Biden Declares “The United States Is Coming To An End” While Celebrating “Fedsurrection”

Today first noting President Putin attended an overnight Orthodox Christmas service at the Church of the Image of the Savior, located at his presidential residence in Novo-Ogaryovo outside Moscow, says afterwards he was informed that Kazakhstan President Kassym-Jomart Tokayev declared: “I have given an order to the law enforcement and military to shoot to kill without warning”The president has rejected the idea of resolving the ongoing crisis through negotiations. “It’s nonsense. What kind of talks can one have with criminals and murderers?” he insisted.

Kazakhstan is facing “armed and well-trained militants, both local and foreign,” Tokayev said. Describing them as “bandits and terrorists,” he asserted that they should be “eliminated.”

The situation has mostly stabilized in Almaty, Aktobe, and elsewhere across the country, he said, but the security forces are continuing their “anti-terrorist operation,” as not all of the perpetrators have laid down their weapons.
—a declaration President Putin was assured does not affect the mission of the Moscow-based Collective Security Treaty Organization, that is flooding Kazakhstan with thousands of peacekeeping troops because “ongoing events pose a real threat to the country’s security, its stability and even territorial integrity”, and whose military bloc’s Secretary-General Stanislav Zas explained their rules of engagement as being: “Should the sites guarded by the CSTO force come under an armed assault, soldiers will be authorized to use deadly force in response”.
In response to socialist Biden Regime press secretary Jen Psaki saying that the United States has questions about the legality of the request of the authorities of Kazakhstan to use the forces of the Collective Security Treaty Organization in the country, this report notes, Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova quickly responded: “Everyone is accustomed to the fact that some representatives of Washington do not understand everything, passing it off a position of the United States”.

Security Council Members in this transcript note that the ignorance masquerading as Biden Regime policy as it regards the Collective Security Treaty Organization is astounding, specifically because the Security Council made it part of the official public record yesterday, wherein any question needing to be asked was fully explained.

Instead of actually being concerned with facts regarding the events in Kazakhstan, this report continues, the true priority of Supreme Socialist Leader Joe Biden was just put on full displayed by one of his main leftist propaganda media outlets the New York Times, that today proclaimed: “The United States is coming to an end…The question is how…The fact that speculation about civil war has moved from the crankish fringes into the mainstream is itself a sign of civic crisis, an indication of how broken our country is…Warning signs include the rise of intense political polarization based on identity rather than ideology, especially polarization between two factions of roughly equal size, each of which fears being crushed by the other”.

Joining this leftist propaganda media proclamation about the looming demise of the United States, this report notes, was world renowned historian Professor Victor Davis Hanson of the Hoover Institution more correctly assessing: “We are in a dangerous revolutionary cycle…But the threat is not so much from loud, buffoonish one-day rioters on Jan. 6. Such clownish characters did not for 120 days loot, burn, attack courthouses and police precincts, cause over 30 deaths, injure 2,000 policemen, and destroy at least $2 billion in property — all under the banner of revolutionary justice…Even more ominously, stone-cold sober elites are systematically waging an insidious revolution in the shadows that seeks to dismantle America’s institutions and the rule of law as we have known them”.

In confirmation of this “insidious revolution in the shadows” currently underway to destroy America, this report details, yesterday it saw Socialist Leader Biden maniacally celebrating the 6 January 2020 protest with the FBI disproven claim that President Donald Trump “rallied the mob to attack” the US Capitol, then he declared: “We are in a battle for the soul of America”.

Quickly responding to Socialist Leader Biden, this report notes, President Trump issued a statement, in part, reading: “To watch Biden speaking is very hurtful to many people…They’re the ones who tried to stop the peaceful transfer with a rigged election…Just look at the numbers…They spread a “web of lies” about me and Russia for 4 years to try to overturn the 2016 election, and now they lie about how they interfered in the 2020 Election, too…Big Tech was used illegally…America is a laughingstock of the world, and it’s all because of the real insurrection, which took place on November 3rd”.

When viewing these claims made by Socialist Leader Biden and President Trump, this report details, it bears noticing that after an exhaustive investigation, this past August it was reported: “The FBI has found scant evidence that the January 6 attack on the US Capitol was the result of an organized plot to overturn the presidential election result”—and in the just published Wall Street Journal article “Zuckerbucks Shouldn’t Pay for Elections”, saw it being revealed: “A nonprofit called the Center for Technology and Civic Life, or CTCL, funded by Mark Zuckerberg, says it gave $350 million to nearly 2,500 election departments in the course of the 2020 campaign…Last month it posted its 990 tax form for the period, with 199 pages listing grants to support the “safe administration” of voting amid Covid-19…Some conservatives see this largess of “Zuckerbucks” as a clever plot to help Democrats win”.

