Biden Prepares For August 11th Emergency Alert After Russian Cat Eats British Bat – “FEMA and FCC Plan Nationwide Emergency Alert Test for Aug. 11

An informative new Security Council (SC) report circulating in the Kremlin today first noting Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov warning that Western nations are seeking to use international structures to hinder parliamentary elections in Russia next month, with his stating: “You see that special attention is being focused abroad, first of all, by our Western partners, on our domestic affairs, especially to the elections…They are trying to use international organizations to complicate the voting…They used the OSCE for unacceptable actions, which run counter to the duties of the organization’s secretariat and the office that is supposed to address democratic matters and human rights”, says the full and brutal bloodlust reality of these demonic Western socialist-globalist forces was put on full display for all the world to see yesterday when the European Parliament’s largest faction urged the European Union to prepare a revolution in Belarus, and whose socialist leader Manfred Weber declared: “The regime will fall and the victory of the Belarusian people is inevitable, it is only a question of time…The European Union must prepare for the victory of the democratic revolution”.

Security Council Members in this transcript note that immediately following this call for the European Union to ignite a bloody revolution in Belarus, it saw Supreme Socialist Leader Joe Biden slamming additional American sanctions on Belarus to cripple its economy—quickly after which Britain slammed even more sanctions on Belarus—then saw Belarus hit with a massive cyberattack everyone knows is being done by the CIA—all of which Belarus President Alexander Lukashenko was prepared for, which is why he floated the idea of an “Inter-State Union” with the Russian Federation, and stated: “Minsk is not opposed to integration with Russia within the Union State but this move must not imply any loss of the republic’s statehood and sovereignty”—the result of which would see Belarus coming under the full protection of the Russian Federation and its largest in the world nuclear weapons arsenal.

This report notes that the Western socialist-globalist fervor for igniting bloody revolutions in Russia, Eastern Europe and Central Asia springs from the International Council on Central and East European Studies (ICCEES)—an American-funded organization that last week held a roundtable they named “Laying Homo Sovieticus to Rest”, that refers to the “Soviet man”, or to use a more disparaging term, the “Sovok”—and whose discussions during this roundtable shed an illuminating light into the maniacal views of these Westerns regarding not only Russia, but also the United States.

This transcript sees Security Council Members agreeing with the views expressed about this roundtable by world renowned military historian Professor Paul Robison from the University of Ottawa, who attended this roundtable, and in his just published academic article “Russian Liberals Hoped For An Anti-Putin Street Revolution. They Now May Be Realising That They Wasted Years On A Doomed Strategy” notes that this roundtable concluded that their failure to ignite a revolution in Russia wasn’t because of a small band of “crooks and thieves” running the country, but rather this failure was caused by “the Russian people at large because of their moral failings”.

The “moral failing” of the Russian people, according to these socialist-globalist idiots, as Professor Robinson explains, is them not excepting the lying narrative that they are ruled over by “crooks and thieves”—a lying narrative exposed by the truth that President Putin and the Russian government do everything they can to protect the Russian people, their freedoms, their nation, its borders, its economy and its history—a protection of the Russian people by their democratically elected government these lunatic socialist-globalists describe as: “Putin has remained so long in power because of a consistent and continually renewed social demand for his political course in the bowels of contemporary Russian society…The regime has always strictly fulfilled this demand, meticulously satisfying the real, albeit sometimes perverse, needs of the masses”—sees these demonic socialist-globalists defining the “perverse needs” enacted by the government to satisfy the Russia people being such things like protecting national borders and not indoctrinating children to be homosexuals—and sees these godless socialist-globalists actually saying that if it wasn’t for the “moral failings” of the Russian people, they could ignite a revolution, but state: “Such a revolution, though, could not immediately produce a democratic order…It would first have to seize power, destroy the existing criminal system, prevent “bunt” and maintain order…Only after the process of “decolonisation” and “decriminalisation” was complete could democracy emerge…the path to democracy lies through dictatorship”.

