Surviving : 5 Keys to Survive a Nighttime Car Break Down

5 Keys to Surviving a Nighttime Car Break Down

Obviously, there is never a good time for your vehicle to break down, but having it occur after dark is just adding to your misery. At that point you are introducing the extra issues of visibility by other vehicles so you don't get hit, personal visibility if you are forced to walk to a roadside call box or work on your car to get it running again, and the decrease in traffic at night, particularly on the lesser-used roads, so your chances of getting help are diminished. If you remain calm and follow a few simple guidelines, you will dramatically increase your chances of successfully dealing with this major inconvenience.5 Keys to Surviving a Nighttime Car Break Down

Get Out Of the Traffic Flow

If your vehicle begins to die or you get a flat tire while on a major highway, try to make it to an the next exit; if you are on a smaller road, try to work your way to the breakdown lane or the right shoulder of the road. If you are unable to get off the roadway, do not leave your vehicle.

Stay Visible

Turn on your emergency flashers as soon as possible. To increase your visibility after dark, turn on your interior lights, too. If you have a white piece of cloth or a piece of white paper, roll down the driver's side window and hang it out, rolling the window up to keep it secured in place.

Call For Assistance

If you have a usable signal, use your cell phone to call for help. A towing service like Mike's Auto Towing should be able to respond to your call in a matter of minutes. If you need to use a roadside call box and there is one nearby, use extreme caution when walking along the road and never cross a multi-lane highway at night.

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Remain Well Clear of the Highway

If you need to change a tire, for instance, make certain there is no chance of being hit by a passing vehicle while you are working on it.

Personal Safety Comes First

If someone stops and offers assistance, roll down your window only a small amount and ask them to contact the nearest authorities, whether it's local police, county sheriff, or the highway patrol.

Having your vehicle break down at night can be unnerving, but most roads of any size are patrolled regularly by law enforcement personnel, so just be patient. Help will come.


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