Americans Warned “It’s Time To Think Through Consequences” On Eve Of Armageddon

Phone call held this morning between President Putin and German Chancellor Olaf Scholz: “Attention was drawn to the destructive policy that is being pursued by Western countries, including Germany, who are flooding the Kiev regime with weapons and training Ukrainian troops…As a result of all this, as well as of the comprehensive financial support for Ukraine, Kiev keeps outright rejecting the very idea of talks…In addition, it encourages radical Ukrainian nationalists to commit more heinous crimes against civilians”, then reveals: “It was noted that the Russian Armed Forces had been refraining from conducting precision missile strikes on certain targets in the Ukrainian territory for a long time, but now such measures have become necessary and unavoidable as a reaction to Kiev’s provocative attacks on Russian civilian infrastructure, including the Crimean Bridge and energy facilities”—after which top Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov declared to the socialist Western colonial powers: “President Joe Biden’s demand that talks will be possible only after Putin leaves Ukraine is something that Moscow will not accept…The special military operation continues…That said, President Putin was, is, and will be open to contacts for talks…Certainly, the preferred path for securing our interest is peaceful diplomacy”.

Immediately following the phone talks held between President Putin and Chancellor Scholz, this report notes, the press service of the Russian Cabinet of Ministers announced that Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin and Premier of the Chinese State Council Li Keqiang will hold the 27th regular meeting of the two countries’ heads of government on Monday-5 December, in a video conference format—a meeting that follows the Chinese military revealing its forces “followed and warned away” the American guided-missile cruiser USS Chancellorsville after it approached the Nansha Islands in the South China Sea early on Tuesday—in quick response to this blatant aggression by the socialist Western colonial powers, Russian and Chinese nuclear weapons capable bombers and fighter aircraft flew into the South Korean air defense zone—after which American defense experts revealed: “Chinese and Russian long-range bombers made reciprocal visits to each other’s bases following a joint patrol over regional waters, marking the first such visit following a bomber patrol involving the two countries”—all of which was joined this morning by Japan opting out of World War III, with the Sankei Shimbun newspaper revealing: “A clear provision on the inadmissibility of preventive strikes on a potential enemy’s territory will be included in one of the three fundamental documents on national security to be adopted by the Japanese government by the end of the year…Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida told the Japanese Parliament on 30 November that he ruled out the possibility of preventive military actions…According to him, it was contrary to international law”.

After Russia and China announced this week that they are developing a system of settlements which could allow cross-border transactions without using the socialist Western colonial financial messaging system, SWIFT, this report continues, the socialist Biden Regime stepped up pressure on its European allies to harden its stance against China—in quick response, British Commonwealth member Canada with its 68,000 member standing military branded China as an “increasingly disruptive global power”—then it saw British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak, whose British Army will soon have just 72,500 soldiers, the lowest figure since the Napoleonic Wars, warning China: “Let’s be clear, the so-called golden era is over”—a warning immediately followed by Britain kicking China out of a nuclear power plant project, that will cost British taxpayers $814 million to buy out China’s share—then this morning it was revealed that the London council rejected the Chinese application to move its embassy to land it had purchased in 2018.

With only 10% of military forces engaged in actual combat, as the other 90% support those fighting, this report details, Finnish Prime Minister Sanna Marin faced this factual reality about World War III telling her socialist European Union allies today: “I’ll be brutally honest with you, Europe isn’t strong enough…We would be in trouble without the United States”—as the socialist Biden Regime drags its European allies towards a war against tens-of-millions of Russian and Chinese troops armed with nuclear weapons, the German defense ministry announced it only has two-days of ammunition left—an announcement quickly joined by the revelation: “Germany’s Federal Ministry of Finance has reportedly rejected an urgent call by Defense Minister Christine Lambrecht for more money to deal with a massive ammunition shortfall in the country’s military”—and today it saw top military experts assessing: “Because of NATO’s insistence on expanding eastward, we have the current conflict in Ukraine…And Ukraine is quickly becoming a failed state and a humanitarian crisis…Nonetheless, NATO is undeterred…This alliance continues to be the biggest threat to pan-European security…It is also indifferent to the damage it does to the international system”.

On 6 October, this report concludes, it saw President Joe Biden warning a small group of Democrat Party donors behind closed doors: “Putin is a guy I know fairly well and the Russian leader is not joking when he talks about the use of tactical nuclear weapons or biological or chemical weapons…We have not faced the prospect of Armageddon since Kennedy and the Cuban Missile Crisis”—a warning ignored by the leftist media and nearly all of the American people, but wasn’t ignored by world renowned American grand strategy historian Stephen Wertheim, Ph.D., at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, who, in his just published leftist New York Times open letter “Can America Really Envision World War III?”, reveals: “Around 1 percent of U.S. veterans of World War II remain alive to tell their stories…It is estimated that by the end of this decade, fewer than 10,000 will be left…The vast majority of Americans today are unused to enduring hardship for foreign policy choices, let alone the loss of life and wealth that direct conflict with China or Russia would bring”, then most factually observes:

Preparing the country shouldn’t begin with tanks, planes and ships.

It will require a national effort of historical recovery and imagination — first and foremost to enable the American people to consider whether they wish to enter a major war if the moment of decision arrives.

A few years ago, it was still possible to expect a benign geopolitical future. Although “great power competition” became the watchword of Pentagonese, the phrase could as easily imply sporting rivalry as explosive conflict. Washington, Moscow and Beijing would stiffly compete but could surely coexist.

How quaint. The United States now faces the real and regular prospect of fighting adversaries strong enough to do Americans immense harm.


This grim reality has arrived with startling rapidity. Since February, the war in Ukraine has created an acute risk of U.S.-Russia conflict. It has also vaulted a Chinese invasion of Taiwan to the forefront of American fears and increased Washington’s willingness to respond with military force. “That’s called World War III”, indeed.

The deaths of more than 7,000 service members in the post-Sept. 11 wars — and approximately four times as many by suicide — devastated families and communities but were not enough to produce a Vietnam-style backlash.

Likewise, although the wars have cost a whopping $8 trillion and counting, the payments have been spread over decades and passed to the future.

Not having to worry about the effects of wars — unless you enlist to fight in them — has nearly become a birthright of being American.

That birthright has come to an end.

The United States is entering an era of intense great power rivalry that could escalate to large-scale conventional or nuclear war.

It’s time to think through the consequences.

In short, a war with Russia or China would likely injure the United States on a scale without precedent in the living memory of most citizens.












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