American Election Is Really About “Putin Energy Bomb” Christmas Present To West

Putin will hold a brief meeting with Security Council Members later today, says this follows the Pentagon announcing that Russia officially notified American military authorities of its plan to conduct annual exercises with its nuclear deterrence forces, and also follows Deputy Permanent Representative Dmitry Polyansky to the United Nations revealing that Kiev might be shelving its dirty bomb program after Russia exposed it, in his opinion, Ukraine has enough time to scale back the dirty bomb plans before the upcoming visit of the International Atomic Energy Agency inspectors, but added: “They can come, but I am telling you that a dirty bomb is not a very complex device…There is no guarantee that Kiev will not resume its activity after the inspectors depart”, then he observed: “If you read the Ukrainian Telegram channels, you would see that there is a lot of fuss in the Ukrainian ruling circles now because of the campaign that we have started to launch, and there are many signs that they are trying to sort of wind down this program”.

Upon British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak assuming power yesterday, this report notes, Supreme Socialist Leader Joe Biden dementedly called him “Rashee Sanook”—by whatever name he’s called though, the stark fact remains that Prime Minister Sunak was not elected to office by the British peoples as the socialist Western colonial demand of every country in the world, thus making him the true definition of a dictator granted absolute emergency power—and in his first dictatorial move, Dutch Defense Minister Kajsa Ollongren revealed that Prime Minister Sunak is about to abandon the American-led military bloc NATO and re-enter the European Union’s military mobility project, which seeks to boost the speed of military movements in Europe.

In another dictatorial move, this report continues, socialist Western colonial leader French President Emmanuel Macron ignored all of the elected political parties in France when he used Article 49.3 of the Constitution to force through his budget, which would pass the bill without a vote, and triggered a no-confidence motion from both sides of the political spectrum—but was a no-confidence motion that failed because it wasn’t supported by the Les Républicains or Independent LIOT Group political parties, neither of which supports sanctions on Russia and demand negotiations to end the conflict in Ukraine.

Immediately upon surviving the no-confidence motion that would have toppled his government, this report details, President Macron traveled to the Vatican and pleaded with Pope Francis to reach out to senior secular and religious officials in Russia and the United States to foster peace in Ukraine, after which he stated: “I encouraged Pope Francis to call President Vladimir Putin and the head of the Russian Orthodox Church Patriarch Kirill of Moscow, but also United States President Joe Biden…We need the United States to sit at the table to promote the peace process in Ukraine…Joe Biden has a real relationship of trust with the Pope…The Pope can have an influence on him for American re-engagement in Ukraine”—immediately after which the Kremlin welcomed the idea, with top spokesman Dmitry Peskov stating that Russia assumed President Macron’s goal was “aimed at finding a possible resolution” to the crisis in Ukraine, then he factually assessed: “That said, the remarks said nothing about anyone calling Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky and settling the issue of the legal system, which currently forbids any talks with Russia”.

Upon returning from the Vatican where he pleaded with Pope Francis to move President Biden towards peace, this report notes, President Macron will host German Chancellor Olaf Scholz for lunch later today—and is a meeting just joined by the leftist New York Times article “On Ukraine And On Energy, Germany Is Upsetting Its Allies In Europe”, wherein it states: “At a moment when Germany’s allies seek reassurance and leadership, even its closest partners wonder aloud about its commitment to European solidarity…Although Germany has long been Europe’s de facto leader, it has been slow to provide serious military equipment to Ukraine. It has also subsidized its own citizens’ energy bills while working to water down a price cap on gas that could alleviate pain in poorer countries of the European Union”.

Guiding sane European leaders today, this report continues, was former French President Nicolas Sarkozy having most factually this week assessed: “I regret that the European Union creates the impression that it is in slavery to the Americans…Whether we like it or not, countries do not change their address, Europe and Russia are doomed to maintain peaceful and good neighborly relations…If we managed to reconcile France and Germany, we can reconcile Europe and Russia”—an assessment joined by Norwegian Prime Minister Jonas Gahr Store, who factually observed: “There is nothing good in isolating Russia…It is alarming that today we have so few contacts and direct communication with Russia”—because of Russian isolation it caused chief economist Mattias Persson of one of Switzerland’s largest banks Swedbank to warn all of Europe today: “We have a hard and cold economic winter ahead of us”—a warning quickly joined by Chinese global energy expert Zheng Tao, who just grimly assessed: “The economic prospects for the Eurozone are getting bleaker, but the real test will be the heating season, which will start after October…At this time, both industry and the population will face big problems in the field of gas and electricity consumption”.

