The Dollar Will CRASH – Printing MORE Will NOT Save The US Economy – 14 Very Alarming Numbers That Confirm The Imminent Economic Collapse 2019 Stock Market CRASH!

Josh Sigurdson talks with WAM contributor Tim Picciott about the latest comments from Donald Trump regarding the Federal Reserve. As we’ve reported recently, Trump alongside adviser Larry Kudlow wants to see Jerome Powell and the Fed “lower rates.” Of course their view is that the economy is not centralized to their liking.

Trump has no plans to “end the Fed” at all. Honestly, his views on the Fed are all over the place and most of what he touts today including job numbers, he called out a couple of years ago. Anyways, the most recent news is that Trump is calling for more quantitative easing. Essentially, he’s calling for more money to be printed at the Fed. He’s also talking about putting Herman Cain in at the Fed.

This is simply more evidence that to him, the problem is not the Fed, it’s how the Fed is indebting people and that they need to indebt people “differently.” Tim Picciott of ‘The Liberty Advisor’ who is without a doubt one of the United States’ leading experts on this subject matter breaks down the issue comprehensively and also pairs the problem with pensions and retirement risk.

Will interest rates go negative? How will this all end? All of this and much more in this deep diving interview. Finishing it off, Tim breaks down his role here at WAM and his incredible background!

The economic numbers just continue to get worse and worse, and at this point it has become exceedingly clear that the next economic collapse is imminent.

In fact, even the chair of the Federal Reserve is using the term “slowdown” to describe what is taking place. But of course many are still hoping that the U.S. economy can pull out of this slump and avoid the economic collapse and stock market crash that we experienced in 2008.

Unfortunately, that may be really tough because the entire global economy is slowing down right now. Our world is more interconnected than ever before, and what happens on one side of the planet is invariably going to affect the other side of the planet.

Some parts of the globe are already mired in deep economic crisis, and the U.S. appears to be following down the same path. If you still think that the economy is in “good shape”, please watch the following list very carefully.

The following are 14 very alarming numbers that reveal the imminent economic collapse of the United States… We didn’t see economic numbers like this last year. But now things have clearly changed.

It is starting to feel more like before the horrible 2008 stock market crash and financial crisis happened.

The signs of yet another economic collapse are everywhere. In fact, it seems hard to find any positive economic news anymore, even though a mere few months ago, it was difficult to find a report signaling the United States might be headed for some turmoil.

These days, many people get offended at the thought that the U.S. economy is heading for economic crisis. But the truth is that we have been heading for trouble for a very long time. If we continue to do this, there is no way that our story ends well.

When historians look back on this time in history, they will not be surprised that our society ultimately collapsed. What will surprise them is that it took so long for it to do so. Sometimes I get criticized for urging people to get prepared for the imminent economic collapse. But those that really deserve the criticism are those that are assuring everyone that everything is going to be just fine.
If we got the smartest minds in the entire country together and treated this like a major national emergency, perhaps we could find a way to engineer some sort of a soft landing when this debt bubble bursts with a major stock market crash .

But as it stands, there is no plan and our long-term problems get worse with each passing day. Our economy is headed for economic collapse, and it isn’t going to matter who is in power in Washington when it happens. And at the rate that our economy is currently slowing down, America may become an economic horror show a lot sooner than many people had anticipated.

Gerald Celente – Trends In The News – “IMF Warning: More Tax on the People

They are raising our taxes and our “leaders” are more obsessed with improving other nations economies than our own.

Economic analysts warning about the coming recession as well as the concerns of many bankers as they see the obvious instability we’ve been talking about for years approach them. Obviously banks are going to attempt to look smart by acknowledging the clear problems approaching as if they knew all along.

They’ve been telling people all is well for years and now they want to save their own reputations! With a massive yield curve inversion and concern over a recession on the horizon in the US and Canada, RBC’s Deputy Chief Economist Dawn Desjardins noted that she finds it “nerve wracking” to see the debt climb so fast compared with the GDP. The government spends more on debt than anything other than social security.

This is heavily unsustainable and will lead to obvious problems down the line. The pension bubble worldwide is absolutely terrible. The pension shortfall is set to hit 400 trillion dollars by the year 2050. How will that work out? People are obviously far too dependent on their pensions and that’s by design. Many other banks are warning about the inevitable too. Deutsche Bank, The Bank of England and any others have made rather dire warnings in recent days.

All fiat currencies eventually revert to their true value of zero. They always have, they always will going back to 1024AD in China. This time is no different. Team that with the everything bubble worldwide, the massive amounts of loans, the propped up manipulated markets of the world, this will not end well.

There are more solutions than problems and they come down to individuals being responsible over their own lives rather than dependent on the system. It comes down to individuals preparing themselves and being self sustainable.

How to Prepare for a Collapse

Protecting yourself from a U.S. economic collapse is difficult. A catastrophic failure can happen without warning. In most crises, people survive through their knowledge, wits, and by helping each other. Make sure you understand basic economic concepts so you can see warning signs of instability. One of the first signs is a stock market crash. If it’s bad enough, a market crash can cause a recession.

Second, keep as many assets as liquid as possible so that you can withdraw them within a week. In addition to your regular job, make sure you have skills that you’d need in a traditional economy, such as farming, cooking, or repair.

Keep yourself in top physical shape. Know basic survival skills, such as self-defense, foraging, hunting, and starting a fire. Practice now with camping trips. If you can, move near a wildlife preserve in a temperate climate. That way, if a collapse occurs, you can live off the land in a relatively unpopulated area.

As for cash, it may not be useful in a total economic collapse because its value might be decimated. Stockpiles of gold bullion may not help because they would be difficult to transport if you needed to move quickly. In a severe collapse, they may not be accepted as currency. But it would be good to have a stash of $20 bills and gold coins, just in case. During many crisis situations, these are commonly accepted as bribes.


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