America Warning Is “Past The Point Of No Return” –“Breathtaking Path Of Destruction” Blazed By US Supreme Court Backs Russia And China

Russia, India and China can be held in the near future, says in addressing this issue Presidential Aide Yury Ushakov stated: “President Putin informed Chinese President Xi Jinping about the visit to New Delhi on 6 December in this context…It was stressed that this is essentially a new kind of international platform, established on the principles of openness, transparency, mutual respect and consideration of the interests and concerns of each other”—and is a “new kind of international platform” urgently needed when viewed in the context of Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova having just revealed: “We know what security issues are…This is why we are creating armed forces, calling on our Western partners to engage in talks on ways to make the world a safer and a more stable place, prevent conflicts and resolve issues peacefully…How many proposals did we send to our Western partners through the North Atlantic Alliance and how many answers did we get?…We sent a lot of proposals and did not get a single answer”.

As President Putin and President Jinping forge this path towards a “new kind of international platform” based on mutual respect between nations to achieve lasting security and peace, this report notes, fearful Western elites terrified of this effort describe it as: “The rising entente between Beijing and Moscow underscores the growing threats to the U.S.-led international order”—but while Moscow and Beijing are being accused with evermore shrill claims of threatening the “rules-based order” with aggression, sees the actual truth being: “Saying that Russia must “deescalate” the tensions with Ukraine in order to prove that Moscow is a responsible power…But how can Russia “deescalate” a situation that has been escalated by Washington and its NATO partners with regard to tensions over Ukraine from their support to the Russophobic Kiev regime?”—and—“Beijing is being demanded to “prove a negative”, that is, deescalate tensions over Taiwan when in fact it is the US that is winding up the tensions”.

President Putin describing Russia-China relations as a sample of genuine interstate cooperation in the 21st Century, with him stating to Chinese President Xi Jinping during their video conference: “I am glad to have a direct video link with you…It enables us to have a fundamental discussion of Russian-Chinese relations, comprehensive partnership and strategic interaction…I regard these relations as a sample of genuine interstate cooperation in the 21st century”, says in furtherance of peace and true global stability based on honesty, trust and respect between all nations, President Putin declared to President Jinping: “A new model of cooperation has been established between our countries, which is based, among other things, on such fundamentals as non-interference in internal affairs, respect for each other’s interests and the resolve to turn the joint border into a belt of everlasting peace and good neighborliness”.

At near the exact moment President Putin and President Jinping were discussing the belligerent war propoganda rhetoric spewed by the American-led military bloc NATO, this report notes, a spokesperson for the socialist terrorist organization Tigray People’s Liberation Front openly admitted that the United States secretly directed them to seize the capitol of Ethiopia and overthrow its democratically elected government—an outrage Russia and China immediately responded to by revealing their plan to create a new independent global financial system impervious to sanctions outside of Western control—caused Russia to warn of its preparations to deploy intermediate-range tactical nuclear missiles to the western border of Europe—and caused the Chinese Foreign Ministry to declare in righteous fury: “Justice may be delayed, but it will not be denied…The era in which the US acted arbitrarily in the world under the pretext of so-called democracy and human rights is over…The day of reckoning will eventually come for the US military who committed the crimes of killing innocent civilians in many countries”.

As this fast approaching “day of reckoning” looms for the socialist Biden Regime, this report continues, it was met by the leftist propaganda media outlet MSNBC issuing a dire warning claiming that 30-million Americans are ready to take up arms to throw Supreme Socialist Leader Joe Biden from power—a dire warning joined by the leftist New York Times fear-filled article “How To Tell When Your Country Is Past The Point of No Return”—fears and warnings quickly followed by the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America (PNAS) releasing an avalanche of warning documents with titles like “Polarization And Tipping Points” and “Inter-Individual Cooperation Mediated By Partisanship Complicates Madison’s Cure For ‘Mischief’s Of Faction’”—warning documents joined by more leftist warning articles like “Trump’s Next Coup Has Already Begun” and “Are We Doomed? To Head Off The Next Insurrection, We’ll Need To Practice Envisioning The Worst”—all of which, and more, when analyzed by world renowned Roman Catholic Church thought leader Cardinal Gerhard Ludwig Mueller, caused him to factually observe that these socialist elites are using Covid to usher in a total control surveillance state, and stated: “People, who sit on the throne of their wealth are seizing an opportunity to push through their agenda…They proclaim loudly that this is an opportunity to push their agenda, an agenda based on fraud, specifically the opinion that we can use modern technology to bring forth a new creation…That has nothing to do with democracy”.

