American Sleeper Cells: The Butchers Next Door

American Sleeper Cells

Is there anything that can be done to stop the phenomenon of homegrown Islamic extremists and the spread of American Sleeper Cells?

Right at this very moment and for the past several months prior, Islamic Jihadists are spreading into American cities and suburban communities and recruiting supporters to turn on our country. Maybe even your own neighbors down the street or even next door are buying into it — the lies about "Allah."

Though some of these American Jihadists may have been born and raised in the Middle East, nowadays many of their "Muslim brothers" are more and more American homegrown extremists.

Where is the hatred for fellow U.S. citizens coming from? Will it turn into war? Yes — and sooner than later at the looks of things.

American Jihadists want a revolution.

American Sleeper Cells spreading across U.S.

One day soon …. we are going to be attacked. Islamic Jihad is going to be truly unleashed. It's a demonic spirit sweeping into the naive hearts of many young Americans, mostly Muslim and of Arab descent but more frightening than that are their peers who are Western descent, look western, have attended western schools, and even may have a good western job. Many of them too are right now being seduced by their Islamic friends with extremist views and growing hatred toward the very country that welcomed them in and where many of them now are citizens. To them, this is a revolution — an attempt to overthrow the Great Satan, as America is thought of by many Muslims in the Middle East.

The spread of Jihad is Demonic

Now, it's time to fact check me as I write this piece. I want readers to approach this subject with a level head, because I am about to get Biblical, comparing events from today from "future" events in the Bible. When I have gotten Biblical in the past, some readers have really gotten anxious — anxious to prove me a "religious zealot" rather than recognizing that I'm simply pointing to events that are currently taking place and then warning that these are likely events from the Book of Revelation — the last chapter in the Bible.

The questions we need to ask …

Are homegrown extremists currently spreading their propaganda? Yes. Have they attacked Americans before? Yes. Are they likely to attack Americans again? Yes. How big do they want their movement to get?

As big as "Allah" allows it to be. Remember, they believe that this is all spelled out and being directed by "Allah," their god.

At this point, whether you believe or don't believe in the Bible, you have to accept the above statements as true events — because they are all true.

So far we are simply discussing true events that are taking place right now. If you'll bear with me, and let me introduce some additional truths (what I believe are truths), I would like to shed further light on the threat from homegrown extremists and explain why this is likely to get extremely bad for us in the times ahead.

The rise of an Anti-Christ army

The Bible warns about an anti-Christ army that will come to power in the end of days, and from the Bible we know that's its rise to power has supernatural roots. It is a move of Satan as God above prepares to unleash judgment on a world where many have turned their back on God and live lives clearly as enemies of God.

Since most of the world has chosen evil — God gives them just that: Evil.

Right at this very moment your Muslim neighbors and or Muslim coworkers may have some hidden motives; those that are sitting on the fences about extremist beliefs may be quietly harboring a grudge and more and more are being seduced to turning against the West and being on the side of the American sleeper cells that are spreading across the country and spewing their propaganda via the web, through social media, through jihadist websites, through collegiate and possibly even high school clubs, etc, etc.

So many of us are expecting terrorist attacks to occur in shocking ways and in ways that are sure to make headlines new: Massacres with machine guns. Dirty bombs. Bombs planted around shopping malls, business districts and government buildings.

But there is another terror that is sure to unfold at the same time. That is this: Several communities and neighborhoods are going to find themselves immediately under attack by local radicalized Muslims and their supporters, people who are right now being indoctrinated into their cause. They are building a small army and that army is intent on revolting on the U.S. and is going to use murder and mayhem to instill fear and attempt to seize power with the goal to convert Americans to the Islamic faith or simply take their lives if they won't convert.

Some of them are police. Some of them are U.S. soldiers. Some of them are bus drivers, work at airports, drive semi trucks, or are even connected to the underworld of weapons smuggling and organized crime. That's one reason that this is a very serious threat. Our attackers could be any of us.

American extremist Muslims

Remember, this is a demonic spirit we are talking about. Otherwise, apart from a demonic spirit, the idea of a rebel army of American Islamic extremists actually seizing power on a small scale is absurd. Surely no Americans in their right mind would want to sign on to these kind of ideals?

But, if this is a result of judgment from the Lord, and if this is the beginnings of the anti-Christ army coming to power (from Revelation's warnings about the end of days), then it's simply going to happen and we are not going to be able to stop it.

Is this Biblical judgment we're up against?

The Bible calls us to repent from sin, and to grow in our faith by reading and applying the Bible's teachings to our lives. We are called to surrender to Jesus and let the Holy Spirit lead our lives and transform our lives. We are called to "walk like Jesus." Learning from Jesus. Doing what Jesus says to do. Being sincere in our beliefs and living fearlessly for His name. Enduring persecution. Enduring hardships. Never turning our back on God (even though it may happen in life; thank God for his mercy and patience and that he has given us time to come to repentance.)

