7 Reasons Why You Want to Know How to Drive a Truck


They ability to manage a large-sized vehicle in challenging conditions is important, especially in survival situations. This will enable you to safely transport more cargo, navigate different forms of terrain and even overcome partial or full barricades. Following are 7 reasons why you want to know how to drive a truck in emergency situations. 


Moving Your Stockpile

The most important step in disaster preparedness is to stock up on food, potable water, medical supplies and an array of durable items for creating a basic shelter when necessary. Having these things on hand, however, does not automatically mean that people will be able to survive challenging and unexpected developments. Changing locations could be critical for avoiding contamination of food and water stores and for the preservation of life. The ability to drive a truck will make it much easier to fit all people and goods into a single vehicle so that families are not split up and rations are not unnecessarily divided. 


Extreme Driving Conditions

Chances are that you will be facing extreme conditions in survival situations. According to Valley Driving School in Richmond, B.C. extreme weather conditions include extreme cold, extreme heat, wet roads, icy roads, extremely dry environments, snow, high winds and fog. Larger, more rugged vehicles are equipped to handle these types of conditions, however expert training is advised for some conditions. 

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Going Off Road

The ability to go off road in a 2wd vehicle is an important skill to master. Learning how to do this in a 4wd vehicle, however, will get you and your group where you need to go far faster and much easier. Larger trucks make great bug-out vehicles, even though they are more conspicuous than smaller autos with fewer navigation abilities. 


The Ability to Transport Your Own Fuel

Small-sized autos will rarely be sufficient for transporting all people, water, food items, clothing, medical supplies and shelter materials. They will also lack adequate space for storing extra fuel. A large-sized truck, however, will allow you to take several fuel cans in tow. This will make it possible to drive further without having to plot a route that is heavily reliant upon having access to gas stations. 


Overcoming Blockades

Many trucks will also have the ability to overcome or move past temporary blockages that have been established by authorities or private parties. In emergency events, creating feasible routes to safety will often require people to travel off the beaten path. Small obstacles that might cause problems for small-sized vehicles could be easily bypassed when riding in a large-sized truck. 


Picking People Up

In the interest of self-preservation, most survivalists will not be eager to add to their group when leaving potentially life-threatening circumstances behind them. When time allows, however, it could be advantageous to pick up like-minded individuals who have stored resources and tools that will compliment your own. This can even enhance the collective skill set. With a larger vehicle on hand, you will invariably have more options in terms of who and what you are willing and able to transport. Trips into densely populated areas to replenish fuel, food or medical supplies can be more productive as well and these can therefore be limited.

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Safe Shelter

When all else fails, a large-sized vehicle will provide safe shelter from the elements and will not require any modifications in order to do so. This will create a comfortable space for performing a wide variety of activities and could be far preferable to building a temporary shelter outside. Trucks as shelters will even provide limited access to a fairly reliable power and heat source. Using the truck as an alternative means for shelter will additionally make it easier for groups to quickly pack up camp and head to new areas when problems arise. 


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