While Europe faces “a hard and cold economic winter”, this report notes, lunatic criminal warmonger Ukrainian President Zelensky just declared “We will definitely liberate Crimea”—is a declaration of lunacy coming at the same time the socialist Western colonial powers have estimated Ukraine needs $5-billion a month and it will cost over $349-billion to rebuild it after the conflict ends—is an estimated rebuilding cost that doesn’t include the Ukrainian electrical infrastructure Russian military forces continue to systematically obliterate—yesterday it saw Ukrainian Deputy Prime Minister Irina Vereshchuk posting the urgent message to refugees: “I will ask you not to return, we need to survive the winter…Unfortunately, the power grids will not survive, you see what Russia is doing”—and as documented in the just published leftist Washington Post article “How The E.U. Has Fallen Short On Promises To Ukrainian Refugees”, are millions of refugees from Ukraine the European Union no longer wants nor can afford the cost of, but could very well see millions more of them show up at their borders as winter strikes.

Among those trying to avert a looming catastrophe, this report continues, is top Republican Party leader US Congressman Kevin McCarthy, who said when his party takes power Ukraine would not keep getting “blank checks”, quickly after which he was attacked for being “pro-Putin”—an attack followed by articles like “30 House Dems Urge Dramatic Shift In Biden’s Ukraine Policy: ‘Get Serious About Diplomacy Or Risk Nuclear Miscalculation’”, that revealed: “A group of 30 House Democrats is now urging the Biden administration to pursue a diplomatic track with Moscow”—in immediate response to these House Democrats the leftist Washington Post fired back at them with the articles “This Is No Time To Go Wobbly On Resisting Russian Aggression” and “The Midterms Are A Referendum On Democracy In America And Ukraine”—after this leftist media pummeling, it was then reported: “A group of Democratic representatives in Washington have withdrawn a letter in which they urged President Joe Biden to try all means of ending the conflict in Ukraine, including “direct talks with Russia”…Concerned about being lumped in with anti-war Republicans, the lawmakers now say they back Biden’s policy of indefinite arms shipments to Kiev”—and for anyone trying to figure out what these House Democrats actually stand for, one need only look at their Congressional Black Caucus, that today is spending its money to elect white congressional Democrat Party candidate Frank Mrvan and defeat Black congressional Republican Party candidate Jennifer-Ruth Green, who would become the first Black Republican in American history to join the Congress.

Instead of explaining to the American people why the socialist Democrat Party controlled Congressional Black Caucus is supporting a white man trying defeat a Black woman, this report notes, the leftist Washington Post published their screed “Hyperpartisan ‘Local News’ Sites Are Dangerous To Democracy”, wherein it attacked numerous publications telling whatever truths they believe—a vicious attack against free speech noticed by top Kremlin media advisor Dmitry Kosyrev, who, in his just published open letter “There Is A Civil Information War Going On In The USA”, observed: “Has anyone calculated what percentage of GDP is “produced” by myriads of people brainwashing everyone and everything?…How much money is spent on information wars – on all occasions?…And at the same time – what will happen if all this public is deprived of funding: the place at the conditional “machine” is already, I suppose, occupied by a robot…The inevitable consequence of this onslaught on the brains will be that hundreds of millions of people will simply disconnect from the flow of any information”.

As an historical fact, this report explains, the “disconnect from the flow of any information” was an actual feature of the Soviet Stalinist Regime, that during the 1930s pummeled the minds of the Russian peoples with show trials, mass arrests of political opponents, branded parents as terrorists and flooded everyone’s mind with godless socialist ideology to destroy families and religion—a fact of history that by 1939 caused British Prime Minister Winston Churchill to famously observe: “I cannot forecast to you the action of Russia…It is a riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma: but perhaps there is a key…That key is Russian national interest”—in point of fact, was a Soviet “national interest” of civil information warfare specifically designed so that no one could know what the Russia peoples thought about anything, which enabled the socialists to proclaim as truth anything they made up in their godless minds—and is a history worth remembering because of the articles now appearing in America like “Frustrated With Polling? Pollsters Are, Too” and “Why Americans Are Concealing Their True Political Beliefs”, wherein expert pollsters admit their polls are mostly made up because voters won’t talk to them, and describes Americans today as being “a riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma” because they’re hiding what they really think and believe from everyone.

With absolutely no one knowing what American voters are going do on their 8 November midterm elections day, with them choosing between Republican Party peace or Democrat Party war, this report concludes, the history needed most to guide them should be the 1973 Oil Crisis, which was when the Arab world had enough of the United States meddling in its affairs and embargoed its oil to crash the economies of the Western colonial powers—and is history well remembered by actually sane leftist New York Times columnist Thomas Friedman, who, in his just published article “Putin Is Onto Us”, documents how insane the socialist Western colonial powers really are and warns: “Come December, Putin announces he is halting all Russian oil and gas exports for 30 or 60 days to countries supporting Ukraine, rather than submit to the European Union’s fixing of his oil price…He could afford that for a short while…That would be Putin’s energy bomb and Christmas present to the West…In this tight market, oil could go to $200 a barrel, with a commensurate rise in the price of natural gas…We’re talking $10 to $12 a gallon at the pump in the United States”. 


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