What Is The Global Reset

There is more than one meaning that is attached to the phrase Global Currency Reset. A standard definition would be a return to a global currency system that all nations would agree upon. The last time nations gathered together to agree upon a new global currency system was in Bretton Woods, New Hampshire. While World War II was still going on leaders from nations around the world decided on a new global currency system. This led to the formation of global organizations like the International Monetary Fund and GATT, which later became the World Trade Organization.

The world’s allied nations agreed on a fixed currency rate which was sort of based on a global gold standard. The U.S. dollar was the currency that nations used to back their currency under this agreement. The reason for this was because the United States was in possession of most of the world’s gold supply at this time.

America benefited greatly from this new currency system and the dollar made its way into central banks around the world. In time we left the fixed rate system. Richard Nixon stopped backing U.S. dollars with gold globally in 1971. This was known as the Nixon Shock. Today all the major currencies float on a global market. While some things have changed we are still on the remnants of the Bretton Woods System. Many Central Banks still have the dollar in their reserves and it remains in high demand today.
After the 2008 global meltdown, many have speculated that we are going to return to another gold standard. Some believe that there will be another monetary system altogether. Many armchair economists have emerged to claim that some nations may even base their currency values on their resources. The claim is that all currencies will revalue based on the countries’ assets. This will cause gold to skyrocket as people begin to seek a hedge of protection from depleting currency values.

The problem with this theory is that there are major obstacles to overcome. First, central banks around the world would need to agree to this and this would put major constraints on their monetary policies. Second, there would need to be a lot of cooperation with governments from all over the world in order to implement this new system or to return to an older system. Some nations would gain from this while others would lose. Third, nations would want to preserve their wealth while moving to a new system. If most of their wealth is in dollars then this will present a problem. Fourth, global organizations like the IMF, the WTO, and The World Bank, are relics from the Bretton Woods era. They would fight to have a relevant role in the new system.

So these same armchair economists predict that the dollar is going to collapse in a night. They claim the whole global economy is going to come crashing down in a day. This will force nations around the world to negotiate a new global currency system. Many cite the 2008 economic crisis as proof of a coming collapse. Others rewrite history and insert bad economic theories as proof.

Today the Global Currency Reset has become a major conspiracy theory that believes the dollar will crash. This theory proclaims that nations around the world will abandon the dollar. As a result, people have started to prepare for a future dollar crash. They invest in precious metals, they buy foreign currencies, and many have even become preppers and they stockpile food. This conspiracy theory has become big business as many people have made money selling several different types of items that relate to a belief in an any minute overnight dollar collapse.

This belief system has many converts and it is cultic in nature. Part of the belief system has its origins in New Age philosophies, while other parts of this belief system are tied into biblical prophecy. As a result, new converts are made all the time and people are driven more by emotion and their worldview rather than being driven by sound economic advice and principles.

The Truth About The Coming Global Currency Reset” reveals the conspiracy theories and debunks all of their beliefs. It corrects the rewriting of history and it also corrects the junk economics used by propagandists to recruit more people into this belief system. It provides a list of sources that will help the reader do their own research and come to their own conclusions.

Dr. Kirk Elliott, PhD, ThD

After and economic recession/depression DEBT IS ALWAYS REDUCED. In the US, the recession of 2009 did not eliminate debt, in fact the opposite—IT EXPLODED not just in the US but globally. In fact, debt has been exploding since then and REAL GDP has been CONTRACTING by -2 to -4% a year in real terms according to John Williams of Shadow Stats.

CIPS (Cross Border Interbank Payment System (started Oct 2018),but is now gaining much momentum. Now commands $6-$8 TRILLION portfolio of funded projects. This is designed to replace the SWIFT system in the eastern hemisphere.

MARCH 2019 the Chinese rolled out a new gold-backed yuan oil contract next month aspart of its attempt to replace the US dollar’s dominance of that commodity trade. This could spell the end of the petro dollar trade. This built in demand for the US$ is pretty much all the demand there is for it. In time, the dollar sinks, and an alternative petro-dollar HAS ALREADY BEEN FORMED—no need to even speculate.

By this time everyone is aware of the BRICS nations and the coalition to form a strength based union to counteract thewest. BRICS 2.0 is that movement on steroids. Gold is one of the last commodities controlled by the west (NY and LONDON exchanges). This initiative will co-align the BRICS nations to replace that as well. This ismy opinion is not a bad thing, as London has allowed naked shorts on futures contracts of metals for a long time, thus limiting the growth through manipulation. People who own gold and continue to acquire it should benefit AMAZINGLY as a true market will be established without the manufactured suppression of prices. Sadly, for us as Americans, this one is on us. Our regulators allowed the manipulation to happen, and people seek truth and transparency. This is another nail in the coffin of US financial dominance.



Deutsche Bank failure, talk of restructure, with rupture of derivative complex
Italian banking system collapse, complete with numerous bank runs
Italian sovereign currency announced as new Lira currency in EU exit
London Metals Exchange launches RMB-based metals contracts
COMEX & LBMA rupture from lost control of integration with oil & currencies
Formal launch of Gold Trade Note atop the Shanghai G-O-R contracts
Saudi oil sales in RMB to China, adopted by other Arabs and other Asians
London flips East, with RMB Hub development, following their AII Bank membership.


Flourishing non-USD platforms, led by Chinese design and efforts
Germans and French formally end Russian sanctions, thus flipping East
CIPS bank transaction system gains wider adoption, even among Western nations
BRICS Gold Platform announces conversion of sovereign bonds to Gold
China pre-announces gold-backed Yuan in form of convertible Gold Trade Note
China announced Yuan backed by basket of currencies, Gold, other commodities
Introduction of a new IMF SDR basket that includes gold, crude oil, iron
EU opens door to Euro payments in external trade with trading partners
Emerging Markets rupture on debt defaults, due to currency crisis
NATO fractures in the open and EU pursues independent military security

After the reset and the opening crisis it is probable that resource allocation will become a major issue. Production of goods on the massive scale seen today will not ever be allowed to return if the elites have their way. This will create a perpetual lack of supply (by design). The only methods for dealing with lost production on an industrial level would be to either encourage localized production in every community, or to force people to reduce their standard of living and demand in the extreme. The elites will certainly press for the latter.

Localized production in every community would kill any means of financial control the globalists might have on a population. In fact, I believe they will attempt to make any local production impossible, first through taxation so high that only the largest still-surviving corporations can afford to operate, and second, by confiscation of raw resources needed to manufacture goods on a scale that would grow wealth for a community. The government will claim that such resources must be managed by the authorities for the good of everyone rather than “wasted” by independent businesses in the “pursuit of personal wealth.” You won’t even see children running lemonade stands, let alone common people operating small factories, farms and store fronts.

Eventually, they will also have to limit or outlaw barter and alternative currencies in order for the digitized economy to work.

Through it all, courageous people have risen to the occasion. Some are successful and some are not, but we do not live in a New World Order, yet, and that is saying something. Today is nowhere near as terrible as tomorrow could be if we do not act accordingly.

The globalist reset needs a trigger, a crisis which admittedly we do not have the ability to avoid. But, the reset also depends on the right people in place to rebuild the system after the crisis unfolds. Here is where the future can be determined. Whoever is left standing after the opening salvo will have a choice: to hide and hope for the best, or to fight for the position to choose who builds tomorrow. Will it be the psychotic globalist cabal, or will it be free people of conscience? It may not seem like it now, but the end result is up to us.

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