Why Bugging Out on a Motorcycle Will Get You Killed

The topic of bugging out is a popular one, with probably thousands of opinions on how, when, and why.

One recurring theme is bugging out on a motorcycle, which on the surface may seem like a great idea due to their maneuverability and excellent fuel economy, but it will probably get you killed.

Here are a few reasons why bugging out on a motorcycle is a bad idea.


  • While a motorcycle’s fuel economy beats a car, truck, or SUV, it has only a fraction of their fuel capacity so they both have about the same range.
  • Bugging out on a motorcycle means taking very little gear and supplies, and at most, one passenger. What happens if you can’t reach your bug out location or you get there and it’s been raided?
  • A motorcycle provides no protection from the elements or from attackers. A snow storm or a kid with a rock can end you life on a motorcycle. And if you happen to fall or crash, you face far more serious injuries than if you were in an automobile—without EMS, this is more likely to be fatal.
  • Long distance travel on a motorcycle can take a toll on your body.


On the other hand, a motorcycle can be a good choice if you are bugging out alone to a known location that is already stocked with food and supplies, and is relatively nearby.

Before bugging out it’s important to carefully weigh all variables, including:

  • What terrain you must cross to reach your bug out location.
  • How far you must travel.
  • Traffic and weather conditions.
  • Threat level. (Are you bugging out to avoid a hurricane or civil unrest?)
  • How many people will be traveling with you.
  • What gear and supplies you’ll need to bring.


By Jeremy Knauff

Source : howtosurviveit.com


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