Brand New Karen Hudes! End Of The Dollar System – Treason Within US Military – What’s Coming Next?

Karen Hudes joins FutureMoneyTrends in this brand new video to talk about a number of different world issues including treason within the US military, the failed false-flag nuke attempt against Charleston, SC, the criminal banking cartel, the ’2nd US Constitution’ and the coming end of the US dollar system.


Karen fills us in on the 133 developing countries around the world who are planning on joining the BRICS nations to go against the US dollar, along with our long-time allies around the world who are now abandoning America, leaving us isolated according to Karen.



“The United States is going to lose its leadership” Karen fills us in, due to our governments refusal to follow ‘the rule of law’. She also warns us of the potential of coming mass starvation if gold isn’t returned and a potential unilateral US surrender and our obliterated military strength due in large part to the fact that our military is largely working for the criminal banking system, rather than the American people, and when the federal reserve note crashes, everything comes apart.













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