Security Council Members in this transcript discussing these issues note that the greater masses of the American people have no knowledge that these PNAS warning documents used by the leftist propaganda media are societal battle plans—are battle plans now flooding every socialist institution and leftist media outlet throughout the entirety of America—and whose true reason for is revealed in leftist articles like “Abortion Access Shouldn’t Depend On Where You Live”, wherein it asks and states: “What happens to abortion access in our state if Roe v. Wade is overturned?…The short answer is that the battle for access to abortion falls back to the states”.

Being defended at all costs by the socialist Biden Regime and its Western allies, even to the point of pushing the world to the brink of total war to preserve it, this report explains, is the Liberal International Order (LIO), that’s otherwise known as the “rules-based or the US-led international order”—an order defined as “patterned or structured relationships among units” established in the aftermath of World War II, led in large part by the United States—are “structured relationships” between elite globalist organizations and institutions that set the rules everyone must live by under threat of imprisonment, economic retaliation and/or military devastation—but whose critical failing lies in this “rules based order” not being able to be held to account for its massive failings by the peoples forced to abide by what these globalist elites decide for them.

American is able to understand the confines of the existential war they’re nation is embroiled in—which is why practically none of them were able to comprehend the full and historic significance of the United States Supreme Court this week declining to block a vaccine mandate for healthcare workers in New York State—if being able to comprehend the significance of this high court ruling would see them being able to understand why the Wall Street Journal wrote: “Overturning Roe would erode the foundations not only of abortion but of an entire philosophy of American governance. Liberals abhor federalism…They don’t trust the states on abortion, voting or anything else…What they trust and want is single-authority government”—when understanding would see Americans awakening to the hammer blow this high court is about to reign down on socialist forces when they overturn the Roe v. Wade decision made a generation ago—a decision having nothing whatsoever to do with abortion rights, as its true purpose was to strip away rights given to the States under the Constitution and give them to the central government—in overturning this decision would then give the States back their powers, and by this high court declining to hear the New York vaccine mandate case shows they’re content with letting the States figure out their own problems and letting citizens vote on issues that concern them, or move to another State, instead of them being imposed by the central government—a factual reality that will deal a death blow to socialist forces, which is why in the leftist New York Times article “We’re Edging Closer To Civil War” it citied socialist high court Justice Sonia Sotomayor direly warning if Roe v. Wade is overturned: “This is a brazen challenge to our federal structure…It echoes the philosophy of John C. Calhoun, a virulent defender of the slaveholding South who insisted that States had the right to ‘veto’ or ‘nullify’ any federal law with which they disagreed”—and wherein this articles writer warns of the future soon coming: “The civil war I see is not the kind that would leave hundreds of thousands of young men dead in combat…That is not to say that we aren’t seeing spats of violence but rather that this new war will be fought in courts, statehouses and ballot boxes, rather than in the fields”.

While wondering if the United States Supreme Court will maintain its courage to overturn Roe v. Wade and return full power to the States to end this socialist madness and give the American people back their rights to decide issues for themselves through the ballot box, instead of everything imposed on them by a central government whose divided two-party leadership constantly changes, the conclusion section of this transcript sees Security Council Members noting that this is all occurring under the grave warning issued by President Putin that says: “Fifty years ago, the streets of Leningrad taught me one thing: If a fight’s inevitable, you must strike first”—a warning the socialist Biden Regime just met with the creation of a new low-yield B61-12 nuclear bomb, whose ease of use many fear is too tempting for the US not to use—if used would be retaliated against by Russia’s second largest in the world air forces, that would be joined by China’s air power—and in noticing the reality that the patience of both Russia and China has run out in dealing with the deranged socialist Biden Regime, and in wondering when they might strike back against an America tearing itself apart at the seams, is why today the Wall Street Journal observed: “ China and Russia may want to confront the U.S. and its allies sooner rather than laters…The U.S. military will require time to restructure and refit away from counterterrorism and toward high-intensity state-on-state great-power conflict…The Army Modernization Strategy published in 2019 sets 2035 as the deadline for transforming the Army into a multidomain-capable force…From a Russian or Chinese perspective, that means each additional year will shift imbalances, which currently favor them”.

Among the greatest present failings of this “rules based order”, this report details, are these elite globalist “structured relationships” being able to change reality itself and force everyone to believe things that aren’t true—and as best exampled today in the United States where ruling socialist elites strictly enforce the “white supremacist myth”—a myth nonsensically declaring that America is ruled over by a “patriarchal white supremacy”—in factual reality sees America being the least racist nation in the world as it’s evolved into one of the most multicultural nations where people from all backgrounds have managed to achieve upper middle class status in just one or two generations—in America today sees the main determiners of success being those coming from households that have both parents are present and stress education—when looking at facts like 11% of Asian children, 28% of white children and 69% of black children are born to unwed mothers explains why Asian women are now more successful than white men in the United States—and when “rules based order” elites are confronted by such a factual reality, makes it no wonder it’s now being observed: “In lieu of simply accepting that America does, in fact, allow and even encourage non-white people to succeed, progressives have instead decided that Asians must actually be part of the white in-group…And as confusing as that concept may be, with the logic of intersectionality becoming more convoluted by the day, Asian women should accept the possibility that they may actually be morphing into white men should their financial accomplishments continue”.

