Americans Warned “Control Fate Of World” After Trump Declared “Biggest Danger To World”

Putin told the St. Petersburg International Cultural Forum – Forum of United Cultures yesterday: ”Russia is set to work most closely together with all those who share our values of peace, friendship and mutual respect…With those who are ready to take part in the formation of a modern multi-polar world based on civilizational and cultural diversity…Preserving the identity of peoples and equal rights and opportunities for all states is the guarantee of successful development of humanity”, says he also stated: “Members of the LGBTQ community and its culture are part of a modern society and shouldn’t be barred from being represented at cultural events or contests…At the same time, such themes must not be mandatory criteria for winning said contests, as appears to occur in the West…But I’ll tell you something unexpected…They too – these topics and these people – have the right to win, show and tell, because this is also part of society…This is also what people live by…It’s bad if they just win all sorts of competitions, that’s of no use”.

Immediately following President Putin’s statement about the LGBTQ community, this report notes, the Ministry of Justice announced it filed a lawsuit with the Supreme Court to label the international LGBT public movement as extremist and to outlaw its operations in Russia—is a lawsuit against the international LGBT public movement based on the events now occurring in Spain, whose socialist government has forced human soul destroying woke ideology on its peoples for the past 20 years to disastrous effect—and the last time this occurred in history was during the Spanish Civil War, which was the 1936-1939 proxy conflict between the socialist Western colonial powers and the former Soviet Union that ignited World War II.

With Spain now standing on the brink of civil war once again, this report continues, America’s most popular and trusted newsman Tucker Carlson ignited leftist media rage this week when he traveled to Spain to interview nationalist-populist VOX Party leader Santiago Abascal, wherein the American peoples were given a preview about what’s about to befall them—and former Spanish Prime Minister José María Aznar released his open letter “A Secessionist Crisis In Spain”, wherein he warned: “The democracy Spain regained in 1978 faces a critical moment…The party of Pedro Sánchez, acting prime minister since July, is trying to make his role official by offering concessions to secessionists, unleashing a constitutional crisis…The Socialists, in exchange for power, have crossed a line considered unbreachable three months ago…Given the de facto abrogation of the Constitution, Spain is on the brink of constitutional collapse”.

Also standing on the brink of civil war, this report details, is the South American nation of Argentina, whose peoples will go to the polls tomorrow to choose between nationalist-populist leader Javier Milei or radical socialist ruler Sergio Massa, about which the American leftist NPR news service reported today: “This Sunday’s presidential runoff is like no other election in recent Argentine history….The country is in its worst financial crisis in years, with annual inflation topping 140%, poverty rising and the national currency losing value daily…A far-right libertarian who brandishes a chainsaw at rallies while pledging to radically slash state spending has shaken up the political establishment…Polls are too close to call”.

While socialist forces have Spain and Argentina on the brink of civil war, this report notes, articles appeared last evening in America like “House Speaker Mike Johnson OFFICIALLY Releases First Batch of January 6 Surveillance Camera Footage – And Guess What?…No Insurrection! No Riot!”—President Donald Trump quickly responded with the message: “Congratulations to Speaker of the House, Mike Johnson for having the Courage and Fortitude to release all of the J6 Tapes, which will explicitly reveal what really happened on January 6th!”—and the leftist Axios news service reported this morning: “Former President Trump on Friday survived a Colorado legal challenge seeking to remove him from the 2024 presidential ballot, AP reports, as efforts across the country have been largely unsuccessful…At least 31 cases filed across the U.S. have argued the Republican presidential front-runner should be disqualified over his actions surrounding the U.S. Capitol riot through the 14th Amendment’s insurrection clause”.

In response to the shocking news: “Following a ‘thorough investigation,’ special counsel Robert Hur is unlikely to charge anyone in connection to President Joe Biden’s classified document scandal, according to multiple reports citing sources familiar with the matter”, this report continues, enraged Americans posted an avalanche of social media comments like: “They’re trying to throw Trump in prison over classified documents that he DID have the authority to declassify but Biden won’t even get a slap on wrist for mishandling + keeping classified docs he kept as a VP/Senator when he wasn’t able to declassify them…Political prosecution!”—in the grossest example of “political prosecution”, however, President Trump is enduring a sham trial in New York where the socialist judge found him guilty before the trial even began, without witnesses, other evidence, and cross-examination, and denied him a jury—and in the just released legal article “Trump’s New York Civil Case Is A Brazen Declaration Of Lawfare”, sees it assessing:

There was a long-standing unwritten rule that the government did not bring such claims against politicians of a certain echelon during a campaign out of concern they would interfere with election results and diminish the value of citizens’ votes.

