“V” Bombshell!! ‘It’s All Coming Together In July’ – “V” The Guerrilla Economist

Paul Sandhu is joined by “V” The Guerrilla Economist, who drops a few bombshells as he connects the dots, marking the “incredible” events that have happened in July, all events he warned us about, predicted and we are watching play out now on the world stage.


From codes used and caught, specifically meant for certain people at certain times, which helped him predict what we are seeing today in Silver, to prepartions being made for the collapse of the dollar, “V” states that “July is the month,” and he reminds us of the very cryptic speech from IMF’s Chritine Lagarde, speaking about the “magic 7,” using numerology and how 7/17 was indicated…. coincidently the same day that Malaysia Flight MH17 was shot down with US officials and the MSM pointing all fingers at Russia, even as ongoing releases of evidence point to the Ukraine leadership and not Russia.


These events were planned, orchestrated and implemented and as “V” says “It’s all coming together in July.”


As predicted.


Via the video details:


With the world fast turning away from the US dollar and seeking alternative political alliances, the sun is fast setting on Empire America. The future for this once great nation is bleak indeed according to the information from confidential sources of V: The Guerrilla Economist.








Source : beforeitsnews.com

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