Most dangerous about these “rules based order” fanatics, this report continues, are their social change policies—best exampled today in their failed social experiment causing America’s crime wave—a social experiment that flooded American streets with criminals released from prison and bail, and sees it being reported: “Studies show as much as $68.9 billion in goods were stolen from retailers in 2019…The economic impact of retail crime is $125.7 billion in lost sales and 658,375 lost jobs”—and most critical to notice is that the 12 American cities having the highest murder rate are all under the strict control of “rules based order” supporting socialist Democrats.

The three most powerful nations opposed to the “rules based order”, this report notes, are the Russian Federation, whose government is a constitutional Christian theocracy, the People’s Republic of China, whose government is based on collective (communist) ideology, and the Republic of India, whose government is constitutional democracy—all of whose core and common philosophies devolve power upwards from their citizens though elected local and regional (State) governing bodies to the central government, not downward—and are designed to insure the central government won’t be rebelled against by citizens whose voices and/or needs aren’t being met.

In the United States, this report continues, its top down “rules based order” system of government is enforced by what is known as Democratic Judging, which recognizes that popular sovereignty is exercised through democratic institutions that express the “internal morality of democracy”, not the will of citizens—is a subversion of the American peoples’ constitutional right to self governance from the bottom up which Security Council Members noted yesterday the United States Supreme Court is preparing to deliver a hammer blow to restore—and is why in today’s transcript it sees them taking notice of the just published leftist New York Times warning article “Populism Has Found A Home At The Supreme Court, Too”, wherein it fearfully states: “Judicial populism, like the political version, insists there are clear, correct answers to complex, debatable problems and treats disagreement as illegitimate…Judicial populist rhetoric disparages the negotiations and compromises of democratic institutions…Instead, it claims special access to the law’s true meaning”.

At its most simplest to understand, this report explains, the United States is near completely ruled over by laws made by “rules based order” socialist institutions, both public and private, linked by “structured relationships”—a process that sees the US Congress, and many States, enacting vaguely worded laws—are vaguely worded laws which unelected government bureaucrats, corporate lobbyists and private institutions decide the final meaning of—after these unelected entities agree among themselves what these laws really mean, it sees the Democratic Judging process enforcing them—a process the leftist New York Times laughably calls “compromises of democratic institutions”—sees them saying such things like: “Regulatory statutes are purposely broad to allow different interpretations to emerge through discussions over time”—and then sees them striking back against: “Opinions that denigrate the decisions of legislatures and administrative agencies — the key institutions that mediate disagreements in our democracy”.

Unlike these “rules based order” socialists supporting unelected “structured relationships” making laws, however, this report continues, the United States Supreme Court believes that the only way to “mediate disagreements in a democracy” is to allow the American people to settle them at the ballot box, not “key institutions”—is exactly why this high court took up and heard the case American Hospital Association v. Becerra, that they intend to use to deal a death blow to the Chevron Deference doctrine—when this doctrine is overturned would see American lawmakers having to write their own laws and explain what they mean, and thus be wholly accountable to the people that elected them—and to understand how fed up this high court is with unelected entities making up their own laws, in 2017, it saw Chief Justice John Roberts questioning whether it would be legitimate for the court to limit partisan gerrymandering, after all, that would mean that the high court itself “will have to decide in every case whether the Democrats win or the Republicans win”.

Along with its plan to destroy the Chevron Deference doctrine and restore self governance rights to the American people so they know who’s making their laws, this report concludes, the United States Supreme Court is also preparing to rule on multiple cases that will eviscerate the “rules based order” and its “structured relationships”—rulings that will align America more closely to the bottom up ruling philosophy of nations like Russia, India and China—and in knowing what’s soon to come, explains why the leftist New York Times, in their terror-filled just published article “The Supreme Court, Weaponized”, exclaims with maximum fear about what’s really happening: “The resulting path of destruction of settled precedent and long-established norms is breathtaking”.

And just how and when America will fall … everything you took for guaranteed … you current lifestyle, the comforts of life and America will be erased of the face of the earth.. World War 3 will hit by.2022…And this is only real solution for you and your loved ones…



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