33 Uses For “Baby” Wipes That Have Nothing To Do With Babies!

hy do we call them “baby wipes” anyway?  Shouldn’t they just be called WIPES? After reading what seems like a MILLION uses for baby wipes…other than for wiping the baby…I think there should be a regular wipes section at the store as big as the BABY wipes section. Have you ever noticed how much “real estate” is dedicated to baby wipes at your local Walmart or your local grocery store? It’s pretty impressive. But so are all the ways I discovered people are USING these handy little helpers.

I have to thank BabysittingJobs.com website for the idea for this post because they sent me a link to this article, “10 Uses for Baby Wipes Other Than What They Were Intended For“.  Not only was it a great little article…it’s a great website for anything related to babysitting.

Anyway, reading that article got me thinking about the fact that even though we haven’t had a “baby” in our house for more than 10 years…we ALWAYS have “baby” wipes around. hmmm. It also piqued my curiosity about what OTHER people (with or without babies) are using baby wipes for….besides their babies.


The uses I found were practically ENDLESS…but here is a compilation of some of MY favorites gleaned from a variety of website articles and comments:

  • Removing eye makeup. duh. This is probably the thing I personally use them for the most.


  • Toilet paper substitute. A poll I read showed 57% of us have done this! ;-)


  • Removing hair dye stains from your forehead and neck dying your own hair.


  • Cleaning the inside of the car when you are at a red light or stuck in traffic. I thought I invented this! lol. I guess I’m not the only one doing this. It’s a great use of “down” time in your car and of baby wipes!


  • Freshen up and cool down on hot summer days. Put some in a baggie and put it in the cooler for use at the beach or on day trips, or just put some in the fridge for those oppressively hot nights.


  • For use during pregnancy as hemorrhoid wipes. Get the ones with aloe, and then pour a bottle of witch hazel into the container. Much cheaper than the specialty wipes.


  • Wipe down the leaves of houseplants.


  • Attach to a dust mop (like a Swiffer) to pick up extra dust.


  • Pen, pencil, crayon and paint remover! From most surfaces! Even skin. :-)


  • Clean your rubber stamps when card making and scrapbooking. You can also use a folded baby wipe on a paper plate and add a few drops of different colors of ink from a re-inker and use the plate and wipe as your temporary stamp pad for a custom color mix.


  • Military uses:

    • Soldiers in Iraq used them because they were perfect for getting sand out of everything.
    • Use on U.S. Navy Ship when there are water restrictions (no showers) as a quick way to clean up.


  • Use for hunting to get the waterproof face paint off and for washing blood off hands. ewww.


  • Substitute “Tide pen”.  Someone who worked in retail said they used them to take makeup off clothes after people tried them on.


  • Clean bird poop off your windshield.


  • Use as a blotter to pick up stains on clothing, upholstery or carpeting. Especially useful on microfiber couches.


  • Get rid of deodorant marks on dark clothing. This is a lifesaver! BIG pet peeve!


  • Clean your puppy’s feet after playing at the park, before getting in the car.


  • They’re also great for cleaning cats. Messy cat faces, or for cleaning dingleberries. :-D


  • Remove stray hairs from pets. Give shaggy pets a daily rubdown with a baby wipe to remove excess hair and keep it off the furniture and rugs.


  • Temporary flyaway hair tamer.


  • Wiping down restaurant tables, high chairs, shopping carts, changing tables and toilet seats in public places.


  • Clean hairspray off of wood surfaces.


  • Use to wipe away too much spray or home tanner. Works wonders!


  • Shine your leather shoes so they’ll sparkle.


  • Wash baby doll faces.


  • Place a few drops of your favorite essential oil on a wipe and place it in a dresser drawer as a sachet.


  • Moisten envelope glue before sealing. Genius! I HATE licking envelopes!


  • Clean your Tablet/Touchscreen phone/PC monitors. They are soft and don’t damage the screens, and get all the sticky fingerprints off.


  • Cleaning a chalkboard wall.


  • Pull baby wipes through the slits in my dining chairs to get the dust out where the duster doesnt fit.


  • Diaper Genie cleaner. A quick swipe of a wipe on the blade (where you cut the plastic) immediately eliminates any smell. The alcohol on the wipe kills the bacteria on the razor.


  • And last but not least……..A MUST HAVE on camping trips – good for cleaning yourself when a shower isn’t available.


  • I hope it wasn’t just me, but I thought some of those were downright brilliant!  Never occurred to me there were SO many uses for “baby” wipes….which OBVIOUSLY aren’t just for babies. :-)

    How do YOU do “BABY” wipes????


Source :  myfamilysurvivalplan.com

By Jill Nystul

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