Professor Robinson ends his description of this deranged socialist-globalist roundtable by noting: “To abandon dreams of revolution and of Russia’s integration into Europe, and to accept that whatever replaces Putinism will in some respects be a continuation of it, is to demand that liberals discard many of their most cherished beliefs…Will they listen?…Personally, I don’t think there’s a bat in hell’s chance…Meanwhile, speaking of bats, in separate news, one set a new record this week by flying 2,000 kilometres from London to Pskov…On arrival, however, this Western bat was immediately killed by a Russian cat…A fitting metaphor perhaps”.

This transcript sees Security Council Members, indeed, discussing the British bat killed by a Russian cat, that put a tragic end to its record-breaking 2,000-kilometer trip from London-England to Pskov-Russia, and them agreeing with Professor Robison that it’s a perfect metaphor describing the West’s continued failed attempts to interfere with Russia—most particularly socialist leader Biden, whose bat-shit crazy energy polices have resulted in Russia becoming the 2nd largest oil importer to the United States—and to notice today, sees Biden preparing to enact the measures needed for the urgent bulletin that says: “FEMA and FCC Plan Nationwide Emergency Alert Test for Aug. 11 Test Messages Will be Sent to TVs and Radios Along with Select Cell Phones That Have Opted-in to Receive Test Messages”.



Security Council Members in this transcript next note that the “moral failings” of the Russian people are exactly like those of the tens-of-millions of Americans that support President Donald Trump, specifically because, like President Putin, he vowed to put his nation and citizens first to protect them—but after Biden and his socialist forces seized power now sees the oppressed become the oppressors, as the American march to racial and social equality has turned into nothing more than revenge—today sees Biden ruling over a pretend government, where of the 1,237 government positions he supposed to fill, only 112 of them are—is an American government having an astonishing 83-layers between top leadership and essential workers in federal agencies—all of which makes it no surprise why even the leftist New York Times is now reporting: “The concept of the separation of powers — which depends on members of Congress unifying to protect legislative power — has collapsed in the United States”.

This “collapse” of the staggeringly bloated United States government bureaucracy Biden is not even in full control of, this report continues, yesterday resulted in the White House striking back against the CDC’s lack of data transparency—a CDC that yesterday deliberately reported false information about Covid cases in Florida by combining two days totals into one to make it appear different from what is really occurring—though most remarkably to notice in American yesterday, was a video going viral that sees Indiana family physician Dr. Dan Stock addressing his local school board giving more truthful facts about Covid, masks and vaccines in 6-minutes than the American people have heard from either their godless socialist leaders or the leftist propaganda media during the entirety of the pandemic.

This report concludes with this transcript showing Security Council Members noting that more Americans are starting to acquaint themselves Biderman’s Chart of Coercion, a tool created in 1956 designed to demonstrate and explain the coercive methods of stress manipulation used to torture prisoners of war, and has been applied to explain the coercive techniques used by perpetrators of domestic abuse—is critical to know about because it exactly mirrors the socialist coercion methods used to force Covid compliance—a fact known by world renowned military historian Professor Victor Davis Hanson at Stanford University, who in his searing just published academic article “The Crushing Weight of Lies”, forcefully, in part, asserts:

We have almost reached peak wokism.

To continue the arc leading to tribalism will unravel the county and I think the majority of all races will not tolerate that.

One reason why I remain optimistic about the impending end of wokism and the failure of the cultural revolution is that the dangers they pose are unsustainable.

And by that I mean that they require such dissimulation, that the load of lies eventually will snap the spine of those asked to carry and disseminate them.

The greatest fear of the race industry is the present, not of 1825 not 1861 not 1950, but the here and now—and the growing anger they know they are sowing for the short-term careerist gain of a few pampered elites.

So in this pessimistic rant, I am optimistic that woke comes to a close soon.

You see its untruth and dangers are unsustainable and most Americans in the 233rd year of the best nation in history will not simply surrender and sigh, “RIP.”





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