Will US citizens starve to death after their faith-based currency collapses? (Video)

Chances are, you received an allowance when you were a child. Perhaps you dutifully deposited those dollars, quarters, dimes, nickels and pennies into a savings account at your local bank. Or maybe you were taught to squirrel away a few bucks under your pillow, or bury it in a tin can in the back yard.

Most of us were taught that these pieces of paper and minted coins were money, and therefore valuable and absolutely necessary to procure whatever one needed. If a loaf of bread’s price tag said $3.50, just pull out three one dollar bills and fifty cents from your pocket and then take the bread home. If you needed gas for your car or new clothes for school, you paid with this substance called “money.” If you had more money, you could buy even more stuff. Having more stuff became very important, so discovering ways to get more money was essential. We were taught to have faith in our power to buy whatever we needed with these pieces of paper and coins.

But we weren’t taught the truth. Mike Adams’ commentary about our unsecured faith in the money system — and the alternatives we need to consider — is a must see.

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According to CMI Gold and Silver, “unsound money” nearly doomed America from the very beginning. This was because — prior to the Revolutionary War — the Continental Congress issued $240 million worth of pieces of paper called “Continentals.”

They printed these pieces of paper while counting on future supplies of gold and silver to redeem them after the war. They then encountered serious competition via forgery. Britain printed fake paper Continentals to “buy supplies,” leading to too many pieces of paper and lots of mistrust. People lost faith in this currency and by 1780, these Continentals were “not worth a penny.”

It took another eighty years before more “paper” would be printed. Yet at the very beginning, before the Constitution was signed, an important agreement had been determined. This new Republic would have “official money” that wasn’t paper. It would be “precious metals — silver and gold.”

Between those heady days of our Founding Fathers, and today’s printing of trillions of pieces of a fiat currency called “money,” there has been a downward spiral of purchasing power, an ever-increasing inflation, a disregard of history and an entire social structure built on convincing the masses to trust in pieces of paper that are backed by nothing tangible.

This is not what our founders had in mind. But there were — and are still today — other forces at work wanting you to think that if you hold these pieces of paper in your hand, especially if you have a lot of them, then you are wealthy.

Nothing could be further from the truth. As Mike Adams has suggested, it’s time to ponder stocking up on physical items that have real value, before hyper inflation hits and before the inevitable collapse comes.Emergency supplies, systems that assist you in growing your own food, physical land and physical gold or silver are all important.

In today’s society, not a lot of folks carry cash. Paying with those old school dollars takes too much time in a grocery store line. A swipe of a plastic card — whether credit or debit — is immediately transferred via computer from one column to another. It’s a blip on the screen. Will these blips disappear when the trillions of dollars they falsely represent be found worthless? How then, will one buy bread?


Source : www.newstarget.com


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