Asteroids Could Destroy Cities ‘WITHOUT WARNING’ as Giant Space Rocks Head for Earth To Hit Earth Any Day Now ‘Planes Will Fall From the Sky’ Huge Solar Storm Could Plunge Britain into Darkness To Hit Earth Any Day Now

Asteroids Could Destroy Cities 'WITHOUT WARNING' 

KILLER asteroids big enough to crush cities could be bound for Earth and we would have no idea they are coming, or any way to stop them.

ASTEROID: City-destroying meteors could be hurtling towards Earth – and we would never know

Scientists have warned space rocks with enough power to completely level cities and kill more one million people pose a very real threat to humankind.

Current asteroid warning systems run by government agencies such as NASA were slammed, as experts said they were insufficient to tackle the looming space threat.

They warned asteroids carrying enough weight and speed to devastate whole cities can sneak past any current warning systems.

CITY DESTROYER: An asteroid of just 35 metres could level a city

The shocking revelation was made at a conference in Paris announcing the birth of new space nation Asgardia and plans for a new asteroid defence system to protect Earth.

Speaking exclusively to Daily Star Online, the founding father of the Asgardia, scientist and businessman, Dr Igor Ashurbeyli made the ominous warning.

He said the Chelyabinsk Meteor, an approximately 20 metre asteroid, which crashed into Earth in 2013 was a shocking wake-up call for mankind.

ARMAGEDDON: Asteroids could strike 'without warning'


The rock crashed to Earth with an impact bigger than a nuclear bomb and caused around injured more 1,500 across six cities.

Yet the meteor did not even crash near a populated area and no one on Earth knew it was hurtling towards us.

For a moment, the asteroid burned across the sky brighter than the sun. 

Speaking at the conference at the Ritz Hotel in Paris, Dr Ashurbeyli said: “The fact is, there is no protection. Protection is none existent and is only at a theoretical level.


“We need to keep in mind an asteroid of around 50 metres is capable of destroying a city with more one million people, and an asteroid of 1.5 kilometres could destroyed,

“Look at the last major asteroid, the one which fell near Chelyabinsk, it could have easily been destroyed by an anti-missile defence system.

“However, no one on the whole planet saw it approaching.”

He added we know the current warning systems are not good enough because these near-miss asteroid strikes have “actually happened” and we no examples “spotting one in time and being capable of destroying it”.


Last month a huge light in sky sparked panic in Australia as a meteor struck the coast of Queensland triggering an earthquake and a huge explosion.

NASA currently have a masterplan to lasso a “hazardous” asteroid and drug it back to Earth.

Across the world people are preparing for the end, either from asteroids or global war, as survival firm Vivos sets up luxury fallout shelters.

'Planes will fall from the sky' Huge solar storm could plunge Britain into darkness

A MASSIVE solar storm could cause plane crashes, plunge cities into darkness, knock satellites out of the sky and trigger total chaos.

Scientists warned the risk of colossal "space weather" events is the "biggest threat" currently facing mankind.

Solar storms and flares are huge eruptions of intense radiation from the sun's surface which interfere with electronics and radio signals on Earth.

Massive explosions with the power of millions of nuclear bombs send the radiation hurtling through the solar system.

A big enough event could knock power grids out and fry GPS satellites on Earth.

SPACE WEATHER: Solar flares send radiation hurtling towards earth at millions of miles an hour

Dr Joseph Pelton, former dean of the International Space University, made the stark warning about the threat of solar storms while speaking exclusively to Daily Star Online.

The scientist had previously proposed a giant "magnetosphere" that could save humanity from an incoming solar storm.

He warned if satellites go down across the plane in a huge space weather event it could render guidance systems on planes "inoperable" with potentially devastating consequences.

Dr Pelton added a big enough hit could affect "billions" of people and warned "it is just a matter of time" before there is a big enough eruption.

Barack Obama's government have previously warned about the danger of a "doomsday" solar storm.


INTO DARKNESS: Power girds could be knocked out by a Solar Storm

The scientist said: "The current biggest threat to our planet in probability is probably the solar storm.

"There was the Carrington Event of 1859, which if that happened today it could probably take out all the world's power grids and impact our telecommunications networks, knock out the internet on the ground, and take down GPS systems."

During the Carrington Event, telegraph systems all over the world failed – with operators across Europe receiving electronic shocks and pylons exploding in showers of sparks.

In June 2013, Lloyd's of London used data from the event to predict the damage from a similar event today, clocking it at £2.6 trillion.

FIREBALL: The Sun is constantly fluctuating between 'Solar Max and Solar Minimum'

Dr Pelton: "These storms, with ions travelling at millions of miles an hour, when they hit the Earth's atmosphere basically it slams way out and all these systems go down.

"Power systems go down, pipelines go down, for me this is the biggest threat in the next 50 years, and on top of that the Earth's magnetic field is shifting and that affects the Van Allen Belts which protect us from these solar storms.

"There are some projections which say in the next 50 years these will be down to just 15% of what they are today. So in terms of real threats from the cosmos, that for me is number one."

ERUPTION: A massive solar storm could impact 'billions of people'

The scientist spoke to Daily Star Online at the launch of new "space nation" Asgardia in Paris.

Part of the project is to create a space defence shield which would protect Earth from both solar storms and asteroid strikes.

Founder of the space nation Dr Igor Ashurbeyli previously warned us about the risk of a major asteroid with enough force to destroy a city crashing into Earth "without warning".

Professor David Alexander, director of the Rice Space Institute at Rice University, Houston, Texas, said: "Just think about what would happen if London lost its power for three days, the chaos would be immeasurable."

He warned about the impact solar storms could have on self-driving cars, saying "you could end up having 5 metre shift, and if you are in a self driving car on the M25, you can going to have a major impact".

The scientist added work is currently under way to explore an advance warning system so we can "predict arrival times and strengths". 


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