she possessed paranormal abilities.

Her second prediction for 2018- that China would overtake the US as a superpower – is also plausible.

Two years ago research group The Conference Board estimated that by 2018, China’s contribution to global GDP will surpass that of the US.

In 2015 the US contributed 16.7% of the world’s economy but this is expected to fall to 14.9% in 2025, according to Forbes.

China’s economy on the other hand has expanded significantly in recent years. In 1970 the country was responsible for just 4.1% of the total world’s economy. But this rose to 15.6% in 2015 and China continues to grow.


The future predictions of the blind mystic

China rises

According to the prophetess, China will become a world power in 2018.

She’s probably out a few years here as China is already an economic and military powerhouse.

We’ve also apparently got a change in the earth’s orbit to look forward to some time before 2023.

A golden age

A new energy source will be created and global hunger will start to be eradicated between 2025 and 2028. A manned spacecraft to Venus will be launched.

Ice caps melt

From 2033 to 2045 the polar ice caps will melt, causing ocean levels to rise. Meanwhile, Muslims rule Europe and the world economy is thriving.

Cloning cures most diseases

The rise of cloning allows doctors to cure any disease as the body is simply and easily replaced.

The US will launch an attack on Muslim Rome using a climate-based ‘instant freezing’ weapon.

Red and green

Between 2072 and 2086 a classless, Communist society will thrive hand in hand with newly-restored nature

Mars attacks!

A LOT happens from 2170 to 2256, including a Mars colony becoming a nuclear power and demanding independence from the earth, the establishment of an underwater city and the discovery of something “terrible” during the search for alien life.

Time travel

Some time between 2262 and 2304 we’ll crack time travel. Meanwhile French guerrillas fight the Muslim authorities in France.

The “secrets of the moon” will be unveiled.

The end of the earth

From 2341 a series of natural and man-made disasters render our home planet uninhabitable. Humanity escapes to another solar system, but resources are scarce and wars are waged as a result.

Going backwards – 3815 to 3878

Civilization has been destroyed and people live like beasts until a new religion rises to lead us out of the darkness.

Immortal alien hybrids

From 4302 to 4674 the concepts of evil and hatred have been eliminated, humans are immortal and have assimilated with aliens.

The 340 billion people scattered throughout the universe can talk to God.

The end of all things

In 5079 the universe will end.

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