Terror Grows Over Interdimensional Portal Opening On Moon

“Of Special Importance” new Security Council report circulating in the Kremlin today first noting Security Council Deputy Chairman Dmitry Medvedev warned last week: “Russia could trigger a war in space against Western citizens so that they tremble under blankets in their cozy homes”, sees this warning linked to Director General Yury Borisov of the Russian space agency Roscosmos announcing plans to work with China to build an automated nuclear reactor on the Moon, and was an announcement followed by the news: “China says its lunar probe has successfully taken off from the far side of the Moon to begin its journey back to Earth carrying the first samples ever collected from the region”.

In the sparse portions of this actually terrifying classified at the highest level transcript permitted to be openly commented on by various ministries, it first sees Security Council Members discussing issues related to the 12 June news: “NASA accidentally broadcast a simulation of astronauts being treated for decompression sickness on the International Space Station (ISS) on Wednesday”.

For reasons not made clear because this classified at the highest level transcript is heavily redacted, it next sees Security Council Members discussing issues related to the video “1965 Scientist Claims The Moon Is Plasma – UNCUT” posted by Australian public broadcaster ABC News in 2019, and is a news video from 1965 wherein it sees Professor Roy Foster of Earth science and chemistry at the University of Dundee in Scotland asserting that the Moon is a mass of plasma, not a solid object able to greatly affect ocean tides on Earth.

This transcript next sees Security Council Members discussing issues related to Project Apollo, which was the United States space programme for Moon exploration that began in 1961 and abruptly ended in 1972—particularly emphasis in this discussion was focused on the Apollo 11 mission said to have been the first Moon landing by man, though former Director Dmitry Rogozin of the Russian space agency Roscosmos maintains to this day that “no proof” exists of the Americans ever landing a man on the Moon—but the greater focus of discussion was on the Apollo 12 mission, whose experiments appeared to show that the Moon is a hollow sphere.

Security Council Members in this transcript next discuss plasma physics as it relates to the creation of a “Dyson Sphere”, which is a megastructure scientists, since the 1930s, believe have been constructed by alien races, and was a discussion joined by NBC News reporting this past week: “A group of researchers have identified at least seven stars that might be surrounded by advanced alien mega-structures known as “dyson spheres”” and Newsweek revealing: “A study by Harvard social science researchers suggests that aliens may have been living on Earth for a while”.

This transcript next sees Security Council Members discussing issues related to the article “The Sky Calls To Us: The Occult Origins Of The Space Race”, wherein it first notes: “Scattered throughout the narrative of the early space race loom the figures of men whose pursuit of the mechanisms of space flight led them to the very brink of madness—some never to return”, then it documents the lives of American space programme founder Jack Parsons and Soviet-Russian space programme founder Konstantin Tsiolkovsky, both of whom used occult rituals to communicate with the mysterious entities that provided them with the knowledge of space travel.

Security Council Members in this transcript next discuss the book “American Cosmic: UFOs, Religion, Technology” written by Professor-Doctor Diana Walsh Pasulka of religious studies at the University of North Carolina, who during an interview with Russian-American computer scientist Lex Fridman revealed: “Aliens are part of the history of the Russian and the United States space programs”, and whose transcript of this interview documents: “In discussions with Diana Walsh Pasulka, non-human intelligences are linked to historical accounts of space program founders who engaged in unusual rituals and believed they were in contact with such entities…This purported contact influenced technological advancements in space exploration…Lex and Diana categorize these experiences within a broader realm of non-human intelligence which includes concepts like angels and alien life forms, suggesting that these encounters had a tangible impact on technological development ”.

This transcript next sees Security Council Members discussing world-renowned French computer scientist and astronomer Jacques Vallée, who along with being one of the inventors of the internet, is the world’s foremost authority on aliens and UFOs, and whose conclusions after over 60 years of research he began documenting in “Dimensions: A Casebook Of Alien Contact”, the first volume of a trilogy, wherein he asserts that aliens and UFOs are real, but are not from outer space as they are interdimensional beings exactly like those described in the Bible and other ancient documents, and warned about their demonic power: “Not only is the phenomenon or technology capable of manipulating space and time in ways that we don’t understand, it’s manipulating the psychic environment of the witness”.

The last section of this classified at the highest level transcript sees Security Council Members discussing the United States Strategic Air Command (USSTRATCOM) based in Omaha-Nebraska, and whose discussions focused on the mysterious sign that appeared there that reads: “Kindred Interdimensional Monitoring Point PLEASE CLOSE ALL PORTALS WHEN FINISHED TO HELP MINIMIZE INTERDIMENSIONAL CONTAMINATION”.


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