Trump Impeachment Designed To Eliminate Secret Service Protection Warned Is Death Sentence

An intriguing new Security Council (SC) report circulating in the Kremlin today says the blatant lying hypocrisy of Western journalists is now on full display this week in Moscow as they line up in droves to receive Russia’s first in the world coronavirus vaccine Sputnik V—the exact same journalists who for months bashed the Sputnik V vaccine—and whose hypocrisy is best exampled by leftist New York Times journalist Andrew Kramer, who revealed he had received his first dose of Sputnik V, praising the “bona fide accomplishment for Russian scientists continuing a long and storied practice of vaccine development”, with his even noting that Moscow has avoided some of the logistical problems seen in the West.

Lying leftist media hypocrisy critical to take notice of, specifically because it proves these journalists are nothing more than propagandists—with further evidence proving this is true served up yesterday to the American people when it was kept from them the truth that since Labor Day, over 1.1-million supporters of President Donald Trump attended mass rallies with not a single window broken, policeman attacked or attendee being killed, and further kept from them that it was, in fact, socialist Democrat Party leader House Speaker Nancy Pelosi who had called for “uprisings all over the country” back in 2018.

A call for mass uprisings made by socialist leader Pelosi responded to by the leftist terrorist forces that rampaged all across America this past year causing over $2-billion in riot damage—and yesterday saw these screaming leftist terrorists surrounding the US Capitol building itself—but in a “you just can’t make it up” gobsmacking scenario, socialist leader Pelosi’s leftist terrorist forces had showed up at the US Capitol screaming for President Trump to be impeached for “inciting violence”—but is more truthfully known as “The Insurrection Lie”.

An “insurrection lie” based on the provable fact that the official timeline of events constructed by the New York Times through videos shows protesters began breaching the perimeter of the US Capitol a full 20-minutes before President Trump finished his speech—though these truths and facts meant nothing as socialist leader Pelosi ignored them to lead the second successful impeachment of President Trump—a bizarre impeachment with President Trump having just 6-days left in office, and former top US Federal Judge J. Michael Luttig having already pointed out the truth that the US Constitution doesn’t even allow ex-presidents to be impeached—a truth further confirmed by top Republican Party lawmaker US Senator Tom Cotton, who points out the fact the US Senate lacks the constitutional authority to proceed with impeachment once President Trump leaves office—and sees US Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell saying that any impeachment trial of President Trump won’t happen until after inauguration day, and whose office gave an official statement saying that he was opposed to impeachment.

All of which leads many to wonder why these socialist Democrat Party forces are so maniacally focused on impeaching President Trump—but whose answer can be found in knowing that starting on 20 January, the new US Senate will have an equal number of Republican and Democrat members, thus meaning any tie vote would be broken by radical socialist leader Kamala Harris—that clears the way for this socialist Democrat Party to illegally hold an impeachment trial for President Trump—and if convicted, would see President Trump being immediately stripped of all US federal government benefits, pensions, privileges and his never being allowed to run for public office again—and most critically would see the Secret Service protection of President Trump being eliminated—the catastrophic consequence of which would see President Trump effectively receiving a death sentence, as only a powerful nation state intelligence service is able to protect the life of such a high-profile world leader under constant threat of death.



According to this report, on 19 March 2003, the United States began its invasion of Iraq—an invasion leading to a war that was ruled by the United Nations to be illegal and in violation of the UN Charter—whose death toll from all sides, including civilians, now stands at over 288,000—though most critical to know about was a war based entirely on the lies told to the Americans by their warmonger Deep State leaders—a factual reality that Scott Ritter, the former US Marine Corps intelligence officer and UN Weapons Inspector for Iraq, tried to warn the American people about in July-2002, which was when during an interview with CNN he stated the truth: “No one has substantiated the allegations that Iraq possesses weapons of mass destruction or is attempting to acquire weapons of mass destruction…And of course that is the reason we have been given for going to war against Iraq — because of the threat posed by these weapons…It has been nothing but rhetorically laced speculation, not hard facts, that have been presented by either the United States or Great Britain to back this up, and until they provide hard facts, there is no case for war”.

As history now records, this report notes, Scott Ritter was censored and persecuted for the telling the American people the truth, while the lying Deep State architects of this illegal war still remain unpunished for their crimes against humanity—facts important to know about because of his having just released another warning to the American people in his article “Trump’s Second Impeachment Risks Giving Half The US A ‘Stab In The Back’ Narrative Like That Which Took Hold In Germany In 1919”, wherein he states:

Logic dictates that the political equivalent of Newton’s Third Law of physics—for every action there is an equal and opposite reactionapplies in full effect here.

The only outcome from this exercise can be more backlash and division, belief and desire are not mutually exclusive; the Democrats are blinded by their hatred for Trump and his “deplorables” to such an extent that normal causal analysis is foregone.

The Democrats smell blood, and are moving in for the kill, not realizing that they are heading into a trap of their own making.

To better understand the nature of this trap, one only needs to turn to the history pages.

In 1918, the German Army was defeated on the field of battle.  Censorship and the dissemination of false and misleading information blinded the German population to this reality.

They did not trust the words of their elected officials because there was no viable evidentiary proof presented of this defeat, leading to a cognitive dissonance that produced an outright denial of their military debacle.

This mindset was furthered by statements made by German leaders to returning soldiers that “no enemy has vanquished you.”

America is teetering on the edge of a political abyss which, once crossed, there will be no coming back.

If 75 million Americans believe that their political future is being nullified by vengeful politicians in Congress, then the ideological foundation is being laid for the birth of an American “stab in the back” legend which will produce a divided nation incapable of ever being reunited.