The American left has obliterated that golden rule for one man.

All thinking people should expect that when the gate swings the other ideological way, those supporting the current administration will feel the same desensitized wrath of reciprocal lawfare and their smiles will turn to tears. While that may sound attractive, it is unfortunate that we have digressed to a place where some politicians have decided the best way to win an election is to weaponize government, consume resources, and burn their surrogates’ credibility to keep the other guy off the ballot.

A year or so from now, Donald Trump might be a lawfare victim, lighter in the wallet, and/or an incarcerated private citizen. Or he will be the president of the United States, with a memory like an elephant, holding vast levers of power while living out a long life before appeals on any of these convictions or findings of liability fully run their courses.

That should give pause to those who cannot hide their glee at the unprecedented legal onslaught.

With articles appearing this week like “Poll: Trump Leads Biden Nationally, Towers Over Primary Challengers”, “Democrats Reeling As Spanish Language News Leader Changes Its Tune On Trump” and “Black Female Rapper Says She Will Vote For Trump Because She Believes ‘You Absolutely Need Guns’”, this report details, American election experts quickly observed: “It’s worth noting that not only does Biden appear to be losing generally to Trump, but the incumbent is losing his own dependable voters to his rival…Polls show Biden is hemorrhaging black, Hispanic, suburban, and young voters — all demographics that reliably vote Democrat”.

For Americans believing it will be their choice if President Joe Biden is the candidate to run against President Trump, this report notes, it was quietly revealed this week: “Rules adopted by the Democratic National Committee in 2022 leave the DNC as the sole authority to appoint a Presidential nominee where that nominee resigns after the August 2024 convention”—a revelation joined by Politico reporting today: “A surge of lawmakers calling it quits the past three weeks is on the verge of putting Congress on pace to have more members retire before the next election than in any similar cycle over the past decade…And the implications are huge…In most cases, retirements deprive their party of a proven fundraiser and vote-getter…And several recent retirements are injecting fresh uncertainty into the tight battles for control of each chamber in 2024…Over the past few weeks, Democrats have lost a three-time winner in ruby-red West Virginia and a handful of swing-district House members who had success in competitive territory…This month alone, nine members of the House and Senate have said they won’t run for reelection next year…That’s the second-most in any single month going back at least as far as 2011 — and there’s still two weeks left in November…A total of 34 members of Congress have already announced they’re not running again, and that doesn’t count those who plan to quit early or have already resigned”.

Along with the nearing record number of United States lawmakers who are fleeing from office like rats from a sinking ship, this report concludes, American election expert Professor Sheldon Jacobson at the University of Illinois concluded based on all of the historical data he’s examined: “In spite of such political drama, the data suggests that neither Trump nor Biden will be elected president on Nov. 8, 2024”—a conclusion, however, that was quickly joined by the article “The Economist: Donald Trump Is the ‘Biggest Danger to the World’”, wherein it revealed:

Former President Donald Trump “poses the biggest danger to the world in 2024”, says the Economist, a leading globalist magazine.

“A shadow looms over the world”, declares the November 16 article, adding that “the prospect of a second Trump term fills the world’s parliaments and boardrooms with despair. But despair is not a plan. It is past time to impose order on anxiety”.

The magazine also does not try to explain why a former real-estate investor and TV host has become a bigger danger to the world than disease, mass migration, or the elite refusal to look for a diplomatic fix for the war with nuclear-armed Russia.

Instead, the magazine’s handwringing writers hide their refusal to make normal concessions by pretending that Trump’s campaign pitches are steely eyed, apocalyptic convictions, saying:

The greatest threat Mr. Trump poses is to his own country. Having won back power because of his election-denial in 2020, he would surely be affirmed in his gut feeling that only losers allow themselves to be bound by the norms, customs and self-sacr

ifice that make a nation. In pursuing his enemies, Mr. Trump will wage war on any institution that stands in his way, including the courts and the Department of Justice.

A second Trump term would be a watershed in a way the first was not. Victory would confirm his most destructive instincts about power. His plans would encounter less resistance. And because America will have voted him in while knowing the worst, its moral authority would decline.

The article ends with an inadvertent admission that ordinary citizens have the ballot-box power to curb their elite power.

“The election will be decided by tens of thousands of voters in just a handful of states. In 2024, the fate of the world will depend on their ballots”.

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