★ OBAMA Does NOT Want YOU To See THIS!! ★ Video PROOF Obama Should “Resign”… (VIDEO)

Eric Shinseki is one of the Military’s finest Military Officers to serve during Modern Times. His accomplishments far outweigh his failures as a professional. As a Military man, General Shinseki was the kind of man you’d be proud to stand next to in battle. How do I know? I’ve worked for him and I’ve met him personally. You can also Google information about Shinseki to outline most of his life-time achievements.


Recently in mass media news Shinseki was forced to resign from office under the premise that he did not fulfill his duties to provide adequate Health Care to Veterans. The way that Shinseki was forced to resign is disgraceful and very indicative of how the Obama administration avoids blame through public persecution. The words of Obama are here for everyone to hear. It’s up to you to decide who should have been asked to resign….. 





Source : beforeitsnews.com

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