The 6 Most Valuable Survival Skills after the SHTF


In a long-term disaster situation, the majority of marketable skills people now believe are valuable in our on-the-grid world will become obsolete. When the power is down indefinitely, being a computer programmer isn’t exactly going to keep food on the table or go a long way in your survival tactics. So what survival skills will be the most valuable in a post-SHTF apocalyptic world?


This should be pretty self-explanatory. In a long term grid-down survival situation, bartering will most likely revert back to the most popular form of commerce among survivors.

*Bonus – Survival Test – Try practicing your bartering skills today at garage sales, craigslist and even some local stores to get a better deal on your preps and to prepare you for post-disaster negotiations.

Woodworking and carpentry

In a grid-down situation, or even after a natural disaster, woodworking and carpentry are invaluable skills. Something as simple as running a chainsaw to clear a road after a storm is an invaluable skill. Learning more about carpentry and woodworking today can significantly expand your survival tactics in a SHTF scenario.

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