Many people though fail to do so, despite all of the specific warnings about events that will be taking place in the end times. The wrath of God on the nations…

We are running out of time. Right now the individual communities where you and I and our families live may have an American sleeper cell busy at work; busy getting weapons, busy getting supporters, busy getting ready for the day that the Great War against the Great Satan can finely take place.

FBI can't stop it and doesn't understand it

To these Islamic extremists, it seems that Allah is on their side. The FBI is doing a poor job of breaking up sleeper cells and an even worse job of preventing their extremist propaganda from being spread through channel after channel and group after group.

The FBI of course doesn't see it this way or even understand that this is a demonic spirit at work. Maybe the few at the FBI who happen to be Bible believing Christians will recognize homegrown Islamic extremism for what it is, but for the most part my guess is that few in the FBI hold to these Biblical beliefs and most of them fail to recognize that they are up against Satan as Satan is building his end times army.

The irony of course is that Islamic extremists see us as the Great Satan, not grasping that the murder and butchering they will gladly unleash on innocents in their own neighborhoods and at their workplace is just plain evil. They think it's just. Butchering children isn't just though; it's evil. Yet, that is what is likely to be just one of many terrible events coming to our nation in the days ahead at the hands of extremists.

What do we do about it?

While Christians are taught to turn the other cheek to our enemies and persecuters, we are also called to protect the weak and the innocent and rule with justice. I am torn now on whether or not it's a good idea to encourage Christians and non-Christians who may be reading this to be able and ready to form militant groups; we have to be ready to fight and destroy any radical Islamic elements that attack us. Anyone ready for that fight?

We have to defend our own neighborhoods and especially our schools. We may have to come out fighting from day one. The homegrown extremists have the element of surprise on their side. They can blend in and look like us; remember that attack in San Bernadino? The day that Islamic extremists and their Sleeper Cells and supporters begin an all out war on us, we can expect one thousand San Bernadino attacks that day, all across the country.

I don't know about you, but I don't like the idea of radicalized homegrown extremists turning on their neighbors and telling them to swear allegiance to Allah or die, right there on the spot.

I don't want to stand to the side and hear about how one terrorist after another stormed local high schools and colleges and butchered students and anyone else caught by one of their bullets or bombs.

Islamic Jihad forced conversions sound a lot like the anti-Christ's forced conversions

Remember what Revelation tells us about the anti-Christ army and that it will demand that non-believers become believers in the anti-Christ? Surely, the anti-Christ is not going to be known by his followers as the anti-Christ.

What if, instead, he is simply known as Allah?

Right now many of you reading this are going to be hesitant to forward it or share it or sound any warning to other Americans about the true roots of the Islamic extremist threat… and where it is going. I understand … as I write this and I picture how others will take my message … it probably seems like "religious paranoia" and unfortunately that's how a few readers are likely to respond to it. Personally, that doesn't bother me. Should it bother you if these are your family, friends, neighbors, and coworkers all facing the same threat from American sleeper cells?

With that in mind, rather than share this article, or forward it to friends (though you can do that if you are concerned about the homegrown extremist threat and that a war is coming to our home front soon), instead please bookmark this page, add it to your favorites, remember what you read and heard here.

So that if a Great War finely begins, and if an army of Islamic extremists, many of them born and raised right here on American soil, start attacking us, start attempting to seize power on local scales… Well, if you have the means, that may be a great time to forward this article to your friends and family ... maybe, if they see first hand the attacks actually taking place, they will understand that we are now experiencing the next civil war on American soil and that this is a demonic spirit that is leading these former citizens to revolt on their fellow citizens and government.

American Civil War — Islamic roots

Do you protect the innocent? Do you run for the hills instead? Or do you just swear allegiance to Allah and join their ranks and save your own skin? Before you go doing that — remember what the Bible warns about those who will swear allegiance to the anti-Christ; they are going to suffer forever and join the punishment of those who are thrown in the lake of fire.

Besides, it's never a good idea to throw in your lot with an army of murderers. Instead, take a stand for what you believe, and be prepared to tell Islamic extremists that you believe in Jesus, and that Jesus is your Lord and Savior, that Allah is not God, but a false god. Of course, you may not live much longer, not if an armed Islamic extremist has his way, but you have passed one of the severest tests a Christian could face in this life. You have stood on your faith, even in the face of death. You may die in that moment but rest assured that God promises to bring you back from death into his eternal kingdom, where Christ is king.

This my friends, is the Secret of Survival. In Matthew 24, Jesus is coming for "survivors." That's ironic that in all these years I've been publishing on survival and from time to time throwing in warnings from the Bible about the end of days that Jesus might be using "survival" as a way to prepare us for what is to come.

Up until that time comes, if it comes in our lifetime, prayer is our weapon, the Bible is our instruction manual, and Christ is our teacher, preparing us for things that are to come … and teaching us what to do when that time does come. Read your Bible, believe it, so that you know what to do with your life and this brief time we are here on earth. A new chapter is about to begin.

It starts with violence.


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