In a bid to counter President Trump, this report continues, this week it saw former socialist Democrat Party leader President Jimmy Carter releasing his open letter “I Fear for Our Democracy”, wherein he states: “Our great nation now teeters on the brink of a widening abyss…Without immediate action, we are at genuine risk of civil conflict and losing our precious democracy…Phony claims of illegal voting and pointless multiple audits only detract from democratic ideals… Claims of election irregularities should be submitted in good faith for adjudication by the courts, with all participants agreeing to accept the findings”.

Security Council Members in this transcript assessing the statements made by former President Carter note their failure to understand how audits of contested elections are a bad thing, specifically because over a year out from the 2020 election, articles are still appearing like “BREAKING: Georgia Investigators have ‘Ballot Trafficker’ Who Is Talking — Admits to Being Paid THOUSANDS in 2020 Election Ballot Boxes Ballot Harvesting Scheme — 242 Ballot Traffickers Detected”—further sees them factually noting that President Trump and Republicans did, indeed, “submit in good faith for adjudication by the courts” no less than 80 cases related to the 2020 election—in the cases that were heard saw President Trump and Republicans prevailing in nearly every one of them—but whose most critical cases were never “adjudicated”, most particularly by the United States Supreme Court that refused to even hear them—and in responding to this blanket refusal to hear even a single case and weigh its evidence, it saw Supreme Court Associate Justice Clarence Thomas writing in dissent: “We failed to settle this dispute before the election, and thus provide clear rules…Now we again fail to provide clear rules for future elections…The decision to leave election law hidden beneath a shroud of doubt is baffling…By doing nothing, we invite further confusion and erosion of voter confidence”.

In viewing the known facts about what occurred on 6 January 2020, this transcript sees Security Council Members agreeing with the Republican lawmakers in the US Congress that are now branding it as a “Fedsurrection”, and assert that the federal government may have played an active role in the day’s events—an assertion bolstered by the bombshell facts and truths revealed in articles like “What The Jan. 6 Panel Won’t Probe”, “Is The FBI Ever Going To Get Around To Finding The Jan. 6 Pipe Bomber, Or Nah”, “Federal Authorities Won’t Say Why Wanted Capitol Rioters Disappeared From FBI’s Most Wanted List”, “Several Men Suspected of Being Federal Agents In or Around The Capitol on Jan 6th Are Subpoenaed By Atty For Imprisoned Oath Keeper”, “Meet Ray Epps: The Fed-Protected Provocateur Who Appears To Have Led The Very First 1/6 Attack On The U.S. Capitol” and “Exclusive: Secret Commandos With Shoot-to-Kill Authority Were At The Capitol On Jan 6”.

The conclusion section of this transcript sees Security Council Members agreeing that what the socialist Biden Regime and leftist American propaganda media establishment are doing to the United States and its unsuspecting citizens, is exactly what the National Socialist German Workers’ Party (aka Nazi Party) and its leftist propaganda media establishment did to the, likewise, unsuspecting German peoples—a fact most certainly known to the Rockefeller Foundation, who, in the 1930s, established its Radio Research Project, that invited researchers to document how socialist Nazi leader Adolph Hitler and his leftist media propagandists used the big tech of its time – radio – to hypnotize the German people—research that led the discovery of the phenomena scientists call “Mass Formation Psychosis”, that explains how socialist forces break societal bonds of nations in order to turn citizens into “mad dogs”, that are then pitted against each other—today sees world renowned Professor Mattias Desmet of the psychology faculty at Ghent University urgently explaining to the American people how “Mass Formation Psychosis” is being used by Biden’s socialist forces and leftist media propagandists to destroy the United States—today sees Americans awakening to this grave danger, as exampled in articles now appearing like “Formation Psychosis Explains Antonio Brown’s Meltdown Far More Than CTE”, wherein it notes: “America, the land of individualism and independent thought, is suffering from social and corporate media-induced groupthink…It’s made us choose group fear over individual freedom…It’s made us crazy”—and as exampled today by famed Dilbert cartoon creator Scott Adams, who in a message to his millions of followers states: “Recently an expert with impressive credentials told us we were experiencing a collective mental breakdown because of something called Mass Formation Psychosis…Yet many of you still think your non-specific anger with me is caused by “reasons”…Listen to the doctor”.


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