Unlike in the Russian Federation where every election polling station in the entire nation is equipped with video cameras able to be freely accessed on the internet by all citizens to deter fraud, this report details, the United States conducts their elections in stealth, thus giving more power to those who count the votes, instead of those who cast them—the predictable result of which always leads to accusations being made in the US about corrupted and stolen elections—the remedy for which is supposed to be an open, fair and free investigation of suspected stolen elections—though in the case of President Trump saw no such remedy—and in fact saw the exact opposite occurring with anyone contesting this elections results being branded as “conspiracy theorists”, “racists” and “domestic terrorists—which makes no logical sense, as the surest way to have discredited President Trump and his over 75-million supporters would have been to allow them to fully present all of their election fraud evidence before the American people to be examined and judged.

None of which was allowed to occur, this report notes, and to keep from ever happening now sees a leftist digital jihad being waged against both President Trump and his supporters—the latest example of which is the leftist social media site Snapchat making “permanent” their ban on President Trump—and in noticing what is actually occurring, now sees leftist Twitter overlord Jack Dorsey even admitting that his “company’s power sets a dangerous precedent”—further sees the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MoFA) warning: “Through these discriminatory actions by social media monopolists, we see an absolutely clear political subtext, which aims to implement the US government’s foreign policy of displacing those sources of information that provide an alternative view on global events and create competition in the information space for the Western mainstream media”—though in best describing what is taking place, it now sees Andrew Torba, the Christian CEO of the non-censoring social media site Gab, having just stated: “I had very close relationships with Facebook and Twitter…I got to see the evils of their business model for many years…What we’re seeing in America right now is the rise of Communism”.

Most unfortunately for these vile and demonic socialist forces, however, this report continues, neither President Trump nor his tens-of-millions of supporters are disappearing into the night like they were supposed to have done—as instead, they’ve astonishingly begun creating their very own network of free flowing news and information, to such a powerful extent that Gab has openly defied these leftist tyrants and restored all of the President Trump’s postings taken down and censored by Twitter—while at the same time, millions of new users continue opening accounts on the non-censoring social media sites Signal and Telegram Messenger, one of the most notable of whom is Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador, who talked about his new group on Telegram Messenger on Tuesday, and by Wednesday, it had nearly 100,000 members—and whose ranks will quickly grow into the tens-of-millions after the world’s richest man Elon Musk yesterday posted the two words yesterday: “Use Signal” to his over 43-million followers on Twitter—though most critical to notice about, are ranks of freedom loving Americans becoming more enraged after hearing yesterday that baseball great Curt Schilling was canceled by his insurance company AIG because he supported President Trump—that now adds AIG to the list of powerful companies Trump’s tens-of-millions of supporters are compiling and will never buy anything from again

Further looming as a harbinger of doom against these socialist forces, this report further notes, is that this leftist digital jihad against President Trump and his supporters is actually unconstitutional—one of the first cases against has just been filed by the non-censoring video site Rumble against leftist social media giant Google—but as always in the antiquated American legal system will take time to reach the United States Supreme Court—though to notice is the same Supreme Court still waiting to hear the election fraud cases filed by President Trump against Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin, and yesterday refused to fast track them—but when they finally hear these election cases, the Supreme Court gave a clue where it’s headed when they slammed down the socialist Democrat Party attempt to change the voter ID laws in Texas yesterday—after which the Supreme Court then took up the free speech cases filed against socialist leader Kamala Harris from when she was the Attorney General in California—legal events that were quickly joined by Texas announcing the arrest of a woman involved in a massive socialist Democrat Party ballot harvesting scheme, and Circuit Court Judge Kevin A. Elsenheimer ordering the socialist Democrat Party Michigan Attorney General to immediately hand over to investigators all communications with Dominion, Facebook, Apple, Amazon and Google—all of which shows the strategy President Trump’s powerful supporters are using to destroy these vile socialists with “death by a thousand cuts” tactics, and as best described in the just published article Here’s How We Flatten the Democratic Party During The Next Four Years, that says: “Every Trump elector or Republican candidate who lost due to suspected fraud can sue the relevant Democratic Party apparatchiks in civil court…These lawsuits allow interrogation of the miscreants under oath…If we can’t put them in jail for vote fraud, we can get them on perjury…And we can wreak merry havoc on the Democratic Party organizations, and make mid-level officials pay the price for the nefarious schemes of their superiors…The rank-and-file fraudsters and the local party machines are the soft underbelly of the Democratic Party…That’s where it is vulnerable to a sustained and relentless attack”. 



With the Trump administration having been sued more times since President Ronald Reagan was attacked by these leftists in 1982, this report concludes, this “death by a thousand cuts” legal strategy employed against President Trump by his socialist enemies to entangle and bog down his objectives is about to be turned on its head—specifically because of the astounding number of federal judges President Trump was able to appoint in just four years, to include his creating a pro-conservative Supreme Court majority, but when it comes to the nation’s 13 Federal Appeals Courts – which have the final word on most legal appeals around the country – Trump’s influence is clear—which means that the looming legal onslaught being prepared against socialist leader Biden and his regime will be unprecedented in scope, and marked by continuous legal defeats of every kind—and with US Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene now vowing to file impeachment charges against socialist leader Biden immediately after he takes his stolen office, when the Republicans retake the US House in less than two years time everyone knows what coming next—a fact based on the history that saw the socialist Democrats losing a staggering 63 seats in the US House in 2010—which was the second year of socialist leader Obama’s presidency, and though he didn’t have to steal his election, the American people saw enough of his leftist lunacy to make them change course—and one knows will pale in comparison after them watching demented Biden and crazed communist radical Harris for the next 22-months.   





Original source at WhatDoesItMean.Com. 

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