Peter Schiff : Biggest Collapse Ever Is Coming! Are You Ready?


Peter Schiff : Biggest Collapse Ever Is Coming! Are You Ready?

Alex Jones talks with economist Peter Schiff about the looming economic Armageddon as well as his late father Irwin Schiff.

I hope this video brings you encouragement because I know that we all need it right now. I'm watching the stock market very closely as who knows what will happen tomorrow or in the weeks to come for that matter. We may see some up and downs but the outcome is inevitable. I believe that there will be a complete economic collapse soon, however it could happen anytime. But this is not necessarily the date of the rapture. So please get all the supplies you need.


Get stocked up on some things just in case, as we know the rapture is near, but we don't know how much longer we will be here or how much we will have to endure.  When the collapse happens there will be nothing stopping it and when it happens it will all go down quickly. You won't be able to run to the bank and take your money out and you won't be able to go to the store and buy some last minute items such as water, food or other necessities. If word gets out overnight that a collapse is coming, there will be looting, the shelves will be emptied over night and your accounts could be frozen by morning and martial law. So please take heed and prepare now as you can see all that is about to take place.

Hope for the best, but prepare for the worst.

This is a good motto to live by, despite how you think about things.

Individuals can still hope for the best (that things can and will eventually work out), but what good is your prosperity going to do if you don’t have anything to eat or a safe place to hang out for an extended period of time?

Why not prepare while you still can — when things are readily available and can still be

purchased at cheap prices? The coming hyper-inflation will make any such purchases beforehand look very intelligent…

To prepare for the worst, you need a plan. Why are most people so against doing basic preparations that could be the difference on how they survive — or whether they survive?

History shows time and again that those who prepare always fare better than those who did not.

Having a plan and being determined to act on that plan will always be the best way to handle any contingencies, should they occur.

After disaster strikes, your mind is going to be racing around like a car on a race track. Preplanning and having a written set of measures to take will make someone’s life go much smoother when the SHTF.

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