10,000 Nuclear Bombs Ready To Blow In The US! Rense & Dr. Deagle

Negligence, compounded by incompetence, leaves at least 500, and according to some experts up to 10,000 nuclear time-bombs just waiting to blow, right here in the United States of America……  and that isn’t even the bad news. The bad news, as is heard below as Dr. Bill Deagle joins the Jeff Rense show, is that no one, anywhere is doing anything about this.



The kicker? None of this is being done by terrorists, unless of course the listener is of the opinion that Barack Obama is a terrorist, then I guess that point can be debated.

Investigators now say that the 55-gallon drum of radioactive waste which burst open inside WIPP may have contained the wrong kind of cat litter. According to a report by NPR, cat litter is a commonly used product in nuclear waste disposal. The litter is dumped into nuclear waste drums to stabilize volatile radioactive material.


“It actually works well both in the home litter box as well as in the radiochemistry laboratory,” James Conca, a geochemist from Washington state, tells NPR. Unfortunately, in this case “it was the wrong kitty litter.” (Source here and here)


According to Deagle, there are 10,000 of drums of nuclear waste that may contain the wrong type of organic cat litter, but the majority of stories indicate the number is 500, but if the expert Deagle is quoting is correct, then we are talking 20 times the amount than the “official” reports are indicating. That is discussed at approximately the 10 minute mark in the video below.


What is being done about this? Nothing….. other than plans to build even more nuclear waste storgae facilities.


Listen below for a full explanation of how this disaster happened and what it means for the rest of the country’s nuclear waste storage facilities.

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By Susan Duclos

Source : beforeitsnews.com

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