Survival Shelter Made Simple

By Zombease

Sometimes surviving means shelter, and it isn’t always as easy as taking over an abandoned building, crawling into a cave, staking out a store-bought tent, or stumbling across an old cabin in the woods. Sometimes a survivor has to make a shelter for themselves, and when it comes to quick fixes and getting a reliable roof over your heard, tarp shelters can be a great way to go.

With a well-made tarp and a bit of 550 paracord, a knowledgeable survivor can easily achieve a bit of seclusion, safety, and shelter from a number of inconveniences or potential dangers like storms, suspicious characters, and SHTF situations. From an A-frame to arrow-head style, ground cover or basic lean-to, there are literally thousands of ways to set up a tarp shelter – some of which are shown in the image below (Image found from various online sources, though the original creator is unknown to me at this time).



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