Armageddon 2016 End of Days, The New World Order Plans for 2015 Illuminati


Armageddon 2016 End of Days, The New World Order Plans for 2015 Illuminati

The Illuminati. The Freemasons. Are they the same thing? Are they different? Are they related to each other? Are the Freemasons a sub-organization of the Illuminati?
It is probably safe to say that there is a strong relationship between the two organizations. Some Freemasons are Illuminati. However, not all Freemasons are Illuminati and the groups are absolutely distinct entities. The Illuminati is generally a term to describe the people that “run the world behind the scenes.” They are a select group of the wealthiest individuals who control global wealth and influence. They essentially own the media companies, major corporations, oil companies, the financial industry, etc. They also “own” the politicians.
The Freemasons, on the other hand, is a secret fraternal organization that almost anyone can join provided that they are sponsored by a Freemason and go through the initiation process. Becoming a Freemason does not mean you are Illuminati, but I would say that the most top-level Freemasons are likely Illuminati. There is a hierarchy to the Freemasons and with each level that a Mason goes through, more knowledge about Freemasonry is revealed to them. There are 33 degrees of Freemasons of the Scottish Rite, so it’s likely only these top-level Masons that are members of the Illuminati. The way I see things, I feel that the Freemasons are a group that the Illuminati “controls” to carry out their agenda.

I see the Freemasons as servants to the Illuminati and the purpose of the group is to effectively gain influence in different areas of the world, their “foot soldiers” or “eyes and ears” if you will. For example, the Illuminati may use the Freemasons to groom a particular individual to become a local politician so that particular politician can push the agenda of the Illuminati at a local political level or Freemason connections may have a particular individual become the CEO of an important company.

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Another reason I believe there is a close link between the the two groups is due to the symbolism that the groups share. Both Illuminati and Freemasons give great important to the “all-seeing eye” or the Eye or Horus, the Egyptian god of sun. The Freemasons call this the symbol of “The Great Architect” while Illuminati may refer to this symbol as the “Light Bearer” which has been equated to mean Lucifer or Satan. Another common theme that you’ll come across for these two organizations is that Satan is the source or their knowledge and power. After all, knowledge is power and the way people have theorized that the Illuminati are the world’s wealthiest individuals is due to Satan bestowing this knowledge to them. An example of the knowledge I’m talking about would be how famous Illuminati members became the titans of industry. John D. Rockefellar started Standard Oil Company (which is now Exxon-Mobile).

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