Huge Military Transport Train On Move, Fully Loaded Down!!! What Are They Preparing For?

The video below shows a military transport train on the move via GLP. Are they preparing for war or economic collapse? This is certainly more proof that they are prepping for something….huge. Is this movement tied to eyewitness reports of UN vehicles in Texas? Is it related to news coming to us from a private source of John Moore of heavy duty military movement through the US? Is this preparing for WW3 against Iran? According to GLP readers, these units are M-577′s. Are there any Before It’s News readers who know more about these beasts? Love to read your comments. More info on the M-577 below video.


The M577 Armored Personnel Carrier is a troop transport used by the United States Colonial Marine Corps. The M577 evolved from the Marine 70 battlefield deployment strategy, which proposed a requirement for a low-cost lightweight APC capable of being transported into combat aboard the UD-4L Cheyenne Dropship.

Designed as a multi-role vehicle within a lightly-equipped rapid-reaction force, the M577 is mobile and well armed. However, the rigid design restrictions and compromises imposed by the need to be drop-transportable have resulted in a lighter, less capable vehicle than other APCs currently in US service.

The M577 is operated by two crew (the driver and section commander) and allows thirteen positions for passengers, all equipped with yoke harness restraints for orbital combat drop. Entry is made via the main starboard sliding door or port side drivers hatch. The interior is spacious, allowing for plenty of room for weapons and supply stowage. The Marine 70 requirement called for the ability to carry sufficient ammunition and supplies for up to three days of fighting; in practice this is possible, though the interior of the vehicle becomes somewhat cramped. In tactical areas where re-supply is frequent, no more than two days of supplies and ammunition are usually carried. The midsection of the APC houses the Tactical Operations Centre; from here the section commander can maintain contact with the vehicle’s infantry compliment via video and audio linkup, and monitor the battle in real-time via the battle management displays, as well as allowing for video and audio communications to the outside world, within a radius of 100 miles.


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