Robert Kiyosaki Warning – How to Survive The Biggest Crash of All Time — 11 NEW Reasons Why So Many Experts Believe That Economic Collapse & Stock Market Crash Is Imminent

Famed Author Robert Kiyosaki is the inspirational author of “Rich Dad, Poor Dad,” the Number 1 selling personal finance book of all time, and therefore always worth listening to. As an outside-the-box thinker Kiyosaki has recently suggested that the U.S. economy is under so much pressure that it is in real danger of collapse.

He is also a long-time advocate of gold and silver as a way to protect wealth during times of financial calamity. Kiyosaki happens to be a very good friend of President Donald Trump, with whom he has written two books. Kiyosaki is a consistent, long-time advocate of owning gold and silver bullion coins and bars as a way to protect and grow wealth, especially during uncertain financial times. Kiyosaki warns that an economic collapse is looming , we will all face setbacks.

Money will evaporate, jobs might be lost, and opportunities will vanish and appear in brand new places. Our greatest assets will be intangible, and measured in our abilities to adapt quickly, and to be less reactive to events. 40+ year-old credit bubbles to not end either easily or gently. Everything that people think they know about how things work, especially in finance and economically, will be ripped apart.

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Eventually we revert to how things were all through history before the great credit wizards got their hands on the levers. Capital is built up slowly from the efforts of humans, and banking and finance will be small portions of the overall activity, no more than 5% of the pie, dedicated to safely moving capital from A to B.

A world of pain as expectations are forced back down to reality. If we’re lucky that happens over many decades in a fairly predictable glide path. If we’re not lucky, then it happens rather suddenly, or in a series of short, sharp shocks like a bowling ball falling down a set of stairs.

That could be a war in the middle east that drives the price of oil over $300/barrel, or a gigantic financial crisis that closes financial borders and causes one or more currencies to utterly fail . Or a pandemic, or a solar EMP. Who knows! In a world of interdependent, just-in-time delivery systems anything that disrupts the supply chains for more than a month will be the same as our bowling ball skipped three stairs before landing extra hard on the fourth.

Is any of this certain or guaranteed? No, of course not. They are merely probabilities. Smaller in the past, larger today, and growing. Yes, the authorities will do everything in their considerable power to prevent economic reality from rising up and taking over. They will print, and then print some more. But they cannot print up 300% more insects to replace those already lost. And they cannot print up 100% more phytoplankton either. Nor can they print up another 100 feet of water column in the Ogallala aquifer. All they can do is print up more debt and consumption today, stealing from an ever more uncertain future.

Can they do it one more time? Probably. Another two times? Three? When does it ever stop but when reality overtakes the whole mess and destroys the works of man? Which means the most important question before any of us is, what did you do about it? The purpose of the fed is to help the banks steal the wealth of the everyone that is not in the elite class.

They know exactly what they are doing and it’s being done on purpose. they know the models are incorrect and they also know that the Keynesian system of economics doesn’t work. The goal is to create a world government with a digital currency where everyone’s purchases will be tracked and all personal information we will be easily accessible to the government. When the multitudes of the massive bubbles burst – the pain and sorrow will be Biblical for the common man and family.
And here is a list of what you need to do to survive what is coming. #1. Take care of your health. Exercise. Eat healthy.
#2. Stay out of debt. Live beneath your means.
#3. Keep learning. Learn new skills. Learn how to fix and build things yourself. Invest in yourself.
#4. Realize that government (at all levels) will lie to you. Government will not take care of you. Government will take everything you have if it means they stay in power one day longer.
#5. Save. Buy a little gold and silver. Bitcoin if you must. But realize that this is just a little insurance and not much else.
#6. Stay far away from bubbles. Hard to do when friends and relatives are getting “rich” and think you the fool
#7. Relationships are worth far more than “stuff.” Families are worth way more than “stuff.” Good friends are worth more than stuff.
#8. Enjoy life. It doesn’t take lots of money.
#9. Learn how to shoot safely and have at least one gun. Even if you never touch it again.
#10. Be part of “something” bigger than yourself such as a Church or a volunteer organization. All the issues we see today are the same issues seen over the last 2000 years .

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11 NEW Reasons Why So Many Experts Believe That Economic Collapse & Stock Market Crash Is Imminent

The numbers are telling us that we have never been closer to the next economic collapse than we are right now. The storm clouds that were gathering on the horizon are now directly above us, and suddenly the mainstream media is filled with stories about when the next stock market crash will begin and the effect that this may have on President Trump’s chances of winning in 2020. In fact, there has been so much chatter about this that even President Trump is talking about it. All over television, experts are breathlessly speculating about when the coming major stock market crash will begin, and they are dispensing lots of advice about how people should be preparing for it.

So what evidence has led so many of these talking heads to come to such a conclusion?

Well, the following are 11 reasons why so many experts now believe that a U.S. economic collapse is imminent…

In that list, I didn’t even mention our rapidly escalating trade war with China. The two largest economies on the entire planet are engaged in an extremely bitter trade dispute, and that alone has the potential to crash the entire global economy into a very deep downturn.

On the surface, the Trump administration is trying to assure us that everything is going to be just fine, but behind the scenes they appear to be preparing for the economic collapse. If the U.S. economy really was “booming”, an emergency payroll tax cut wouldn’t make any sense at all.

But if we are on the verge of a very serious financial collapse, then such a move would make perfect sense.
Of course the U.S. is definitely not the only major economy that is facing serious troubles. In fact, signs of economic trouble have been emerging all over the globe lately. The economies in Germany, Brazil, Italy, Mexico and a number of other countries are also showing vulnerabilities, experts say. The uncertainty is exacerbated by fears of the potential financial fallout that could happen if the United Kingdom leaves the European Union in October without first reaching a deal on the terms of its departure.

We haven’t seen talk like this in a very, very long time. For many people, the extreme pain caused by the economic collapse of 2008 and 2009 has almost faded from memory, but the truth is that many experts believe that what is ahead is going to be even worse.

If everything was going to be just fine, President Trump would not be trying to get the Federal Reserve to make extremely deep interest rate cuts. In life, what people do is far more important than what they say, and the moves that global leaders are making right now are telling us that huge trouble is coming.

So enjoy the relative stability that we are currently experiencing while you still can, because it looks like it won’t be lasting for too much longer.

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