Amazing Pictures Of Giant Holes In The Clouds… What Are They?


Amazing Pictures Of Giant Holes In The Clouds… What Are They?

First off… these are not chemtrails and they are not HAARP.

They are sky elementals known as sylphs… they often don’t appear punching their way through a cloud, so if you do witness this, you have been graced with a visitation from beings who were on earth, since earth began…. and that’s MILLIONS of years before the first caveman grunted.

Some of the ‘cloud’ that these ‘sylphs’ are in, are actually cloudships…. some of these larger cloudships, are actually cloaked spaceships… the cloaked ships and the sylphs want to make it clear, that they are working together… we can see both of them, at separate times, neutralizing the chemtrails.










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  1. Mike McGhee

    I have been studying and researching the chemtrils and HARRP for many years now.

    The images that you are all seeing is caused from microwaves from space.

    Who from space you ask?

    Use your head..,,Military and other global governments.


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